Aytac Usun religion, age, wife, serials biography

Aytac Usun Learn about the personal and artistic life of this actor and a lot of information about him. These are the artworks he has participated in and presented so far and other details about him with a set of new pictures of actor Aytac Usun.

Aytac Usun

Real full name: Ertugrul Aytac Usun
Birthdate: January 12, 1990
Age 2022: 32 years
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Height: 180 cm
Academic qualification: Maltepe University
Profession: Turkish actor
The beginning of his artistic career: 2013 – until now

Who is the Turkish actor Aytac Usun?

He is a young Turkish actor, born in Istanbul in 1990. His full real name is Ertuğrul Aytak Osun. He studied and graduated initially from Istanbul University, Naval College, Ship Machinery Management Department, then joined Maltepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Theater Department, after graduation.

Aytac Usun and acting

Aytac Usun is a successful and well-known Turkish actor and one of the most successful and illustrious names in the Turkish artistic community. Especially acting since childhood and his artistic dream remained in his mind and he kept striving until he achieved his dream and became a famous and well-known actor.

Turkish actor Aytac Usun started his artistic career with acting in 2013 and had an acting experience with a supporting role in a Turkish series titled “Dokanlar” in the nineties, whose story revolves around the difference between the eighties and nineties in Turkey and the emergence of new computer games and mobile phones during the period The nineties and the change brought about by this boom in technology on the lives of people and society.

In the following year, he presented his first movie in the movie Nitaq with the character of Umit. He also participated in the same year in another movie titled Soul of Gear, and in 2017, Turkish actor Itak Osun achieved great artistic success and artistic breakthrough when he participated in the famous series The Hole, which achieved great success. And a high viewership in Turkey and the whole Arab world when it is dubbed.

In 2021, he played one of the main roles in the Turkish series Üç Kurus, during which he embodied the character of young Batu. In 2022, he presented one of the starring roles in the new Turkish series Duy Beni, and a large group of young artists in Turkey participated with him in the championship.

Artistic awards received by Aytac Usun

– In 2014, Aytac Usun won an award from the Golden International Film Festival number one as the best promising actor
– In 2017, Aytac Usun received an award from the 36th Istanbul Film Festival as Best Actor
Actor Itak Ochun’s work

the movies

2014 Movie Scope – The Spirit of Spare Movie
2017 yellow hot movie
2018 movie Lady Wesley
2021 Salam Akarso Hello


2013 series of the nineties
In 2017, the series Nabd Al-Qalb – The Hole series
In 2021, the series “Wild Things” – Üç Kurus . series
2022 series Duy Beni


2015 Empty City Play
2019 play loan from owner

Actor Aytac Usun in Duy Beni

Turkish actor Aytac Usun embodies in the series Duy Beni the character of Cheb Khalil, who is one of the main and moving roles. Duy Beni series is scheduled to be shown on July 7, 2022 on Turkish screens, and a large group of young artists and new faces participate in the series, including Rabia Switürk. Janir Topçu – Dorol Bazin – Murat Daltaban – Helen Kandemir – Burak Kan – Somaya Aydogan – Fred Cetin – Aytak Osun – Albert Atak – Pedia Ener – Hamdi Alp – Utko Koçkon – Koha Bora Elk – Yasmin Birch – Yeliz Akay – Cemre Özman – Dilara Sumpul – Ibrahim Yildiz – Egy Kokkanli.

The story of the series revolves around discussing the issue of bullying that occurs in one of the secondary schools among the students. The events of the series also revolve around a car accident that one of the high school students is exposed to at the hands of her closest friend, but her friend abandons her and leaves her on the road and runs away and hides inside a private school for children. Her friend, Akim, who was hit by a car, suffers a semi-paralysis from the waist to the bottom, and work events continue.

Aytac Usun and Üç Kurus series

The Üç Kurus series in Turkish, Üç Kuruş, directed by Sinan Ozturk, scripted by Damla Serim and Murat Oyurkulak, was shown for the first time at the end of 2021 and consists of 28 episodes. The story of the Üç Kurus series revolves around a mysterious murder committed by a person named Irfan and After the murder, Irfan leaves 3 piasters on the victim and leaves her, and Irfan commits more than one murder in this way, and the police begin to try to arrest the culprit, but they arrest another person named Kartal, who runs a nightclub and has a bad reputation among the people and There is a great conflict between Irfan and Kartal, who is trying to prove his innocence and find out the real culprit, and the interesting and exciting events of the series continue.

And co-starring in the Üç Kurus series were Oraz Kaycilaroğlu, Diran Polat Oglari, Akin Koch, Nasrin Javadzad, Aslihan Malbora, Burak Altay, Mustafa Kirante, Ugur Yildiran, Umutjan Otebay and other artists.

Actor Aytac Usun and the series The Hole

The famous Turkish series “The Hole” was shown for the first time in 2017, and the events of the work take place inside the city of Istanbul in one of the popular neighborhoods controlled by the “Koçovali” family, and drug trafficking is prohibited in this neighborhood. He chooses to stay away from his family and travel abroad to start a new life, and there he meets a beautiful girl and offers her to marry and they get married. One day, his mother travels to him to tell him that he must return to his town, the pit again, because they need him very much, and in fact he leaves his wife alone and returns again. To Istanbul and then begin adventures and conspiracies to seize the hole.

The Hole series, starring Aras Bulut Enimli, Dylan Çiçek, Deniz Arkan, Kolchak Kustendel, Oner Arkan, Ercan Kesal, Brihan Savas, Reza Kocaoglu, Burak Sergin and Alberan Doymaz.