Tolga Saritas

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Tolga Saritas, his religion, his wife, his brother, his series, information about him, personal and exclusive photos of him, the most important artworks he represented and the awards he received, and other important and exclusive information about the star, the Turkish artist Tolga Saritas. In the popularly and artistically successful Turkish series, Poyraz Karayel, and this role was the talk of the audience and critics, due to the great excellence, mastery and creativity in the performance of Tolga Saritas, and to know more roles that he excelled in presenting, and the most important influential stations in his artistic career, and information about his personal and family life, follow We have this article.

Information about Tolga Saritas

Birthdate: May 30, 1991
Age: 29 years old
Astrological sign: Virgo
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality and Citizenship: Turkish
Residence: Tyre, Turkey
Religion Muslim
Occupation: Film and television actor, singer and guitarist
Mother’s name: Sibal Gul
Brother’s name: Jinjay Saritas
Sister’s name: Pervin Saritas
The beginning of work in artistic activity and the field of acting: 2009 when he presented the role of Barq in the movie The Dark Earth
Number of working years: 11 years
Most Important Awards Received: Nominated for an International Emmy Award
His most important hobbies: swimming, climbing mountains
Marital status: He lives a love story with the artist, Eike Boussat.

Tolga Saritas
Tolga Saritas

Biography of the Turkish artist Tolga Saritas

Tolga Saritas was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 30, 1991. He is the eldest son of his parents, and the eldest brother of his siblings. Tolga loves his siblings so much that his younger sister, who is seven years old, pampers her a lot. He is also the support and support of his mother. Tolga worked a lot while he was still a child in order to help his family with the expenses, and after graduating from high school, he went to study acting, and he also gave concerts with his band, as he is a musician and singer in one of the Turkish bands.

The beginning of the artistic career of the star Tolga Saritas

His beginning in the field of art was when he participated in singing and playing with one of the Turkish youth bands, then he presented a group of small theatrical roles, and he also participated in the movie The Dark Earth in 2008, and he also presented his first role on Turkish television when he participated in the series Back Streets, Despite the small role of Tolga Saritas in this series,

it was a transfer to him in the world of acting. After that, Tolga Saritas became one of the most important stars in Turkey, and received many artistic awards, and perhaps the most important artistic stations in Tolga Saritas’ artistic career, His role in the series Harem Al Sultan Part IV in 2013-2014, and he also began working in the field of advertising for the most famous Turkish brands.

Important roles in the life of Tolga Saritas

The year 2015 witnessed a transformation in Tolga Saritas’ artistic career, as he presented the role of Ali Martoglu in the series “Daughters of the Sun”, a role that Tolga played with a deep sense and sincere feelings, and he won the Excellence Award for Best Actor.

Tolga presented in Turkish cinema the movie Bad Boy in 2017, and this film is the first absolute starring role for Tolga Saritas in the cinema, and the film achieved mass success and achieved the highest amount of revenue and profits.
Tolga Saritas shined in the field of advertising, he presented advertisements for the most famous Turkish brands, so that in 2016 he became the media face of Turkish Bared Tea, then signed a contract with the Turkish brand _IPANAK for a huge financial fee.

Series Tolga Saritas

Although he started acting in TV series in 2012, he was able to offer a number of distinguished roles in the most successful and distinguished Turkish TV series. Below we will present a list of the most important roles that Tolga Saritas presented in Turkish series:

In 2012, he presented the role of Dogan in the Turkish series Back Streets.
In 2013, he played a unique role in the series 20 Minutes
He gave his distinguished role in the epic Turkish series, Harem Al Sultan (Part IV), playing the role of Scheherazade Cihangir, the sixth son of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, and the fifth in his sisters from Sultana Khorram.

baba series
baba series

In 2014, he played the role of Murad in the series My Name Goltepe
He played the role of Ali Martoğlu in the successful Turkish series Banat Al Shams in 2015-2016
In 2015, he played a beautiful role in the series The Great Exile
He presented the role of Yavuz in the series Al-Ahed in 2017-2019
In 2019, he played the role of Farhat in the series Farhat and Sherine
The Promise series presents the role of an army officer who wins the battles of the homeland

Tolga Saritas movies

In 2009, he played Yaraq in the movie Dark Earth.
In 2011, he presented a distinguished role in the film Kaledeki Yalniizik
In 2017, he starred in the movie Bad Boy, playing the role of Merch

The romantic life of Tolga Saritas

At the beginning of his artistic life, Tolga Saritas was associated with the beautiful Turkish actress Hande Ercel, with whom he worked in the series “Banat Al Shams”, but their relationship did not last long and they separated.

Then, the artist Tolga Saritas had a romantic relationship with the young Turkish artist, Ibeki Pusat, the heroine of his new series, The Promise. The love story that brought them together in the series turned into a realistic love story, and the audience watched the two stars together in more than one place.

The most important awards received by Tolga Saritas

Although he is still young, and although his artistic career did not exceed 11 years, Tolga Saritas, thanks to his outstanding acting talent, and thanks to his capable performance and his ability to perform his roles honestly, won many awards. We will mention the most important awards that he got it:

Excellence Award Best Actor for his role in the series Banat Al Shams in 2016
Best Actor Award for the role of Ali Martoğlu from Sapnas University, Turkey, 2017.
Best Actor Award for the role of Ali in the series “Daughters of the Sun” from Ankara University, Turkey.
Nominated for an International Emmy Award for Best Actor

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