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Information about Fatih Berk Sahin

Fatih Berk Sahin, one of the young rising stars who has been adored by viewers since his debut. A handsome young man with a strong presence and a great talent awaits the strong work that will show it strongly. He co-starred in the Yalanci series as Doruk, a strong and big role and considered the work that made him famous. Here is some important information about the star of the Yalanci series:

Fatih Berk Sahin date of birth 2004.
His age in 2022 is 18 years old
Fatih Berk Sahin’s religion is Muslim.
Place of birth Istanbul
Educational life: He continues his education at Mimar Sinan High School of Fine Arts
He studied acting at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center for a long time.
Its length is 180 cm. Its weight is 60 kg.


Fatih Berk Sahin

his life story

Educational life: He completes his education at Mimar Sinan High School of Fine Arts. He also studied acting in the Müjdat Gezen Arts order for a long amount.

The point of change in his life: “His enthusiasm for acting began when he watched behind the scenes in a movie he loved. “The echo and hustle of those followers fascinated me. He stated, “I should be there too.” After that, as soon as I went to a play to cement that feeling.

I found myself an actor candidate the next day… My first cinematic work “The Summer Previous” was my first in the face of the camera’s attempt. On the ground, I checked on a reinforced role. Whenever that exam reached the weights of Ajiktan.

She was invited to act as a character meeting with the goal of the character “Denez” and the waiting period began. I received the updates the night I lost hope… Being in a movie business on Netflix with Ozan Açıktan and the role did not frighten me, I was motivated by the effort with a director whose work I closely followed and was inspired by.”

Who is Fatih Berk Sahin?

One of the most important characteristics of Fateh is that he is considered one of the individuals that is remarkably related to her past and her family, as he cares about the smallest details. Despite this, this may not appear clear on Capricorns because they are secretive about their feelings. Rather, their actions prove the extent of their enormous responsibility towards their families, and the extent of their care and concern for them.

Fatih, who loves to work to the point of sanctification, he is one of the individuals who put long-term plans and goals, work above them, persevere and have fun in the way of examining those measures without tireless or effort, ready to work for long hours in the way of pursuing his goals and achieving them with great idealism, just as he is dedicated and loyal to work and good in the interest riches, and aware of the fact that tremendous achievements can only be achieved on the far field.

Fah Shaheen always lives within a mood and a volatile psychological state, as his condition changes and turns from happiness to sadness and depression in a persistent and continuous manner. Just as he makes others around him and everyone who deals with him puzzled to find it difficult to judge the nature of his condition at any time.


Who is Fatih Berk Sahin?

Domination has a longing to achieve all his dreams, which may depend on all legal and illegal means to achieve them. Just as he is constantly dominating others while he specializes in carrying out his decisions without going back to one of them or consulting and making a proposal. This creates a large number of quarrels and disagreements between him and his co-workers or family members.

Narcissistic self-love can take him to an enormous degree of vanity, which has an effect on the views of others above him. The arrogance that he possesses makes him hurt those he mixes with, whether with vitriolic words or with fierce, destructive criticism that alienates him from those around him.

Fatih Berk Sahin started acting

The turning point in his life: “His enthusiasm for acting began when he watched the behind the scenes movie I love. “The hustle and bustle of this crowd amazed me. “I should be there too,” he said. Then, when I went to a play to reinforce that feeling, I declared myself an actor candidate the next day… “Last Summer” is my first front camera experience. In fact, I checked out for a supporting role.

When this audition came to Ozan Ajiktan, I was invited for an interview for the character “Deniz” and the waiting period began. I received the news the night I lost hope… Being in a movie on Netflix with Ozan Açıktan and the role didn’t frighten me, I was motivated to work with a director I followed closely and drew inspiration from.”

The first step in acting: He started his acting adventure in 2021 with the character “Deniz”, which he portrayed in the movie “Last Summer”.

What project did he star in? He drew attention to the character “Doruk Gürsoy” in the TV series “Liar”.

An unforgettable memory: He can’t forget a scene from Last Summer. “In the movie, we literally got rid of the fatigue of the day at the scene where we all went to sea. It is a moment where I feel many emotions to the core.”

First Feature Film: Ozan Ajiktan / Last Summer

TV series

2021- Liar / Doruk Gursoy

2021- mobile

cinema movies

2021- last summer / Deniz

Doruk’s role in Yalanci

His introduction to the character of Doruk is the hero of the Yalanci series, who plays the role of the son of the famous doctor “Mohammed” who rapes women by hypnotizing them with a drug that does not appear in the blood test. He rapes them, and when the victim surpasses her, she finds herself remembering only a few of the events of the night, but she is sure that someone has assaulted her.

The plot over a schoolteacher dinner with the father of a student. However, the gallant dinner ends very sadly for both sides. The young teacher tries to bring to justice the man who did the terrible thing to her.

The plot is based on a schoolteacher’s dinner with the father of a student. The man is wealthy and lonely, recently widowed, and ready to enter into a new relationship with the woman he loves. However, the gallant dinner ends very sadly for both sides. The young teacher tries to bring to justice the man who did the terrible thing to her. However, some secrets of the past are best left as is.

Instagram Fatih Berk Sahin

Despite his recent appearance and few posts, the social networking sites of this actor are full of followers. We expect him to increase the number of followers with every strong work he participates in in the future.

Fatih Berk Sahin’s Instagram is: /fatihberksahin/

Fateh Shaheen is one of those who tend to strategy in the fullest way in any article, which may delay their taking some judgments. Capricorn owners are characterized by solitude and not mixing with others and prefer everything that is traditional and classic. They find it difficult to perform tasks and activities that lack an amount of risk and enthusiasm. .

They use all means and legitimate and illegitimate methods that help them achieve their goals, and they seek to dominate and enforce judgments by force, which may create between them and those close to them a large number of problems and disputes. Sometimes, psychological instability is met, and they face a volatile mood from time to time, and they may cause injury and pain to others with their sharp words and harsh criticism.