Serkan Cayoglu News Wife Religion Info and Biography

Serkan Cayoglu We collected for you in this report information about the Turkish actor Serkan Cayoglu, his personal life.
 nationality, religion, age, upbringing, when his acting career began, his most important works that he presented.
 other details, and a set of new and exclusive photos of him.

Who is Serkan Cayoglu

Date of birth: 31 – May 1987
Place of birth: Germany
Age: 33 years
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Weight: 70 kg
Height: 188 cm
Academic qualification: Economics at the University of Erlangen in Germany PhD
Serkan Cayoglu’s Marriage : Ozge Gurel .


Serkan Cayoglu News Wife Religion Info and Biography

The life and birth of the Turkish actor Serkan Cayoglu

He is one of the young Turkish acting stars who have great talent, and he also had great popularity. Let’s get to know his career on the path of acting.

The Turkish actor Serkan Cayoglu was born in Germany to a Turkish family from the Turkish community. He lived there for a long time due to his family’s working conditions, and he did not return to Turkey until after he finished his studies in economics at a German university. Acting was not considered, and it did not happen at all before his return to Turkey, He has one twin brother and one sister. He looked like a model, and then he decided to go into acting, and he turned to several veteran stars for acting and theater lessons.

He took acting lessons in mit Kraik and Dolunay Switzerland at Atelier mit Syrac for modern acting practices, after he mastered acting, his first opportunity came in 2012 when he presented a very small role in the North and South series, the screenplay of Ise Yörenc and Milik Genço .lu.

The series was broadcast on Channel D in Turkey, it was first broadcast on September 7, 2011, and this series was also broadcast in Pakistan on Urdu 1 with large TRPs in Urdu dubbed and currently broadcast on Hindi TV channel Zindagi TV dubbed in Hindi, which He caused people to know him – and in 2014 he participated in the series Olive Hill.

The life and birth of the Turkish actor Serkan Cayoglu

Actions of actor Serkan Cayoglu

2012 Muhannad Return
2014 Olive Hill
2014-2015 cherry season
2016 Love of my life
2019 Halka

2020 Yeni Hayat

Who is Serkan Cayoglu’s sweetheart

Serkan Cayoglu has a strong love relationship, actress Ozge Gurel, who fell in love with her during their participation in the championship of the Cherry Season series, and this since 2014 AD, until now the duo together and wander and appear in the social media with each other, he introduced her to his family when they came from Germany to Turkey to spend a holiday and attend His birthday party, he and his twin brother, organized a family meeting for his sweetheart with his parents, where they ate breakfast in an Istanbul restaurant, and family photos of the lovers were spread through the media, which was explained by the two stars, their desire to marry in the coming period.

know more about Ozge Gurel

And Turkish media confirmed that the Turkish duo are preparing for the second time to participate in a single artistic work called “Wolf” after the cherry season series that brought them together in 2014, and the same sources mentioned that a love story arose between Serkan Çioglu and Ozge Gurel during the series Cherry Season, which achieved The highest viewership in Turkey and the Arab world, and what soon turned the imagination into reality, in turn, the Turkish press indicated that this meeting is the first step for the two lovers in order to prepare for marriage.

And about the love relationship for the artist, Ozge Gurel, she says that she will not fall in love with him at first sight, for she said ((We did not love each other at first sight. It took us a long time to get to know each other until we chose each other out of love and complete conviction)), and considered the transformation of their love story in the events of the series To the truth, just a coincidence, I completed ((I loved his discipline at work, the kindness of his heart, his loyalty to those around him, and his fun, he is a rich and very enjoyable character, and making him happy around him is an easy task for him)).

Who is Serkan Cayoglu's sweetheart

But when we asked her about the idea of ​​marriage, she said that it is a little excluded idea, as each of them thinks about their representational and practical future in the current stage. She continued, saying ((I do not think about hastening marriage, perhaps after a while when the time comes to take the step of marriage and prepare psychologically for the responsibility of motherhood and children, which will definitely change my life a lot.

Serkan Cayoglu, the hero of the series Cherry

He won the title role in the cherry season series, which achieved a high viewership and overwhelming success that made Serkan’s name on the list of Turkish young stars ’leaders and gained him great fame abroad and also in the Arab world. His real start was with his role in the TV series Cherry, and he was playing a bigger character in (Olive Hill). It is a Turkish drama series that was broadcast on Fox TV, as it is called in Arabic in the Middle East on MBC 4, Urdu in Pakistan on ARY Zindagi, Indonesian in Indonesia on TV Trans and in Italian on Italy on Canale 5.

His story revolves around a girl’s big dream to become a successful fashion designer. She lives with her mom and little brother, she’s been in love with her best friend, but Mette doesn’t feel her direction the same, one day, Mete falls in love with her selfish friend Saima, so she gives up on Meta. Then he accidentally meets his best friend and business partner, Ayaz is a very handsome man, he immediately falls in love with Oiko, and even if you push him away, he keeps coming back one day Burcu, Stories’ friend, sends a box of chocolates and a love note to each brother, But she signs it in the name of Stories. When you discover the story, she runs to Mette’s office, when she arrived, Ayaz reads the note and finds out that the girl she loves is in love with her best friend, at that moment she tells the story, shy and afraid of his reaction, she is in love with her friend, so Ayaz and Oiku pretend they are A couple, until they begin to truly fall in love.

The last work of the Turkish actor Serkan Cayoglu

This series is considered one of the most important acts of the actor Serkan, and through him he performed the absolute heroism and his role was distinguished in this series.

The star Serkan Shaioglu will play the role of the cop Jehangir, and the star Yildirim will play the role of Kan, and he is the second policeman, and the star Handa Archel will play the role of a girl named Mujida, the daughter of the mafia leader Iskandar, and she will fall in love with Officer Jehangir, and the star Hazal Subasi will play the role of Bahar, and she is the heroine Second, the series is produced by ES film, and the series will be a romantic action police.

Awards received by Serkan Cayoglu

Best New Actor Award from the 5th Near East University Video Music Awards (Cherry Season). 6th KTU Media Awards Best New Actor. The Best Couple (Ayyad Story) of 42. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards. The Best Comedian for a Role in Love of My Life at 42nd Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards.