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tansel öngel biography and information about his age, his wife, his religion. A full report on “Naci”, the hero of the Masumlar Apartmani series. A star of art and acting. He has a large audience who follows him on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Let’s get to know the actor tansel öngel and his life story. A lot about his personal life, where he was born and raised. Who is his girlfriend or wife? His beginning with acting, and his most important new and old works.

tansel öngel

Who is tansel öngel?

Place of birth: Kilis – Turkey
tansel öngel date of birth: september 24, 1976
tansel öngel: 45 years old in 2021.
Tansel öngel: Probably Muslim.
Wife or Sweetheart: Married to Özge Özdar (Married 2007).
Nationality: Turkish.
The astrological sign is: Virgo.

tansel öngel religion

“Tansel” is a Turkish actor who has a large number of different dramas. Much loved by viewers. He managed to gain a large number of followers around him. He is the star of Masumlar Apartmani, who will play the role of “Naci” Safiya’s ex-boyfriend. And who about the scenario of events a lot. And since his first appearance in the series, the Arab audience began to wonder about who will play this role, who is he and who is he?

tansel öngel, a Turkish film, theater and television actor, born in 1976. She left Istanbul University and studied theater and theatrical acting. His father is an immigrant from Thessaloniki and his mother is from Egypt and Lebanon. The actor was born here because his parents were teachers who worked in Kielce. Then he moved to Ankara with his family and grew up here. Completed primary, secondary and high school in Ankara. He completed his university education at the Department of Conservatory Theater of Hacettepe University, Ankara.

tansel öngel He started acting in 2000 AD in the theater, his beginning was on the Trabzon theater and a man of many on stage, he moved to acting on the Al-Balad Theater in Istanbul, and he continues to act on the Trabzon State Theater until now, following his acquisition of popularity, producers and directors began asking him to act on television and cinema.

tansel öngel

tansel öngel his wife and his personal secrets

Actor Tansel was born in the Turkish city of Trabzon on September 24, 1976. He is a famous Turkish film, television and theater actor. He graduated from Istanbul University. He began his artistic career in the year 2000 on the stage of the Republic Theater in Trabzon, as he later worked on the stage of the Republic Theater in Istanbul. He became famous for his role in The Sultan’s Harem series (The Blazing Century), where he played the role of Alois Gritti.

He was previously married to Özge Özder. After graduation, he began working in the Trabzon State Theater. Artist Tancel Ongle continues his career here. He said hello to screens for the first time with the TV series Uy Başımıza Gelenler, which was published in 2004. In 2010, he appeared in the title role in the series Day of the Sword. He began playing in the series The Magnificent Century. He took on the role of Alvisse Gritti in the series that started in 2011. And in 2012 he got off to a good start with the series Don’t Worry For Me. In 2014, he played Cemilo for the first time in the cinema with the movie Miracle. In 2007, he entered the marital home with actress Ozge Ozder. This marriage lasted for 3 years and ended in 2010.


tansel öngel his wife

Naci series Masumlar Apartmani

The appearance of “We Contact” in the series Masumlar Apartmani was a wonderful sudden drama. Where he is not known to be the hero at the end of the episodes. And it became a big surprise for the audience, but it is also wonderful. Where they waited for the appearance of the character that will change the nature of Han’s sister, Safiye, who is closed to herself a lot. His role is considered very strong and will greatly change the course of events.

High school lover Naci, who was in love with Safia, appeared. Safia, who thought her high school love had died due to an accident she caused years ago. This made her the shock of her life. Safiye saw that her former lover, Naci whom she could not forget, lived and moved to the apartment opposite.

Famous actress Ezge Mola attracted attention with her participation on social media after revealing Safiya’s former love. Izji Mola, who shared a photo of Safiya, wrote the note: “Ah, poplar, my body is cold and my heart aches. They carved me out of an old picture with coarse scissors….”

Safia Naci’s love return and her arrival at the hotel opposite their apartment made the audience very excited. The episode we went through. “Find this boy and bring him”, is what the audience, who is under the influence of Safiya and Naci’s love, wants to come true.

Naci’s character’s face is not included. The surprise is left for the next week. However, it turns out who played the character. Journalist Persen Altintas announced that Tansel Öngel is the famous name that will give life to the character of Naci in the TV series Innocent Apartments.

Fans of the series who said “Maybe I cried more than Safiya” started waiting for the moment Naci meets Safiya. Here is the scene that impressed everyone.

Actor tansel öngel, beginning and artistic career

He began acting in television dramas in 2004, in the Trabzon State Theater series (Oi At The Beginning of the Ward), and continued to present the famous television practices, including The Lost Years, the European Side, Karim and Forget Your Heart, Mo and the series Harem Al Sultan, as he contributed to many cinematic works, including a cinematic work The most recent telegram and a cinematic work were divided, from his works:

1999- One for all – Neither Live nor Live – Rich Kitchen

2000- Sacrifice

2001- Spring Point

2002- Who is the decision?

2003- Twelfth Night

2003- Little Horror Shop

2004- They were all my children

2005- Why did Bennercy kill himself?

2007- Jet Gel Wardrobe

2009- Natural Poison

2011- Burn

2015- The Great Gatsby

2016- Sanctions Complex

2016- Coriolanus

In which TV series and movies has Tansel Öngel played?

2004- What Happened to Me – Vulcan – TV series

2004- Qasmat- Qader- TV series

2005- Fall Fire- Kerem- TV series

2006 – Adak – Zainal – TV series

2006 – Lost Years – A Man on the Road – TV Series

2007 – Say Goodbye – Karim – TV series

2009- Will this heart forget? – Yalçin Gürcan- TV series

2010- The Extended Family- Cihangir- TV series

2010 – Day of the Sword – Kilic Ali – TV series

2011- The Magnificent Century- Avise Gritti- TV series

2012-2014- Don’t be sorry for me- Niazi- TV series

2015 – Summer Story – Mert – Daisy

2011 – Decobi – Serkan – short film

2014 – Miracle – Similo – Motion Picture

2016- Evidence: On Fire- TV series

2018- Our Village Song-Motion Picture

2018 – Sultan Qalbi – Namek Pasha – TV series

2019- Fate Post- Nevzat- TV Series

2020- Cage 2- Animation

2020- Red Hall- Tarık- TV Series

Works of tansel öngel, series, movies and TV shows

the seat
European side
fire autumn
My heart will not forget you
sword day
extended family
Sultan’s harem
last message
summer story
play natural toxins
the desire
Innocent apartment.