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Furkan Andıç Who is this Turkish artist, what is the religion of Furkan Andıç and his girlfriend, what are his series and Furkan Andıç films, many details about all Furkan Andıç series and his family and personal life.

Actor Furkan Andıç

The star of the Turkish television drama and the star of romantic cinema was able to quickly attract the audience to him, and even keep them. Maintaining millions of followers is a difficult thing, especially with the presence of a large number of stars of the same age and artistic classification. On the screens, he became famous in more than one television and film work, becoming one of the top stars of Turkish drama.

Furkan Andıç Personal Card and Information

born on April 4, 1990.

Furkan Andıç
s age in 2022 is 32 years.
Birthplace: He was born in Istanbul.
Furkan Andıç Nationality: Turkish.
Furkan Andıç’s height: 185 cm.
Weight Furkan Andıç: 80 kg.
Furkan Andıç’s religion: Muslim.
Astrological sign: Aries.
Academic/scientific qualification: Istanbul Bilgi University in the Radio and Television Programming Department.
Furkan Andıç and his girlfriend: Dylan Cicek Deniz.
When did his artistic career begin: His artistic career began in 2007.

Furkan Andıç’s Religion: His Life Story & Biography

The life story of our artist today begins with his birth in Istanbul in 1990. His father is from Trabzon, and his mother is of Bosnian origin. He has two brothers, and he is the middle one among them. He continued his primary and secondary education in Ataşehir.

After graduating from high school in 2007, he studied Russian with preparatory education at Kiev Polytechnic University in Ukraine, then August Furkan Andıç, who started school education in the investment department, moved to Istanbul due to parity circumstance in education style.

After schooling for a term at Bilgi University in the TV and TV programming department, the young actor has moved while to date to the acclaimed Communication and Design Department of Yeditepe University with Attia Sports in the first term of the 2011-2012 school season.

He joined Marmara College and there he played basketball and joined the star team in the Pamokspur clubs, and in the summer vacation he joined the amateur department in the animation teams.

Furkan Andıç’s work started in acting

Discovering his talent in the summer, he met acting by performing amateur shows in hotel animation teams in tourist areas.
Understand his first experience in 2007 with the publication and promotion of ETİ Popkek. Then he played in the commercials for Vatan Bilgisayar and Turkcell GNCTRKCLL. He made his first real acting role in the TNT College Diary of a TIMS release in 2011. He then played Levent in the Desperate Housewives series that started in the same year. After that, I called her Feriha: Sabil Amir, she was running in the rain and she played in the series Aşk Ekmek Hayaller.

In a series titled Kaçak Gelinler, which began in 2014, his awareness rose by reviving the character of the lonely boy of a wealthy family as Salim Anan. In 2015, she played 18 episodes of the character Gökhan in the series Kırgın Çiçek, published on ATV. In 2016, he played the role of Sinan, the lead character in the TV series Sweet Revenge.

Furkan Andıç Series Movies & TV Shows

Every series has its imprint in the life of the artist, and it brought out a terrible talent and acting power. For example, in the series Maryam, the woman who committed the crime she did not commit for the sake of the man she loves, claiming that she can do anything for her career and strength, the war loses her mind ambitiously. Revenge after she lost her lover.

sweet revenge
unhappy housewives
runaway brides
You are everywhere.

The accident on a rainy night changes the lives of these three people. The man of justice, Oktay, goes to power and the man of power, the war, needs justice.
Mary bears the burden of the sins of the two men…until love is included in the equation and justice is served.

Secrets of his personal relationships

The Turkish artist has many secrets that we will learn about in these following points:

Sports is his lifestyle he has been playing licensed basketball for 12 years now.
Exercising instead of sleeping even during breaks makes it fit.
He uses protein powder to build his muscles, the closest place to his heart is the gym.
He loves his mother very much and his family is very close to him, his mother is from Bosnia and his father is from Trabzon and they have three brothers.
He lives with my family, he’s a bit messy. How does he live alone?
When he comes back from sports in the evening, he finds his food ready because of the presence of his mother, he does not eat regularly, and his bedtime is organized.
He is looking for a woman like his mother, who will be meticulous and a housewife to be more balanced and take good care of him.
He does not fall in love easily as he is very precise in his choices, but he has an emotional side and does not like to break people.
He does not know to take his first step towards the one he loves, and his relationship lasted for a long time, reaching three years.
He gets nervous a lot while kissing in his business.
This tension came because of the lights and cameras around him, and he also has to appear romantic and think about what he should do.
When he performed the kissing scene in a scene, the actress who will appear before him said, “You don’t think about exaggerating too much, do you?” and this shocked him a little.

Furkan Andıç's Religion

Furkan Andıç and his girlfriend

Dylan Cicek Deniz, star of Çukur, the beloved TV series, and co-star Furkan Andyk were said to have been in a relationship for a while. According to Street News, the couple was first seen holding hands at the exit venue in Arnavutköy the previous evening. About the journalists’ questions about the marriage, the sweet couple said: “Everything is wealth. Our relationship is new, we know each other and are very happy, we can say “yes” when the time is right.

After a year of love, Dilan Çiçek Deniz and Furkan Andıç decided to end their relationship the day before. The unexpected separation decision sparked a surprise in their close circle. The couple is said to have said, “He doesn’t walk anymore, it’s better for both of us.”

Furkan Andıç is not married and was engaged for a while but he broke up with his girlfriend, and now he lives with his family in the same house.
Describing a beautiful woman for him is every smiling woman who thinks she is a beautiful woman.
A hearty laugh always makes you look physically; I did not have a blonde girlfriend even in Kiev he was my dear lover. It was hard, but I found it.
What he cannot tolerate, a jealous woman causes his blood to be drawn from him.
He does not like jealousy of his girlfriend, although he is jealous like crazy, but after he felt that this characteristic was not good, he overcame this feeling.
He was harassed by his fans in crowded places in Bodrum, and he considers women to be as bold as men.
And about his reaction to the harassment of one of his fans, he said that the woman who was harassed cannot say anything at that moment, as she is ashamed of the other person because of the ugly act.
I felt the same way. Embarrassed, she looked at that woman, which is enough for her when she touches a man.