The story of Üç Kız Kardeş Three Sisters

The story of Üç Kız Kardeş – Three Sisters



The story of the series Üç Kız Kardeş is complete and in detail

The story of the Üç Kız Kardeş series Information about the new series and the story of the Üç Kız Kardeş series or the Three Brothers and full details about it, new details and events about the entire work, new and renewed events about the Üç Kız Kardeş series and other details.

Information about the series Three Sisters

Production company Süreç is preparing to shoot a new series under the title “The Three Sisters.” Kanal D channel is also preparing to shoot the “Three Sisters” series, which is based on the best-selling novel by writer Ejal Aydin. It will be written by Mahinur Ergun and her most prominent work is The Song of Life and Mercy.

As the cast has not yet been selected, the search continues for three new lead actresses for the Three Sisters series On the other hand, Three Sisters producer Barakuda is working for the mentally disabled character Mesut.

The story of the novel of the series Üç Kız Kardeş

Üç Kız Kardeş series will tell you the warm story of three sisters. Love, betrayal, compassion, friendship and brotherhood will be told in the story of the three sisters. Their mother, Nermin is a teacher, and their father, Hikmet, is the director of PTT. Once, three sisters lived in one of the most beautiful seas of a beautiful and mysterious country. The names of these brothers are Derya, Turkan and Dunok.

They live a very beautiful life with their father Sadeq Bey and their mother Nesrin. Turkan, Derya and Donim did not face real life problems in their lives in the beautiful streets of Ayvalik. The book describes some of the negatives that happened to these three brothers and their efforts to survive to support each other

Turkan is the eldest of three sisters

Turkan is the eldest of three sisters Once he graduated from high school, a wealthy family from Istanbul came to Turkan to ask for Turkan’s husband working abroad and Turkan also saw her husband at the wedding Turkan had a daughter named Defne.

The average girl is Donouche

As for the middle girl, Dunush, who is in love with Sardar, Sardar is her childhood sweetheart, Sardar is studying medicine in Ankara, and she wants to come to Ankara to Sardar and study literature, but because of her panic attacks, she cannot win the exam, Dunush and Sardar love never ends, but this The duo can’t find one more

Derya is the youngest of three sisters

Derya is the youngest of three sisters. She is like a fearless boy and a leader. She studies architecture in Istanbul. Derya is married to Erdem, whom she met in college, and they have a daughter.

Masoud is a lonely boy

Masoud is an only child cared for by Syed Bey, father of three sisters. Masoud is embraced as his son Masoud becomes a member of the family, although Sait is growing old, he does not develop his intelligence one day, Masoud burns money in the stove because Sait’s father is cold.

Replay of the series Üç Kız Kardeş

Filming of the first episodes of the series is expected to be launched in Istanbul in December 2019, and the show channel will be on Kanal in January 2020

Information about the heroes of the series Three Sisters

There is no declared information about the work team yet. Follow us.

The talk of the writer of the novel Three Sisters

When we spoke with the writer of the novel, she said that the characters of the story are completely inspired by her imagination and there is no truth or real characters. When I sat in the novel, their backgrounds, behaviors, habits, dilemmas and conflicts appeared when I write something happens when someone I do not know comes and prints his own story, she says sometimes , “how did that happen?” Perhaps the things that have accumulated over the years are gathered somewhere, and then when the time comes for the awakening to begin, they come and tell their own stories.

Where did you find the characters?

When I witnessed the extraordinary performance of many children with Down Syndrome and Autism in a special education school in Kucukcekmece, I think Mesut came to me that day to walk from the mountainous village of Balikesir to Ayvalik, the next day I met the teachers of a newly opened private educational institution in Akshay, they said oh We pulled out a school but we fell short. At that moment, I can do something for Masoud.

She said when she shared this with a few entrepreneurs, they said, “Let’s do this now!” The other thing that made me very happy was that when I said, “Let’s do it in the name of Al Banna Company,” they said, “No benefit is given to applause and prayer, you never mention the name of the company, we do our best of course.

These are symbolic things. Our aim is to emphasize the importance of inclusive classrooms and education rather than gifts. The summary about the wonderful novel she summarizes in her book that brotherhood contains both competition and eternal love, included many poems and novels.