Burak Deniz religion, girlfriend, series, and bio

Burak Deniz, information about his religion and is he a
Muslim or Christian, Murad, the hero of the series Love does not understand
words, his age, date of birth and astronomical sign, his sweetheart and his
emotional relations, his series and the most prominent characters he
presented, all information about him and
his personal life and the beginning of his artistic career Through this
comprehensive report.

Who is Burak Deniz?

Date of birth:
Astrological Sign: Aquarius.
Age in 2020: 29 years
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 185 cm.
Marital Status: Linked.
The beginning of the artistic career: It began in 2011.
of activity: from 2011 until now.


Burak Deniz was
born on the seventeenth of February 1991 and at the age of 29 years, his
astrological sign is Aquarius, he was born in Istanbul in Turkey, he lived his
childhood in the city of Izmir and his parents separated when he was a small
child, so he lived with his mother in Izmir. He sees his father every once in
a while. Burak loved acting from a young age. Burak studied at Cana kal
Onsekiz Mart University and his major was in the field of artistic history,
after his graduation he studied acting and got intensive classes in it.

was born on the seventeenth of February 1991

of Burak Deniz and his wife

Although the actor Burak Deniz does not like
to talk about the details of his private life, news circulated that he was in
a relationship with model and actress Büsra Develi, which sparked controversy
for a long time, and their relationship lasted for three years until news of
their separation was reported in 2018, and it has been reported that The first
reason for this separation is Burak’s betrayal of her, with actress Nisreen
Jawad Zadeh, who presented with him the lead role in the series “Bizim
Hikaye”. Bushra made a statement on social networking sites saying, “For days
I have been reading confused about news of fiction and about my relationship,
I should not The reason for the end of a relationship is either betrayal or
jealousy, but my relationship with Burak, which lasted three years, ended with
our consent, and the love and respect between us are still mutual. ”Nisreen
appeared after that with her lover and he was not Burak, which denied the news
of his association with her.


Burak Deniz and his girlfriend

Burak Deniz and Beste Kökdemir

Two years after his separation from Bushra, Burak opened his
heart again for love. The heroine of his new love story is the Turkish actress
Basti Kokdemir, and the cameras took their first picture in a store in
Istanbul and when they noticed the paparazzi’s flashes, each of them went out
alone, but the journalists took the opportunity to ask them “How is your
relationship going ? ”, But they did not answer, actress Besti Kokdemir
participated with Burak in the Turkish series Sweet Little Liars in 2015.

recall that during the filming of his latest series “The Circle of Lovers Who
Stayed in the Middle”, the make-up expert was infected with the Corona virus,
which caused horror inside the scenes and Burak Deniz feared infection with
the dreaded virus because he was close to the infected person, so Burak
underwent several checks in the hospital to find out whether he was infected
with the virus or not. Shooting was stopped for a while.


Burak Deniz and Beste Kökdemir relationship

How much
money is Burak Deniz?

Burak Deniz, who entered the field of acting and
achieved great success and wide fame, was able in a short time to make a lot
of money and his fortune exceeded a million dollars in a short time, which is
a large number due to his young age.

Burak Deniz begins acting

Deniz began his artistic career in 2011 when he presented a small role in the
series “College Jeonlujo”, and then presented a larger role in the series
“Sultan” in 2012 and embodied the character of Tariq, then his artistic work
progressed and presented the role of Murad, who was known by his name among
the masses And that was through the series “Love Doesn’t Understand Words” in

The famous Turkish series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz is the first
absolute championship of the Turkish actor, Burak Deniz, which was shown in
2016 in which he embodied the character of Murad, and the role was a big leap
in Burak’s life, where the audience demanded a second part of the series and
the series succeeded greatly, it is a Turkish romantic comedy series,
Co-authored by Maqboula Kosif, Ida Tizjan, Zainab Asheq, directed by Muga
Uglar, the series revolves around the life of Handa Archel, who embodies the
character of a life who lives with her friend in Istanbul and began to work as
an assistant to Murad Sarselmaz, who embodies his character Burak Deniz, who
is the heir of the her family Textile company.

It tells the story
of Murad and a life that goes through a lot of adventures and conflicts that
end in love, co-starring in the series Turkish actor Burak Deniz who embodies
the character of Murat Sarsilmaz, the Turkish actress Handa Archel who
embodies the character of Ozun’s life, the Turkish actor Oguzhan Karbi who
embodies the character of Doruk Sarsilmas, the actress Turkish Marwa Cagran,
who embodied the character of Besan and others, the series was first broadcast
in June 2016 and continued until February 2017.

Burak Deniz

The role of Burak Deniz in Bizim Hikaye series Bizim Hikaye is one of the most
important series presented by Turkish actor Burak Deniz, which met with great
success, he received a high viewership until the last episode of the first
season and a second part of it was shown, which was first shown in September
2017 It is a comic drama series that embodies the character of Barış / Savaş
Aktan, who falls in love with Velez, the heroine of the series, as he tries to
draw her attention to him and chases her everywhere, but she sees that there
is no place for love inside her and the events of the series revolve in a
comic framework, he co-starred in the series Turkish actor Burak Deniz who
embodies Barış / Savaş Aktan and co-starred with Turkish actress Hazal Kaya
who embodied Velez and others.

He participated for the first time on
Turkish screens in a series entitled “Kolej Günlüğü”, which was shown in 2011
and had a small role, which is the role of Onur.

Then he participated in
a series called “Sultan”, which was shown in 2012, in which he embodied the
character Tarik.
He participated in the series “Medcezir”, which was
shown in 2013, in which he embodied the character Aras.
Then he
participated in the series “Kaçak” which was shown in 2013 and continued until
2015 and the body of the character Burak.
He participated in the series
“Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar” which was shown in 2015 and embodied the character of

also participated in the series “Gecenin Kraliçesi”, which was
shown in 2015.
He participated in the series “Aşk Laftan Anlamaz” and it
was his absolute starring, which was shown in 2016, and he embodied the
character Murat and continued until 2017.
He also participated in the
series “Bizim Hikaye”, which was shown in 2017 and continued until 2019, in
which he embodied the character Barış / Savaş Aktan.
He participated in
the series “Arada”, which was shown in 2018 and portrayed the character
Then he participated in a series called “Yarim Kalan Aşklar”, which
was shown in 2020 and is his last artistic work, in which he embodies the
character Kadir Bilmez. 

Burak Deniz series