Ramiz Mullamusa religion, height, weight, age bio


The rising Turkish actor, Ramiz Mullamusa, and exclusively, full information about him, his nationality, religion, current age, astrological sign, academic qualifications, height, weight, eye color and hair, and when did the actor Ramiz Mullamusa start his artistic career with acting and what works did he even participate in? Now and other details about him with a set of new pictures of the artist Ramiz Mullamusa.

Who is Ramiz Mullamusa?

Birthdate: June 24, 1999
Age 2022: 23 years
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Astrological sign: Cancer
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown
Academic qualification: high school
Profession: Turkish actor
The beginning of his artistic career: 2019 – so far
Marital status: unmarried

Ramiz Mullamusa and more information about him

Turkish actor Ramiz Mullamusa was born in 1999 in Istanbul, Turkey. He obtained his secondary education from Hatay High School, after which he joined acting education centers such as Black Sahne and Film Academy to obtain acting and drama training and recitation training by director Ayhan Ozen.

And the Turkish actor Ramiz Mullamusa started his acting career at an early age. He loved art since his childhood and entered the artistic community while he was still a student at school. The young actor Ramiz Mullamusa appeared on the Turkish screen for the first time in 2019 when he participated in a supporting role in a series entitled Don’t Leave Me. Don’t Let Me Go The following year, the rising actor Ramiz Mullamusa presented Love 101 or Love 101.

Turkish actor Ramiz Mullamusa

As for the year 2021, it is considered the year of the real breakthrough and artistic spread of the artist Ramiz Mullamusa, because he participated during this year in 4 dramatic works and a movie, and these works are the series Jabal Al-Qalb, the back streets series, the intimate series, the Kirmizi Oda series, and the film A Small Phenomenon.

Actor Ramiz Mullamusa’s work

2019 series don’t let me go
Year 2020 Love 101 series
In 2021, the series “Mountain of the Heart”, “Back Streets” series, “Al-Hamima” series, “Kirmizi Oda” series, and the movie “Small Phenomenon”
2022 Mahkum series and I hid you in my heart

Ramiz Mullamusa in Mahkum

The young actor Ramiz Mullamusa participated in the series Mahkum, during which he embodied the character of the young man Ali, who is imprisoned for theft and is imprisoned with the public prosecutor Firat in the same cell. With time, Ali and Firat become friends.

The story of the series Mahkum Mahkum is a work taken from a French drama titled Uğraş Güneş and its events deal with the life of Prosecutor General Firat Bulut and embodied by the actor (Onur Tuna), who is assigned the task of investigating a murder case for one of the accused who is imprisoned in the case of killing his wife And his daughter, and he is sentenced to death. One day, the Public Prosecutor, Firat Bulut, wakes up to find himself in prison, and he is the accused in the murder case, which he was investigating before, without knowing how this happened, and the events of the work continue.

Ramiz Mullamusa in Mahkum

In the Mahkum series, Onur Tuna, Ismael Hajioglu, Milik Ipek Yalova, Saray Kaya, and Hakan, Hayal Kosioglu, Bulent Ceran and others were released.

Ramiz Mullamusa and the series I hid you in my heart

The series “I hide you in my heart” is a new Turkish drama that is scheduled to be shown during the month of July 2022, and it is directed by Şenol Sonmez and written by Burku Yilmaz and Pinar Kaya. His name is Civan Mert, and Zeinab belongs to a family of wealthy families in Turkey, and the young man Sivan works for them as a private driver, but with time, he has a love story and an emotional connection with Zeinab, but she does not tell anyone about her emotional connection to the driver due to the class and social differences between them and her family and the look society and Zainab hides her love for him in her heart
Sevda Erginci – Ekin Mart Dimaz – Osman Alkash – Gulcerin Gortunka – Evren Diyal – Mahtab Berry – Elchin Afkan – Gokji Akildis – Ali Oner – Berk Asdekin – Ferhat Pinal – Sibel Itrin – Duyal and İlayda Yıldırım, Tarık Ündüz, Denizhan Kınacıgil, Özge Akdeniz, Ramiz Mullamusa, and Ayberk Aladar.

Ramiz Mullamusa and Kirmizi Oda

The Kirmizi Oda Kırmızı Oda series is a dramatic work based on true stories quoted from the books of psychiatrist Gulciran entitled “Kirmizi Oda.” Its story revolves around a psychiatric clinic frequented by a number of psychiatric patients. The clinic is run by a group of psychiatrists who own the clinic, and these doctors help the patients Psychologists are able to overcome all the crises, problems and psychological struggles they live in, to lead them to a better life, and to treat them
And starring in the series Kirmizi Oda, a group of artists, including Tolin Ozan, Burak Sevinc, Mirach Aral, Gulgin Kultur, Cezen Bozaghi, Handa Dogan Demir, Salih Demirci, Efrem Al-Asia and Borgo Bergic, produced by OGM Pictures and directed by Jim Karji.