Burak Can religion, series, girlfriend & information

Aziz Burak Can in Duy Beni

The star Burak Can is the hero of Duy Beni series. When he plays Aziz, a sick
person who hates his brother and father.

Let’s get to know Burak Can who is he? And when was he born? And what is his nationality? What is his
religion? How did he enter the world of acting? What are the most important
works of Burak Jean?

Who is Burak Can?

Burak Can’s birthday is December 21, 1996.
Burak Can’s age in 2022 is 26
years old.
His nationality is Turkish.
Habiba Burak Can None.
Can is 175 cm tall.
Its weight is 65 kg.

“Details about Burak Jan’s life”

Burak is a rising Turkish star with great talent. His presence is strong and
striking. Although he was presented with a comedic role in one of the series,
he excelled in the role of Psycho.

He was born in December 1996 in
Istanbul. Despite his youth, he was able to present a number of roles that
attracted interest in them.

Since his childhood he has been trying
hard to work on his talent. Where he took many lessons in acting. He attended
many art courses.

He chose to study what he loves as he studied
acting at the university. Before becoming an actor he appeared in a number of
television commercials first.

Burak Can and his girlfriend

Our star does not have a girlfriend or a close friend to the Nin. Although his
age at the time of writing the article is 26 years old, he currently prefers
to focus with his talent in an attempt to climb the ladder of glory.

Known for Burak, he was born in the sign of Sagittarius. It is known that he is a
fan of ambition, enthusiasm and excellence in what he loves. And to prove
himself in the field he loves.

Burak Jan series

Boraj Jan participated in many series, despite his recent start. Beginning in
2011 when he presented the role of Jenkat in the series “Red Ribbon”. A Turkish romantic and dramatic television series shown on the Turkish channel

Adapted from the novel The Girl with the Red Ribbon by the
international Kyrgyz author and writer Cengiz Aitmatov, and it is the new
version adapted from an old Turkish series of the same name. It was prepared
in 1978, starring actress Turkan Şuray and actor Kadir Enaner.

“He did not stop, but the enthusiasm of Burak Can increased even more. In
2013, he participated in the series “I will give you a secret” and played
the character of Burak. The story revolves around Sevgi (Esra Ronabar)”.

She is the mother of a girl who disappeared under mysterious
circumstances. While searching for her daughter, by pure chance, Sevgi meets
Muhammed (Murat Han) who has a young son.

In order to save their
children from the pursuit of evil, they decide to leave everything behind and
start a new life together. On their journey, they also meet different children
who have supernatural abilities.

Participated in episodes of the
series “The Hurricane Inside Me”. He also participated in episodes of the
series “Al-Uqabi Lana” in 2018.

After that, Burak entered the series Kuzey Yildizi. who is very famous for it. It was a comedy role.

He also appeared in the series “Hazrat Maulana Jalaluddin Al-Rumi” in 2021. He
became a fast hero when he participated in the youth series “Duy Beni”.

Aziz Burak Can in Duy Beni

Burak Can presented the role of “Aziz” in the series “Duy Beni” starring Kaner
Topko, Rabia Switürk, Gökçe Gunesh Dogrosos and Burke Heckman. It aired on
July 7, 2022, and is broadcast on Star TV every Thursday.

The Turkish series Duy Beni is about bullying in schools. The first promo showed a
girl inside a school who, along with everyone else inside that school, tries
to hear her but they can’t hear her.

It is a type of Turkish drama
that appeared in 2022 on the seventh of July, and this artwork was written by
the well-known writer Ali Balci.

The series was produced in Turkey in the Turkish language, and it has not been determined for a moment about the number of the season for this new drama series, which bears the name Duy Beni,
with six episodes.

Filming took place in the capital, Istanbul, from the artistic production company Suresh Film, and was shown for the first time on Turkish screens, channels and channels.

Burak Can in Kuzey Yildizi

One of the most famous series in which Burak participated is “Kuzey
Yildizi”. Where he played the role of “Boyraz”. A Turkish comedy-drama series,
the first episode of which was released on September 14, 2019.

Kuzey Yildizi is directed and written by Ersoy Gular. Starring Ismail Demirji and
Aslhan Guner. The series ended at episode 64 on May 15, 2021.

And his exciting story was about Kozai, who was abandoned by his wife and left
without money to take a debt and go bankrupt, so they book his house to go
with his three daughters (Gökçe, Mini, Farida).

Settling in the Black Sea with his three daughters, he will face many problems with his town,
which everyone in it considers a traitor.

Burak Can and his movies

Burak participated in many works, including the movie “Nadide Hayat”. And
that was 2015. His story was about a widow who had recently lost her husband
going back to college to graduate after 30 years.

In 2018, he co-starred in the movie “Discovery -Kesif”, and it was his first starring role
in cinematography. His story was interesting about three people trying to
escape from the troubles of life with the help of a video game called

These three young people are drawn to the game in a mystical way. They find themselves at war in the First World War.