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Onur Durmaz, who became famous by being offered the role of the innocent killer Engin. Quiet and unexpected. Because of the splendor of his performance and the calmness of the killer, who did not show any reaction or fear and made us believe that he was outside the range of the suspects. It made the viewer look for who this talented actor Onur Durmaz is? And when did he start acting and the most important roles he participated in?

Who is Engin in the series Elimination?

He is the star of the serial killer, which was not thought. Our star is a Gemini. He was born in Turkey, Istanbul. His birth date is June 13, 1991. Onur Durmaz was born on June 13, 1991 in Turkey. He is a supporting actor and director, known for Bir Baba Hindu (2016), Niyazi Gul Dornala (2015) and Hadi Insullah (2014).


Onur Durmaz (Engin)

He is able to adapt in various situations with complete ease, and it is he who pushes him to diversify and experience every modern person, and he is often prepared for modern experiences and heterogeneous challenges. He is a social person who is able to attract everyone’s attention to hear his words and share his company. The Gemini man is usually quite shrewd, and he has so many data and tricks that he can win any arguments he gets into.

It tends to be curious, constantly investigating recent data in different fields, and learning in a sustainable and continuous manner even after winning. With skill experiences that continue to be amazing, he is able to start understanding sessions comfortable for all parties, and he can communicate effectively with the surrounding personalities. He is by no means a stereotypical character who cannot create in stereotypical environments or get along with atheistic individuals, but he is always on the lookout for modern risks.

Information about Onur Durmaz, his religion is his lover

Onur Durmaz was born on June 13, 1991 in Turkey. He is a supporting actor and director, known for Bir Baba Hindu (2016), Niyazi Gul Dornala (2015) and Hadi Insullah (2014).

He trained at the Vienna Conservatory in Austria. He is also an educated musician and guitar coach. He is fluent in English and German. He was a fencing player (Épée). He has 19 medals (6 gold, 9 silver, 4 bronze).

His religion is Muslim. As for his beloved, he prefers his wife with regard to her knowledge, intelligence, and closeness to his thoughts. In his view, married life is a mental and spiritual connection, not just a physical one. As he has a dual personality, he is a constant tension. Which makes him delay in the association or marriage.

It is difficult, however, for a Gemini man to please a woman whose number is low in intelligence, and will only go to her skilled and obedient woman. It is normal for such a woman to understand the secret of his nature and to explain to him in a way that he loves and satisfies his duality.

He does not know the monotony and boredom, and expresses his love for his partner by inviting her to restaurants, beaches or mountainous areas, etc. One of the places you might not have thought of. He talks with her on various things and about all articles, being an aspiring and educated person who is almost ignorant of anything.

His start in acting

He did not start acting, but worked as an assistant director first. Then he moved to acting in 2015. Through the movie “Niyazi Gül Dörtnala,” Niyazi, a veterinarian, is looking for a special elixir for animals. What he doesn’t know yet is a gangster and his scattered love is also in search of this elixir.

He played the role of Umut in the film “The Sad Story of Young People Who Summoned the Soul in the Magical Palace Filled with Three Letters” in 2018.

As for the Yargi series, it revolves around the events of the Turkish judicial series. He is a public prosecutor who is very famous. He is honest and works according to laws and legislative and judicial controls. He is met by a lawyer who does not know the rules and goes beyond all border parties towards the values ​​and facts that she believes in, not like each of them after being crossed out. The arrest of the prosecutor’s brother on charges of a felony murder, and the series is from the competition of Pinar Deniz, and it was Organji and Ceylan Ergovan, and the activities of the series revolve in an interesting and full of excitement, each of them defending the convinced facts according to the presence of a number of clear evidence.


Information about Onur Durmaz

The most important series of Onur Durmaz

Onur started working in TV dramas in 2018. He played the role of Kozai in the series “GIF”. He appeared in several episodes of the series “Call My Business Manager” at the talent agency in Istanbul, agents scrambling to please their star clients and keep their business in full swing. Agents will reconcile from case to case in circumstances that blend their personal and professional lives.

Our star participates in the series “The Club – Kulüp” and its events take place in the cosmopolitan city of Istanbul in the fifties of the last century. A mother with a troubled past works in a nightclub to reconnect with her rebellious daughter who could not raise and help her.

The role of Engin in the series Yargi or the judiciary

His most famous role was that of Engin in the series Al-Qada or Al-Hakam. Where he performed very high and was able to easily enter the hearts of viewers. He convinced them that he wasn’t the killer throughout the first episodes. Followers of the judiciary series were surprised that he killed Angie. As for the series, its story will begin when a lawyer and the prosecutor, whose paths intersect with the murder case, enlist the help of working together to find the killer, and this will create an irreversible breaking point in their lives.

The events of the series revolve around a man who works in the Turkish judiciary with the rank of a public prosecutor, who is a great celebrity in Turkey, and he is described with integrity and adherence to laws and judicial records. He was killed, as an argument is taking place between the public prosecutor and the lawyer regarding that case.

Instagram Onur Durmaz

Onur has followers on Instagram “/onurdurmazm/”, which increased in number after his appearance in the series “Al-Qada”. He’s smart, cheerful and exciting, but he’s an instant and boring personality with a fickle air. He is light-hearted, tactful, and persuades those who confront him with his ideas through his elegant manner of dealing. Likes to mix with all age patterns, and hates isolation for long periods. He has a pure heart, and he is not jealous of those around him, no matter their situation is more worthy than him, which makes him simple in chasing opportunities, as he believes that what he has will come alone. Careful observation of various things. Therefore, it cannot be deceived in any way.