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The Turkish actor Hamdi Alp has gathered for you in this comprehensive report complete information about him and his life, his place of birth, what his nationality and religion are, how old he is, his astrological sign, his academic qualifications, eye and hair color, and when he started his acting career and his most important works The art in which he has participated so far, including series, films, plays, artistic awards, and other exclusive information about him, with a set of new pictures of the Turkish artist Hamdi Alp.

Hamdi Alp religion

Who is Hamdi Alp?

His name in Turkish is Hamdi Alp, his date of birth is July 29, 1986, he is 36 years old in 2022, his place of birth is Istanbul – Turkey, his nationality is Turkish, his religion is Islam, his astrological sign is Leo, and his academic qualification is a graduate of Halich University, and his profession is an actor, poet and Scriptwriter .

About the life of the Turkish actor Hamdi Alp

The Turkish actor Hamdi Alp was born in 1986 in the Sisli district of Istanbul, Turkey. His family originally belonged to the city of Siirt. The actor Hamdi Alp lived his childhood years in the Maltepe district of Istanbul. He also moved with his family to live in many different areas in Istanbul due to his father’s working conditions.

The Turkish actor Hamdi Alp studied at the primary stage at Maltepe Feyzullah Primary School and did not complete the primary stage. When he was in the fourth grade of primary school, he joined Kadıköy Osmangazi School. In the secondary stage, Hamdi Alp joined Uskudar Burhan Filik High School, and he was in the first grade of secondary school. His interest in literature and theater began Thanks to his beloved teacher, Khadija Kerr, who was a key factor in his love for poetry and theatre.

He participated in the secondary school with the school team in poetry and theater and presented with them many performances directed by the director Hatice Kerr, such as Torey, Autumn Leaves, Rhino, Seagull. The “Best Actor” award for two consecutive years in the theater festival organized by educational institutions.

And when he joined the university stage, Hamdi Al-Alb received a scholarship at the University of Halic in Istanbul, the Conservatoire Theater Department, but his father refused his study of theater.

The star Hamdi Al-Alb and his career with acting and his most important artistic works

Hamdi Alp is a talented Turkish artist since his childhood and his dream of acting began while he was in high school. He presented many different theatrical performances during his school and university studies.

In 2006, he started acting as a theater actor, and Hamdi Alp participated in the play “Advice” written and directed by Jim. The play participated in the 3rd Istanbul International Theater Festival under the supervision of Eftal Gulbodak. The actor Hamdi Alp received the award of the theater department at Haliş University in Istanbul.
In the same year, he also participated in a number of other plays, such as the play “The Opera of Threepence” directed by Mosvic Kenter, “Macbeth” directed by Selçuk Uluergüven and “Haimon”. Hamdi Alb also presented his first short and fiction films in the same year.

But in 2007, the year of his first appearance on the Turkish screen in dramas, when he participated in a supporting role in the Turkish series “Mumm” or “My Mother.”
And in 2009, he presented the series “Omar Bidel” with the character “Ismail”, and the Turkish star achieved a real breakthrough in his artistic career in 2013 when he presented one of the heroic roles in the feature film “Experimental Shooting” directed by Erhan Tuncer as “Engin”, then his many artistic works continued after This varied between drama series, cinematic films and theatrical performances, during which he achieved remarkable artistic successes.

In 2013, actor Hamdi Alb appeared on the screen as a model in advertisements, where he advertised for the Miss Milk advertisement and repeated the experience in the following year 2014 and presented the Vakıfbank winter loan advertisement.

the Turkish actor Hamdi Alp

Actor Hamdi Alb’s artwork

Drama series

2007 series “My Mother”
2009 Omar Price series
2011 Poison Ivy series
2012 series strange tales
2014 series “The Sinner”
2016 series Brave Heart
In 2018, Sultan Abdul Hamid series
2021 A great Selcuk awakening series
2022 is the series “Asmaani”
the movies

2006 movie Tibecock
2007 film Kabday
2010 movie unfortunately 2
2011 movie which movie
2013 Film Trial Shooting – The Sinners Movie
2016 Film for rent by the owner – Bayram Abi film – Borders film
2019 movie criminal element (no)
2020 red snow movie

2002 Customs play
2003 play Autumn Leaves
2007 Play Advice – Threepenny . Opera Play
2008 Macbeth – Antigone
2012 play persuasion techniques
2015 a messy play – my name is anna
2016 Macbeth play
2017 play Let them say he died of love
2019 Aman play what a funny

Actor Hamdi Alp is one of the heroes of the series “Asmani”

The talented Turkish actor Hamdi Alp is participating with a large group of young artists and rising faces in the series Asmani, a new Turkish drama that began showing for the first time during July 2022 on the Turkish Star TV channel. It is directed by Ali Yalci, written and composed Kosev’s handcuffed.

Asmaani series deals with its events discussing the issue and phenomenon of bullying, which occurs within all different societies. with it .

The events of the series “Asmani” also deal with the case of a traffic accident that one of the high school students is exposed to, who accidentally causes her closest friend to collide with her own car and leave her on the road and flee for fear of the crime she caused in her friend and hides inside a private children’s school and her friend is paralyzed Half of me from the waist down, yet this girl insists on completing her studies at school, succeeding and excelling in studies, and the rest of the work events follow in an interesting and exciting framework.

The Asmaani series, starring a large group of young artists and new faces, including: Rabia Switürk – Janir Topcho – Dorol Bazan – Murad Daltaban – Helen Kandemir – Burak Kan – Somaya Aydogan – Fred Çetin – Aytak Osun – Albert Atak – Pedia Ener – Hamdi Alp – Utku Koçukun – Koha Bora Elk – Yasmin Birch – Yeliz Akai – Cemre Ozman – Dilara Sumpul – Ibrahim Yildiz – Iggy Kukenli.

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