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The hero of the series Until My Last One and the hero of the previously dear past series is a Turkish actor of Arab origin. Born March 5, 1970, in Istanbul, graduated from the theater department of Mimar Sinan University. – After completing his education, he worked in theaters in 1990 in Istanbul – Kenai has more youthful experience in the field of theater and has many film series and plays. – He is highly rated among the actors in Turkey and attracted attention with his life as a basketball coach

Emre Kenai series

The most famous works of Emre Kenai, listed in descending…

Currently a series until my last breath
2020 dear past
2019 and the series Dear History.
2018 and the series highlight..
2017 black text series. Safda Garden series and Seddiqi series
2015 and the series Girls of the Sun. .
2014 series Are you with me? . and construction series 2
2013 series waiting for the sun. And the ant trap series
2012 series Auster Kamal.
2011 serial story time.
2010 series I can not live without you.
2009 series of my heart. And the series “Rabb Al-Family” and the series “I Saw the Sun”
2008 Caramel series.
2006 series last night I had a dream. Trucks series and two families series

Who is Emre Kinay?

Date and place of birth: March 5, 1970, Istanbul, Turkey
Wife: Amina On (married 2003–2009)
Children: Doro Kenai
Parents: Fereydoun Kenai, symbolic Kenai
Height: 181cm / 5.9ft
Weight: 81 kg / 178 lbs
His religion: Muslim

Emre Kinay was born on March 5, 1970 in Istanbul. He is a Turkish actor of Arab origin.. He completed his higher education in the theater department at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. He began to rise to the stage with Storm W Shakespeare at the Istanbul State Theater during his student years, later participating in groups such as Bakirkoy Municipal Theaters and Dostlar Theatre.

The actor, who made his debut in the TV series Confrontation, participated in many works such as the series Daughters of the Sun, Ramo, Wipe from the Beginning, Dear Past, The Red Room, and finally the series Until My Last Me. In international marriage with Amina On in 2003 and gave birth to a daughter named Doro from this union. However, the couple decided to divorce in 2009.
The lead actor is now appearing in front of the audience with the TV series “The Sin of a Mother” broadcast on Kanal D.

Emre Kinay height and weight

Emre Kenai, who has the features of a Pisces, is 1.81 meters tall and weighs 76 kilograms.

Emre Kınay

Emre Kinay series

Series and movies starring Emery Kenny:

2022 until my last breath
2021 Ramo “Sheriff”
2020 The Red Room “The Role of Ahmed”
2020 Maternity guilt
2019 hit series
2019 Dear Past “Jamal Karalar”
2017 black destiny
2017 Sevda Park “Bdour Levent”
2015-2016 series, Girls of the Sun
2014 Ya Istanbul “Fayrouz”
2014 Wipe from the beginning
2013-2014 When the Sun Waits (Jihan)
2012 The legend Kamal
2011 The story of the past time
2010-2011 Girls League
2010 I Won’t Live Without You “Dogan”
2009 Reconciled Marriage “Atila”
2009 Head of the family “Nazim”
2008 Caramel “Badour Youssef”
2006 truck

2006 Two families “Aghuz Kerman”
2005 I Miss You So Much “As Kinan”
2005 Love Until Death “Murad Kaptan
2004 Istanbul Sahidimdir series “Aslan Firat”
2005 series Sen Misin Degil Misin
2003 Esir Sehrin Insanlari series “Kamil Bey”
2002 Brevan “as Farhat”
2001 Seven Hills in Istanbul “Yusuf”
1999-2001 The Snake Story “Erkan Kulakoğlu
1999 Father “Badur Yildirim”
1999 Confrontation “Qadir”
1994 gulsen abi “Talaat”

Emre Kinay series

Emre Kinay movies

2014 – Movie Are You With Me?
2014 – On Yilda Bir: Insaat 2
2017 – Movie Friends of the Road
2005 – Kurtlar Imparatorlugu (film)
2006 – Dun gece bir ruya gordum (Deniz) (film)
2009 I Saw The Sun (film)
2013 – The Ant Trap movie
2003 – The School Movie (Kamal)
2003 – Women and Ladies (film)

Turkish actor Emre Kınay

Emre Kinay movies