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Information about Turkish actress, Seher, the talented heroine of the Emanet series. Silaoğlu, the girl who has dazzled viewers since her appearance in the series Emanet. Let’s get acquainted together with Sila, a Turkish actress, her religion, her personal and emotional relationships. Her social media sites and a lot about that young actress.

Sila Turkoglu, the heroine of the series Emanet

Here are the 7 most important information about Turkish actress Sila Turkoglu:

Sila Turkoglu’s birthday: April 18, 1999.
Sila Turkoglu’s age in 2021: 22.
Sila Turkoglu’s religion: Muslim.
Place of birth: Izmir.
Sila Turkoglu is 163 cm tall.
Sila Turkoglu’s weight: 51 kg.
Sila Turkoglu’s husband: Not married.


The life and religion of Sila Turkoglu and her life story

Sila Turkoglu is one of the rookie actresses who has caught her eye. Especially after she participated in the series “Emanet”, which was shown in Turkey and many other countries. This is what made her get great fame with the success of this work.

Silla star was mentioned in a number of TV workers. She was born in Izmir in 1999. She lived her childhood with her family, which was her biggest supporter since she started loving acting. Our star graduated from Bornova Hatice Güzelcan Anatolian Secondary School. Then she decided to choose to study acting because it is the closest to her heart. But she did not enter an institute or university to study and chose to take acting courses and lessons faster. Silla entered the art world, expressing her great talent.


religion of Sila Turkoglu

her personal traits

Silaoğlu, who is famous for many personalities, the most important of which is the character “Seher”. She is the naughty Aries woman. She has an energetic and innovative personality and has a competent way of dealing with subjects. It is also spontaneous and spontaneous, a matter that can be both good and bad at the same time. The Aries woman lacks a limited number of time from time to time to arrange her thoughts and regain her activity again.

Sila Türk has excellent taste in clothing and keeps a clean heart like a child, and although she is an open person, it takes a while to get an idea of ​​people and get used to them. She is also innocent and simply trusts others which can traumatize her in copious amounts of periods. Despite this weakness, she knows very well how to regain her strength and balance and complete her life course again.

Sela usually does not think much before taking actions, and although her increased frankness is appreciated by those around her, in a limited number of times she can be the cause of wounding a few. She loves life and loves challenges, and does not talk a lot about her dreams and ambitions, but takes good and motivating steps towards achieving them.


Sila Turkoglu's birthday April 18, 1999

her husband and lover

Our rising star Cela is considered single and not in a romantic relationship. But she described the man of her dreams in some lines, and she is inclined to the man who is very considerate, enthusiastic, who loves agitation and is not afraid that his woman will have distinct characteristics from him. She hates the boring man who favors routine and does not require conversion, she hates control or a sense of ownership in the romantic connection. The Aries woman loves the lack of clarity in her relationship with a man, and as soon as she gets married and begins to feel bored, she fears that she cannot end that relationship. However, make sure that before she takes the decree of separation, she will do her best to restore the enthusiasm and excitement in her relationship with the man repeatedly to make it last as much as possible.

Sylla loves equality in bonds, so a man who does not believe in equality will not gain her acceptance. Just as the relationship with that woman will not be purely intellectual or romantic, but it will be a mixture of the two. What distinguishes the woman of this sign is honesty and trust, but that is based on her obtaining you, dear man. If you give her what you want in your relationship with her, then you can trust her and be sure that she will reciprocate you.

The beginning of acting

Sila Turkoglu started acting in 2018. Through her role in the Turkish drama series Don’t Cry, Mom. It also indicated a year later in the series section. Where she played the role of Sona, the beautiful girl. Then she started in a very strong role, which is Seher in the series Emanet.

The heroine of the series Emanet

In 2021, Sila Turk co-starred in the Emanet series. She played the role of Seher. This work was a Turkish series of drama, action and music, released in 2020 and its show continued during 2021, directed by Ayhan Özen, Taner Tunç and Serkan Mut.

The events of the novel of the Emanet series about a girl called “Kevsar” who grew up in a simple and poor neighborhood of a poor family, and after she fell in love with a young man in the prime of life from a wealthy family called the “Keremli” family and decided to marry him, her father refused this, and cut all ties with her.


The heroine of the series Emanet

Kevesser becomes a bride to the son of the wealthy Kerimli family, and gives birth to a child named “Youssef”, but this does not last, as Kevesser loses her husband in a short period of time and suddenly finds herself trapped in the Kerimli Palace of a cruel family that does not know love with her 5-year-old son, Joseph Undoubtedly, she does not have a place to turn to after her father boycotted her.

Sila Turkoglu Facebook and Instagram

Sila is an interactive actress on social networking sites, Facebook, Instagram, and others. She is a likable star and is kind to others.
She has the ability to control her feelings, but the truth is against this, she is a fragile child inside. Characterized by acumen, cunning and intelligence.

She loves to promote her presence in the personal world by modifying herself, whether on the academic level or in the social sphere, and with her relations with others, she is very ambitious.
Characterized by loyalty and loyalty, it is little presence for those you love, or to offend them.

It is characterized by its ability to communicate with different people, and it can keep pace according to the same place in it, and above it, it does not find it difficult to move from one place to another by virtue of circumstances, as it has the ability to quickly harmonize with the surroundings. She relishes a great deal of tenderness, warmth, and good emotions toward others, and she relishes a loving heart for others and loves to display good.
She has a thinking and mastering mind, the subject that makes her friends want to tell her about their tiring situations.

It has high clarity and transparency, and the so-called sixth sense, which makes it anticipate issues before they happen. They can be told by other people, and don’t lack long to discover them. She has an energy of sacrifice that can satisfy most of the needs of VIPs in relation to her. She is characterized as an energetic personality and possesses innovative and distinctive methods of her class in dealing with matters around her. Represents a spontaneous and spontaneous personality and that is the reason in some cases for her a few efforts and difficulties.

She has an artistic flair in choosing her clothes. She has a pure heart like children. She is a social and open person, but sometimes she lacks a limited amount of time to get a good idea of ​​those around her. She possesses a tremendous innocence that makes her simply give her confidence to others, which causes her a few painful shocks in her lifetime. She loves challenge and adventure, so she does not say much about her goals and ambitions unless she aspires to achieve them by all means.

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