Birkan Sokullu and His Lover

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In this article know more about birkan Sokullu,

the hero of the song of life
and who does not live his date of birth his nationality, his nationality, his
artistic path when he started, is he married and has children and is his wife
an actress? And who is his lover, for all lovers of the artist this is a
complete article about all that you like to know about him from his works and
the secrets of his life and his upcoming projects and his biography, how long,
weight and qualification, special details about his life his talent and his
favorite sport and his favorite star.
Who is Birkan Sokullu?

Birthday: October 6, 1985.
Age 2018: 33 years old.
Place of birth:
Turkey – Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
His religion: Muslim.
180 cm.
Weight: 75 kg.
Astronomical Tower: Arch.
qualification: University of Maltibe Department of Radio and Television.
wife’s name or girlfriend: He was married to Asli Inver from 2012 until 2015 –
his current girlfriend Perak Tuzunatak.
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He is a beautiful Turkish actor born in Istanbul in 1985, his tower is the
bow, of Bosnian origin, graduated from the University of Maltibe Department of
Radio and Television, before graduating he worked as a fashion model, in 2003
he earned the title of best model, model or model in Turkey, since he was a
child playing basketball for professionals but left after playing for more
than ten years due to a foot injury, and stood in front of his future as a
basketball player, began the trend and focus working as a model next to his
university studies.

After graduating he received intensive acting

lessons from Dolonai Soysert, in 2008 he began appearing in television works
and series in small roles as an actor, introduced by the audience after his
role in the series “Young Women” in 2010, but he got more fame and became a
big fan base after getting Karim’s role in the series “Song of Life”, the
drama series comedy, showed his true talent in acting and that it came time to
become a strong hero in his works, in 2018 presented the horror series “The
Living Do Not Live”, starring Chen Sanju, Karin Bursin and Salma Argich, the
show in 2018.

For his personal life he had been in love with
Asli Enver for years, he was married in 2012 in a big ceremony attended by many friends
and stars of art and acting, in 2015 the couple separated without attention
and no reasons, he is now in a relationship Berrak Tuzunatac since 2016 until

About his talent, playing basketball was one of his most
important talents as it is his favorite sport so far, he exercises regularly
to keep fit and healthy, loves to travel and discover things and own animals,
he loved the works on his heart his role in the historical series Fatih.

Birkan Sokullu series, films and plays

The song of life in 2016 in the role of Karim – Kurt Seit Wara in 2014 in the
role of Ytro – Said and Shouri – Fatih series in 2013 in the role of Prince
Mustafa – Small Secrets – Alif – Young Women – Series Who Do Not Live in

Birkan Sokullu wife

The artist was married to actress Asli Inver
in 2012 but divorced in 2015. Asli Inver is a 36-year-old Turkish actress.
Ayten Asley Inver was born on May 10, 1984 in London, England, United Kingdom.
She is renowned for her life sciences in a career that spans from 2003 to the
present and 2002 to the present. Its astrological tower is Taurus. Asli Inver
has participated in six on-screen confrontations, including Alican Yossisoy in
Pana Artik Hecran De (2014), Ibrahim Kandersi in Kavak Yelleri (2007), Murat
Yildirim in Susconlar (2012), Sarap Akaya in Susconlar (2012) and Ozkan Deniz
at the other end (2017).
Actor Birkan Sokullu and Ida Gorkinak, one of
the well-known names in community life, were seen in Arnavutköy the day
before. The happy atmosphere of the couple, who had been in love for a while,
attracted attention. Unnoticed by Birkan Sokullu and Ida Gorkaynak, who chose
quieter walking places rather than busy beaches, walks side by side. “Today we
have a good day, everything is fine,” Birkan Sokullu continued, telling

Birkan Sokullu and His Lover

Actor Birkan Sokullu was seen with his social sweetheart Ida Gorkinak in
Arnavutköy the day before. Unnoticed that the couple, who chose quieter
walking places rather than a busy beach, walked side by side. “Today we are
having a very good day, everything is so beautiful,” he continued, telling
reporters, “He attended a friend’s birthday party and was at night with a
blonde woman. It was revealed that the woman was Ida, daughter of Kamal
Gurkaynak, CEO of Istanbul Entertainment Group (IEG) and Sinem Gorkinak.

actor Birkan Sokullu recently embarked on a new love affair with Eda
Gürkaynak, one of the well-known names in the life of society. Sokullu shared
his first photo of his girlfriend on his social media account. The
relationship between Birkan Sokullu and his social mistress Ida Gorkinak
continues at full speed. The 34-year-old actor’s first frame with his
girlfriend attracted great attention. Sokolo’s portrait and his lover received
more than 53,000 likes.

Series and movies Birkan Sokullu

2019 – Family Story (Berk) (TV Series) 2018 – Those Who Don’t Live (Nomel) (TV
Series) 2017 – Beyond The Night (Jehanger / Sino) (TV Series) 2017 – Face to
Face (Jehanger) (TV Series) 2016 – Song of Life (Karim) (TV Series) 2015 –
White Night (Wind) (TV Series) 2014 – Kurt Setand Shura (Petro Borinsky) (TV
series) 2013 – Fatih (Shahzad Mustafa) (TV series) 2012 – Ucurum (Ulaş) (TV
series 2010 – Little Secrets (Iron) (TV series) 2008 – Young Women (Ayaz) (TV
series) 2008 – Elif (Mustafa) (TV series) 2008 – Angels Corson (Levent) (TV

Birkan Sokullu series, films and plays
Birkan Sokullu series, films and plays
Biography Birkan Sokullu
Biography Birkan Sokullu
Birkan Sokullu and His Lover
Birkan Sokullu and His Lover
Birkan Sokullu religion age wife
Birkan Sokullu religion age wife