What are benefits of cumin for weight loss?

Cumin is a common spice, native to Asia, Africa and Europe, and is widely used in cooking all over the world, and is the second most popular spice after black pepper. Cumin is a basic spice in many foods, especially Mexican, Indian, African and Asian, as it adds a special flavor to foods, and cumin offers many health benefits to the body, as it may help get rid of digestive problems and coughs and promotes liver health, and this article will talk about the benefits of cumin. for slimming.


Nutritional value of cumin

The high nutritional value of cumin lies in the fact that it contains many minerals and various vitamins, and a 2015 report published by the Center for Poisons and Drugs Research in the BMC Nutrition Journal revealed that eating about a teaspoon of cumin per day can help meet the daily nutritional requirements that the body needs. The following table shows the amount of nutrients contained in 100 grams of cumin seeds:

Nutrient quantity in 100 grams of cumin
Water 8.06 g
Protein 17.81 g
Total floccul 22.27 g
Carbs 44.24 g
Fiber 10.5 g
Calcium 931 mg
Iron 66.36 mg
Magnesium 366 mg
Phosphorous 499 mg
Potassium 1788 mg
Sodium 168 mg
Zinc 4.8 mg
Vitamin C 7.7 mg
Thiamine 0.63 mg
Niacin 4.58 mg
Folic acid 10 mg
Vitamin E 3.33 mg
Vitamin K 5.4 mcg

Benefits of cumin for weight loss

The benefits of cumin for slimming are many. In addition to the high nutritional value, the universe can help you lose weight, as it contains a unique active ingredient called thymoquinone, a naturally occurring chemical that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well, as thymoquinone can target free radicals. In the body, which helps cleanse the body of toxins, and the benefits of cumin for slimming are as follows:

Cumin helps the cells of the body respond to insulin and glucose, which maintains a stable blood sugar level, and the benefits of cumin for slimming can be great, if a healthy diet is followed with regular exercise, to reduce fat deposits and reduce inflammation in the body.

Research supports the idea that cumin can help with weight loss, but more studies are needed to come to a definitive conclusion about how well it works.

One small study conducted on 72 overweight people demonstrated that adding cumin to their daily diet for weight loss significantly increased the rate of weight loss.
Another study was conducted on 88 overweight women, the result was that cumin alone was enough to lead to faster weight loss.

In addition, cumin provides a small amount of calories, as one tablespoon of cumin contains 22 calories, 12 of them from the fat in it, and therefore the benefits of cumin for slimming also lie in the low calories in it.


How to use cumin to lose weight

How to use cumin to lose weight

To obtain the benefits of cumin for slimming, there are several ways in which cumin can be used and consumed within the daily diet, where cumin seeds, powder or cumin oil are used, and among the ways to use cumin to lose weight are the following:

cumin juice

Or the so-called Jeera water, by putting two teaspoons of cumin seeds in 1.5 liters of boiling water, and then drinking the resulting water that contains cumin extract from oils and healthy extracts, which may lead to a boost in metabolism or metabolism in the body, as It helps control blood sugar, and drink cumin juice twice a day on an empty stomach for best results.

Cumin Supplements

Oral cumin supplements contain ground cumin seeds or black cumin seed oil. These supplements can be taken with food once daily or according to the instructions on the package. This helps increase weight loss and stabilizes blood sugar.

Add cumin to the diet

Cumin can also be consumed by including it in the daily diet. Whole cumin seeds or ground cumin can be used in meals and daily foods, which helps to increase the metabolism in the body.

Health benefits of cumin

In addition to the benefits of cumin for slimming, and because it contains many minerals, vitamins, proteins and fibers, cumin offers many health benefits to the human body, including the following:

It contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, thus reducing the incidence of cancer.
Cumin can help treat various cases of diarrhea.
Helps regulate blood sugar level.
Cumin fights germs, viruses and other parasites, thanks to the antiseptic properties of cumin seed oil.
Cumin helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
Relieves symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, including cramps, pain and nausea.