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Who is the actor anil altan? The actor who co-starred in many huge Turkish works. who married actress Pelin Akil and had two daughters with her. Fans are following him more closely. Which made us collect the most requested information for you.

Who is the Turkish actor Anil Altan, who became a famous actor and whose followers on social media exceeded one million followers. What is the age of anil altan and his date of birth? His height and weight are his wife and daughters. He started his acting career and serials. The most beautiful family photos of him and his family.


Anil altan

Omar anil altan his religion

Enil was born in Istanbul in 1990. Here is the most important information about him:

Anil altan date of birth May 29, 1990
Anil altan’s age in 2022 is 32 years old
Place of birth Istanbul.
The length of the anil altan is 186 cm.
Its weight is 75 kg.
Religion anil altan muslim.
Anil altan’s wife is Pelin Akil.
When did he marry anil altan on september 1, 2016.

The work of anil altan

The beginning of anil altan’s work was through a TV show that was shown in 2012 called “Ben bilmem esim bilir”. He continued to appear on many shows, including the 6th GQ Awards for Men of the Year.

In 2018, he appeared on several shows including The Eser Yenenler Show, the 7th GQ Awards for Men of the Year. Pantene Alten Quebec Odol Turini. And Bo Jess. Anil Altan started as an actor through the series Back rows in 2009 and continued to work until 2012. This work was a gateway to luck for him.

One of the most important works in which he provided the main role is “Bittin Sen”. Betaine Sean is the adventurous and comedic story of Beilin’s revenge who finds herself in a breakup letter while waiting for a marriage proposal.

Then he made the 2017 movie Karayel. In the same year he played the role of Mert in “Yarim Kalan”. Among the most important television dramas in which he participated is the series “The Circle”.

The story of the circle series revolves around a special team working in the Istanbul Police Department, consisting of four people, which was formed to investigate horrific murders that take place in the city. In the past, after this team has been formed, this team starts working.

Series anil altan

Anil Altan has participated in many TV dramas with his first series Anil Altan being the back rows in 2009. He then took part in a strong role in the Turkish series Curved Necks 2014. His story was about a group of orphaned high school children who looked their lives 3-0 behind them, reaching Mode to 3-3.

One of the most important series in which Anil participated is “The Day of Writing My Fate”. Play a proper role. This work was shown in 2014 and ended in 2015. Its story is about Defne and Kahraman Yurokhan, who are rich but do not have children. Their family’s reprimand prompts Davy to find an alternative way to give her husband an heir. She decided to appoint a surrogate mother to take the child for her. Her choice falls on Elf, a young woman from Kahraman’s hometown of Antakya.

In 2016 he played the role of Dorok Polat. In the series “Daughters of the Sun”. One of the most famous works in which the actor participated was Anil Altan. His story was touching and very dramatic, Gunes is a 35-year-old woman and literature teacher who was abandoned by her husband for no reason. So she decided to marry in order to provide a good future for her three daughters.

Ayaz in Aşk mantık ıntıkam

(Aşk mantık ıntıkam) is a series. The story of the series Aşk mantık ıntıkam revolves around a girl who suffers the disappointments and poverty that her mother experienced in her marriage, so the decision was made to marry a poor boy who loves her from the neighborhood in which she lives, and with the passage of days the young man let His work is to devote himself to his technology project, and the girl begins to work to pay for her house expenses, but she is not patient and makes the decision to separate from him.

After many years of separation, they meet the isolated couple again, but the circumstances have changed, as the young man becomes rich and a manager in the largest technological institutions, and the girl begins to do many topics in order to draw the attention of the young man to her again, so that he remembers his love for her and asks her to marry again Again, at that time the young man announced her plan and decided to take revenge on her for what she had done to him earlier, since she was not standing next to him.

anil altan, his wife and children

Turkish actor Anil Altan married beautiful actress, Pelin Akil. They married after a love story on September 1, 2016. This marriage culminated in two twin girls. He continued his education with a master’s degree in Radio, Film and Television at the University of Maltepe. She has appeared in several commercials with projects Day My Destiny Written, The Girls of the Sun, and the Çember series in which she played the lead. She brought her comedic side with the audience in the movie Bittin Sen. She is currently continuing her acting education with Merve Taşkan. Her main skills include basketball, surfing, water skiing, Taebox, kickboxing and motorcycling.


anil altan, his wife and children

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Anil Altan became one of the most important stars of Turkey and the Arab world as well. Anil altan has more than 1 million followers on social media. Anil Altan, born on May 29, 1990, started his career as a model before acting as an actor and has had successful business with brands such as Mavi Jeans, Pierre Cardin, Network and Harvey Nichols. He started his acting career in 2012 with the TV series Backwards Hope. After graduating from Kocaeli Geophysics Engineering, he studied acting with Burak Aksak. After his education there, he successfully graduated from the academy at the age of 35 and completed his acting education with Bahar Kerimoğlu: he played the character of Franz in the play Sersefil and offered his acting in the theater.

Turkish actor Anil Altan

married beautiful actress, Pelin Akil

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