Ruzgar Aksoy Religion, Wife, Age

Ruzgar Aksoy Religion, Wife, Age, Series Info and Biography



Ruzgar Aksoy, his religion, his age, his place of birth, his date of birth,
his artistic start, nationality, marital status, height, weight, his academic
qualifications, he played the role of Tariq in the series Blind Love, his life
story, his works, his photo album, his astrological sign, the color of his
hair, His eyes color, his name in Arabic, his name in Turkish, all of that we
will show you in a full and detailed report on the Turkish artist Ruzgar

Who is Ruzgar Aksoy?

Nationality: Turkish.
Religion of Islam.
Date of birth: January 5,
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey.
Age: 39 years old.
80 kg.
Height: 183 cm.
Marital Status: Unmarried.
His artistic
debut: 2010.
Astrological Sign: Capricorn.
Eye color: brown.
color: black.
Academic qualification: Graduated from Halic University

Ruzgar Aksoy and Biography

Ruzgar Aksoy is a 39-year-old Turkish actor who was born in Capricorn. He was
born in Istanbul, Turkey, on the fifth day of January 1981, after he finished
high school studies, he applied at Halic University, and after he graduated
from that university, he went to a world Art and acting, and indeed his first
experience in 2010 was hugely successful, which drew the attention of many
directors to him and actually participated in many wonderful works after

When describing the beautiful artist Rozgar Aksoy, we find
that the eyes are brown and the hair is black. Aksoy’s length is 183 cm and
his weight is 80 kg, so he is one of the Turkish artists who carry a slim and
athletic body. Artist Ruzgar Aksoy did not talk much about his personal life.
He also did not make any statements about his emotional relationships, and
therefore he is neither related nor married, although Aksoy is new in the
world of art and acting, but his wonderful talent and great ability to play
the roles made him receive many awards for some roles he provided.

He started acting in the series Blind Love

The artist Ruzgar Aksoy participated in the series Blind Love, playing the
role of Tariq, this work is considered one of the romantic dramas and the Kara
Sevda series got a high viewership, and this work was translated and
broadcasted in all countries of the world, this series consists of two
seasons, the first consisting of 35 The second episode consists of 39
episodes, and this work was shown on the fifteenth day of October in 2015.

events of this series revolve around Kamal and Nihan and they love each other
a lot, but Kamal was poor, on the other hand, we find that there is a prince
who is a rich young man who loves Nihan and wants to marry her, and for that
Amir kills a person with the help of Tariq, who is the star of our article
today, who is also Kamal’s brother Amir concocts the accusation to Nihan’s
brother and tells her father that if he does not marry Nihan, he will kill his
son, Nihan refuses to marry Kamal and agrees to marry Amir until she tries to
save her brother, Kamal grieves a lot and decides to travel abroad until he
works as an architect in a company One day, some people try to kill the owner
of the company in which Kamal works, but Kamal saves his life, then the owner
of the company writes half of the company’s shares to Kamal, and Kamal refused
that strongly, but the business owner insisted and after five years had passed
since Kamal traveled, he decided to return To his homeland again so that he
will take revenge on Nihan.

Ruzgar Aksoy Series

The Atnali Farouh series, this work was from 2007 and continued until 2009.
participated in the series Adanali and this work was in 2008.
The series
Türkan and appeared in the role of Haydar and this work was from 2010 and
continued until 2011.
He participated in the series Annem uyurken and
this work was in 2012.
2014 Ah Neriman (TV Series)
Yunus Emre – in the role of Amiri Askin and
this work was in 2016.
He participated in the Kara Sevda series and
appeared in the role of Tariq, and this work was from 2015 and continued until
The series Yüz Yüze and appeared in the role of Ender and this work
was in 2017.
He participated in the Koca Koca Yalanlar series and this
work was in 2018.
Bir Zamanlar Çukurova series This work was in 2019.
participated in the series Ramo and this work was in 2020.

Ruzgar Aksoy Movies

Discovery movie Canakkaliwi and this action was 2018.
He participated in
the movie Are You With Me, and this work was in 2014.
Film Outpost This
action was 2011.
He participated in the movie Ya Nermin in 2014.

Ruzgar Aksoy plays

The cost play and he appeared as Victor in 2017.
Police play that was in
Theatrical art in 2011.
Just a week’s play.

Ruzgar Aksoy Series
Ruzgar Aksoy Series
Ruzgar Aksoy and Biography
Ruzgar Aksoy and Biography