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Serkay tütüncu, the Turkish actor, chef Ozan in the series “Bay Yanlis”, his religion is Muslim or Christian.

His age, nationality, wife, life story, artistic career, series, films, complete information about him that we put in your hands in this interesting article about him.

Information about Serkay tütüncu

Religion: Christian
Nationality: Turkish
Birthdate: February 7, 1991
Age in 2021: 30 years
Birthplace: Turkey, Izmir
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Wife: not married
Academic qualification: Graduated from Ege University
Occupation: Turkish former football player and actor
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Beginning of artistic activity: the year 2018
Years of artistic activity: 2018 – so far (3) years
The most important works: the series “Afili Ask”, “Bay Yanlis”
Most important awards: “Golden Butterfly” award for “Afili Ask”

Serkay tütüncu life story

Turkish actor Serkay tütüncu, born on February 7, 1991, his astrological
sign is Aquarius, 30 years old, he was born in Izmir, Turkey.

Born to a Turkish mother and Turkish father, he grew up with his family and got his primary education. He did not prefer acting as an art, but his hobby was football and he practiced it professionally.

In the period between 2007 and 2012, he was a football player in the “Izmirspor” amateur team, then moved to the “Akatspor Club” team, then joined Ege University, and was judging between his university studies and football.

Then he entered the field of acting, which earned him great fame is his great ambition, and his will to prove himself in the field of art, as for his emotional life, he is single and has not yet married.

Serkay tütüncu and his girlfriend

Actor Serkay tütüncu was in a relationship with yoga teacher Nesli Al-Agil, and after a love story that lasted for a while, he separated from her, but he did not explain the reasons for the separation.

For her part, Nesley removed all of their photos together, which she had previously posted on her social media page.

In 2020, many news spread that Serkay tütüncu is dating actress Cemre Gumali, who played his girlfriend in the Turkish series “Bay Yanlis”, and they were seen together in more than one different place.

On one occasion, he held her hand, and this indicates their great love story, and indicates that their love story in the series has become a reality.

Serkay tütüncu Religion

After the actor Serkay tütüncu gained great fame after his participation in the series “Afili Ask” in 2019.

Many people wanted to know more information about his life, specifically the Arab public. Many wanted to know his true religion and whether he was a Muslim or a Christian.

But after research and verification, it was found that he is a Christian by religion, and was born into a Christian family in Turkey.

Serkay tütüncu’s acting career

Turkish actor Serkay tütüncu started his artistic career a few years ago, despite that, he was able to prove his artistic talent.

He attracts all attention because of his handsomeness and his performance in works of art, so he started his way in the art world through his participation in the “Survivor” program in 2016, which was followed by millions of audience and reached advanced levels.

He participated in it because of his love of adventures and because he has an athletic body and high fitness that made him participate in this difficult experience, and this was his first appearance on television through TV8.

The program achieved high views, and all its participants gained great popularity, including Serkay tütüncu, precisely because he is handsome, and he managed to reach the finals because of his outstanding performance in the program.

He won the hearts of many fans who followed him even after the end of the competition, which made many producers turn to him.

Then he discovered his love for the field of acting, which made him look for an opportunity to enter this field, and then participated in a number of commercials.

Then he entered the field of acting through his participation in the series “Insanlik Sucu” in 2018 with the actor Yildirim and Gizam, in which he played the role of Gökhan, the son of a wealthy businessman.

Although he did not participate in the series in the lead role, but it was an important step in his artistic career, and he won the admiration and praise of many, and at the same time he presented a program entitled “I got the money.”

In 2019, he participated in the series “Afili Ask”, and it was one of his most important artistic roles, after which he gained wide fame and became a large fan base.

Then he continued his work in Turkish series, and during his artistic career he participated in 5 dramatic works, the last of which was the series “Masumiyet” in 2019, in which he embodied the character of Ilkar, with actress Ilida Alishan, who played the role of Ella Yuksal.

Serkay tütüncu and the series “Bay Yanlis”

In 2020, Turkish actor Serkay tütüncu participated in the series “Bay Yanlis”, with actor Jan Yaman, in which Serkay played the character of Chef Ozan.

With the start of the series, Sirkai drew the attention of many, especially after the series was translated into Arabic and shown in most Arab countries.

Even Sirkai was competing with the main hero of the show, Jan Yaman, and the role of chef stole the hearts of girls and became the darling of teenage girls, and the number of Sirkai’s followers on social media increased significantly.

The series revolves around a person named Ozgur who does not like to fall into love stories and always believes that girls cannot make men happy.

He was not associated with any girl at all because when he was young he went through many experiences that made him hate girls, until he met Izji, a beautiful girl who changed the course of his life and made him reconsider the way he thinks and his relationship with her began and events unfolded.

This series was starring: Can Yaman, Ozge Gürl, written by Asli Zengin, and produced by Gold Film, and it was one of the most famous Turkish series, for discussing many social issues in an elegant way for viewers.

Serkay tütüncu in the series “Afili Ask”

Turkish actor Serkay tütüncu participated in his second artwork, “Afili Ask” series in 2019, and this work was his true beginning.

In it, he embodied the character of Volkan, who had a friendship with the hero, and his role was considered supportive of the championship, and this series earned him great fame among the Arab audience.

It was shown on Canal D, and it was produced by: Arc Film, and this series won many awards, the most important of which is the Golden Butterfly Award in 2020, and this work was a great qualitative leap for all the actors participating in it.

Serkay tutuncu series

Kusursuz Kiraci (TV Series) (completed) 2022 Hayaller Ve Hayatlar (TV Series) 2021 Masumiyet (TV Series) 2020 Bay Yanlis (TV Series) 2019-2020 Afili Ask (TV Series) 2018 Insanlik Sucu (TV Mini Series).

actor Serkay tütüncu

Serkay tütüncu life story

Turkish actor Serkay tütüncu


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