What are the best Korean skin care products?

the best Korean skin care products

Do you want to have skin like Korean skin?

You are always looking for Korean products to get such bright white, tight and smooth skin. We searched for the best Korean products on the market and their importance for your skin. And ways to care for your skin to get the highest benefit from these wonderful Korean products. Korean skincare routine in 10 steps. Learn about Korean skin care products site.Beauty makers direct Korean products and recipes that distinguish Koreans from others. To put it inside creams and Korean products that suit all skin types. To get it to the maximum benefit, your skin becomes like baby skin, which is similar to the skin of Koreans.

korean skin care products

Korean-made creams have become the talk of the world. Especially after most of these products succeeded in reaching their goal. And solve various skin, skin and even hair problems.

These products include wonderful prescriptions aimed at solving many problems. And those products became a well-known brand. And entered a lot of clinical tests that were tested on volunteers before being put on the market.

Korean products have been tried and tested in combating blemishes, acne, fine lines and many more skin problems that affect the life of any woman. One of those great products is COSRX.


One of the Korean products that have proven successful globally. It is a product that is constantly evolving. It is a solution to many skin problems. Their ingredients are scientifically proven through tests on volunteers first.

Formulated with a powerful hydrocolloid, it is a lifesaver for acne-prone skin. An effective treatment for acne and pimples. This is thanks to hyaluronic acid, copper peptides and helical mucin. It soothes and moisturizes sensitive, irritated and discolored skin.

This product is used by a lot of celebrities. Emily Ratajkowski does not miss her use of this product.

A powerful product that many crave is the “Glow Recipe”

Glow Recipe Strong Korean Product

It was established in 2014 and was launched in the market and spread very quickly. Helps make skin glow by using innovative products made with all-natural ingredients. The main ingredient of the tinted brand, which advocates that skincare rituals should be fun and inspire women, are fruit extracts with antioxidant properties.

Including a wonderful mask with watermelon. Containing watermelon extracts rich in amino acids as well as hyaluronic acid and AHA, it is effective in adding luminosity to the skin by gently cleansing pores while you sleep. Since it is made from real fruits, it is possible that you will encounter small particles of watermelon in the preparation can.

Great product Innisfree

It is a favorite among beauty lovers and celebrities. The wonderful Korean product Innisfree. This is not only because of its natural ingredients but also how you get those ingredients. They are natural, organic products that do not contain any chemicals.

For example: One of the ingredients is ‘Green Tea.’ Green tea leaves, which are the cornerstone of the brand, are grown organically on Jeju Island, Korea.

How does this work? Leaves collected from the stem after steaming for thirty seconds are compressed and become three and a half times more effective by pressing with the double-press technique.

This serum is made from green tea seeds, which contains green tea extract and green tea seed oil. It is just one of the brand’s products all over the world. With its features aimed at balancing skin tone, moisturizing and firming the skin.

BELIF cream

BELIF is a wonderful therapeutic cosmetic product. That brand that incorporates many ingredients Botanical Duncan Napier, whose roots go back to the 19th century, with modern leather inventions of Korean origin.

It is one of the most popular botanical products known for its many wonderful ingredients such as berries, oats, indigo and birch and is undoubtedly a wonderful medicinal bomb. Specially designed to be absorbed into the skin quickly and does not leave greasy effects on the skin.

A powerful moisturizing gel ingredient extracted from lotus flower, squalene, calendula and oats, as well as panthenol. All this makes it rich in Vitamin B. This is ideal for combination, dry and normal skin as well as oily skin.

The well-known product PEACH LILY

Rich in peach and lily. As said by Korean esthetician Alicia Wonnan, a wonderful Korean product and treatment brand launched for skin care. Especially skin that has been suffering from severe eczema for years.

Glass Skin Refining Serum is one of the most popular products of the brand, which has achieved a prestigious position all over the world. Aiming for a smooth, luminous, glowy look, the product is formulated with a powerful cocktail with proven skin benefits such as apricot extracts, niacinamide, madecassoside and hyaluronic acid.

Everyone is talking about the success and effective results of Korean skin care products. Many giant chain stores open special sections dedicated only to skin care products to be like the skin of Korean women. Even men are looking for these products.

Korean skin care products in Egypt

Results that make a difference come from Korean skin care products as Korean skin care is an important part of culture and daily life. This made the work on the natural products for the skin there progress and give effective and fast results.

Korean women are considered to have the highest standards of skin care in the world and have been given the highest rating in terms of the health of their skin, the lack of facial lines, and the slow imperfection of their facial skin. So that the widespread Korean products are among the most important Korean skin care brands and enter into fierce competition in Egypt between them and the rest of the products. Superlative Korean skincare products seen as “10 years in innovation and technology” have stood out from the rest of the world. This is because skincare is part of Korean culture that brings with it hundreds of years of knowledge and is not a product of yesterday.

korean skin set

Besides the development and technology in Korea in this field is always new. Besides, they always use natural materials in their products such as Jeju volcanic mud, green tea, bee venom, snail extract, aloe vera, and Asian centella. They also used starfish extract, rice, black sugar. Among the most important Korean products in Egypt are:

LANEIGE lip mask
Laing 4-Piece Water Sleeping Mask Set (4 x 15 ml)
Maison Good Night White Sleeping Mask Clear 80 ml
Perfect 9 Skin Repair EX Cream 60 ml
Wrinkle Science Dark Spot Treatment Cream
Aloe vera sleeping mask for skin rejuvenation
Dr. Jart cicapair whitening cream
Glow Recipe Face Mask

Prices of the best Korean skin care products

The prices of Korean products in Egypt range from 60 EGP up to 1000 EGP. This depends on the product, its quality, size and components, whether they are natural or contain some chemical components.

korean skin care products website

How do I get Korean products?
There are a number of websites that sell Korean products to treat skin problems

YesStyle website
Soko Glam website
The perfect site iHerb for Korean products
This is also the Wishtrend site
Julse website

There are websites that sell wholesale Korean skin care products in Egypt:

Where can I get wholesale Korean products?
UNNNI website.
Coupang is a website for original Korean products
YESSTYLE website.
66girls website.
Gmarket website.
AUCTION original Korean products site
W Concept website.
KOODING website.

Korean skin care routine in 10 steps

Korean products are among the most miraculous. It has many brands spread all over the world. These products treat many problems, whether the eye contour, elasticity, expressive lines, or other problems.

This made us look for a good routine to rely on to tackle these problems. We hear a lot about the popular 10-step Korean skincare routine

Although listening to the word 10 steps is a bit terrifying, but to enjoy good, bright and light skin, you must do these steps.

oil cleanser
watery detergent
Mild skin peeling
Use a toner activator
cream jewels
Ampoules – serum
Effective face masks
Crane Eye Moisturizing Day Night
skin moisturizer
sunscreen night care