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Ulas Tuna Astepe is a Turkish actor who is famous for his character, Tahir, who loves and defends misfortunes in defense of a woman.

Ulas Tuna Astepe
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Information on Ulas Tuna Astepe

Date of birth: September 5, 1988, AD
Age in 2018: 30 years
of birth: Turkey – İzmit
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Sign: The Maiden
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
color: brown
Eye color: light brown
Hobbies: cycling. And music
and educational qualification: Graduated from Mimar Sinan University,
Department of Theater
Ulas Tuna Astepe and His Wife: Unmarried
Oiko Krayel
His Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/Ulas Tuna
His Facebook site: https://www.facebook.comUlas Tuna Astepe
website: https: \ twitter Ulas Tuna Astepe

Who is Ulas Tuna Astepe?

A very well-known and talented Turkish actor. He was born in the city of
Izmit in 1988. The astrological sign is the Virgo. He was raised and born in
the city of Izmit until his elementary school. Then he moved to Istanbul
with his family and finished high school. He started acting in 2008,
graduated from Mimar Sinan University and studied theater at the Faculty of
Arts. It was a relationship with actress Uiko Karayal, but they separated
for a long time and he is currently celibate.

İrem Helvacıoğlu

Ulas Tuna Astepe’s acting debut

Beginning of art in 2008 of the series Ottoman Republic, he participated in
some plays. The series featured Turkish channels in 2008 as a costume
assistant. He has proven himself in the business. The real artistic work
began during the Qaddai series. The role was the second against the absolute
championship of the artist Kinan Amirzalioglu. Although it was a minor role,
it was a big role. Al-Qabaday (Turkish: Karadayi) is a 3-part Turkish crime
and social drama series. Dubbed into Arabic. It was shown on Qatar TV.

is a dramatic series in which there is a lot of political corruption and the
complicity of some powerful people with many arms dealers. The series
revolves around the young man (Maher) who works as a shoemaker (Kandarji) to
save and save the adjacent letter and the wrong time and the wrong time to
be found guilty while he is innocent. (Maher) disguises himself as (Saleh
Ibak) after forging his identity, to enter as a trained lawyer to the court
to explain the truth of his father’s innocence. And change the view of the
judge (unique) watch the case received. Except that he falls in love with
her. And she felt the same. Until Judge (Farida) knows the true identity of
the trainee lawyer. The case begins. It seems that there is a very important
figure in it on the court (Turgut Akin) who appears before you a character
of moral and wise. It is the opposite.

The events of the series
focus at a time when Turkey begins to rise from the stalemate of wars. And
specifically in the year 1970, where the series depicts the reality of the
Turkish citizen in that era. He did not only work in series, he also worked
in cinema. He participated in the Gulf film in 2016. Also participated in
theatrical productions, including Glass Papers.

Ulas Tuna Astepe TV series works

The most important series that participated in the length of the series
“Dream” in 2017, and it was a very strong role even though it was the second
role in the series. The episodes quickly ended, but the audience was
impressed in the role of evil. The story of the “Dream” series, the episodes
of the “Dream” series, tell the story of a humble girl from a poor family.
Tou dream Elif, the heroine of the series. And the events of the series
accelerate, and Elif meets the character of the hero, played by the Turkish
actor Jehun, who appears in the character of Bolot Giray. He is the heir to
the largest of Textel’s wealthy residences.

Events follow through when the beautiful love story between Elif and Bulot
begins. And an emotional relationship arises between them that makes them
close to each other. But they struggle to grapple with difficult problems.
During these difficult troubles, Elif’s stepmother tries to marry her to a
man older than her. The series’ episodes reveal its roots. Who is the man
her stepmother wants. People are looking for what they are looking for,
their past, and all the information available on them. The first absolute
championship of the series in the series (Tell Them, O Black Sea) was shown
in 2018.

Taher in the series, tell them, O Black Sea

In the role of (Tahir) on the Turkish channel ATV. The series achieved
success and high viewership in Turkey and the Arab countries. Actor Olash’s
Role as Taher, who was born in Trabzon. He tried to protect a soul from her
husband because he was beating her. The series has greatly attracted viewers
since its first episodes. It became the leader of the series that were shown
in the same year and became the highest in terms of viewership, even
surpassing the Artegral Resurrection series, which preceded all series in
previous years.

The story of this series begins from the moment
the father sold his 16-year-old daughter, Nafs, to a wealthy man who married
her, imprisoned and tortured her for more than eight years. The colors of
torture measured the thing that invites her at every moment to escape from
this tightly sealed prison. From this thug, “Fidat Sayyar” gave birth to a
child called “Yigit”, which made her imprisonment easier. Even one day her
husband invited his friends at work, and they were from the Black Sea

One of them, called “Taher,” noticed some bruises on her hands, and when he
noticed Vidat to Taher, he went up with his wife to the top and broke her
fingers. Then she ran away to be in the trunk of Taher’s car and get rid of
this prison that Taher is trying to protect her from, so that she and her
child do not return to it in the midst of the madness of Vedat and his
attempt to bring her back several times, and this is part of the story of
the series Explain O Black Sea.


Tell them, O
Black Sea 2018
Ottoman Republic, 2008
Alqaddai series in 2012
and mothers 2015
Dream 2017
Abad Abi 2013

Glass papers play in 2012
Science play

the movies
short film Fish Pond in 2015
The short film Victims 2013
Community 2010
Gulf Film 2016.