Ozge Borak religion, age, husband, information

Özge Borak, her religion, age, work, information about her, photos, the beginning of her artistic career, her age, place and date of birth, features from her upbringing and life story, and the most important artworks that she participated in throughout her artistic career, all this and more will be included in our article today, The mention of the name Özge Borak in the minds of the masses in the Arab world has been associated with the name of Rafeef, in relation to her role in the series “The Lost Years.” For more technical and personal information, and for more exclusive news about the brilliant Turkish star Özge Borak, follow this article.

Information about Özge Borak

Full name: Ozge Selcuk Burak (Ozge Burak)
Birthdate: February 14, 1982
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Age in 2020: 38 years
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Height: 1.72 m
Qualifications: A theatrical qualification from Devlet Concert University in Istanbul, and also studied acting at the Acting Department of Tiatrolari School.
Profession: actress
Father: Selcuk Burak (Opera and Ballet Choreographer).
Mother: Bukit Burak (a famous Turkish ballerina)
Siblings: Salim Burak (Professional Ballet Dancer).
Marital status: married
Husband’s name: She was married twice, the first time to actor Bulent Şekerk and the marriage lasted from 2006 to 2010, then she married Turkish comedian Ata Demirer (the marriage lasted for nearly two years from 2012 to 2014).
The most important works of art: She presented the role of Rafeef in the series “Sunna Al-Dyaa’a” series


Life story of Özge Borak

Now we will show all the fans of the Turkish artist Özge Borak features of her biography. Özge Borak was born on the fourteenth day of February 1982 AD, in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and her religion is Christianity.

The Turkish artist, Özge Borak, belongs to an ancient artistic family. Her father is the able Turkish artist Selcuk Burak, the largest choreographer, and opera and ballet performances. Her mother, Bezet Burak, is a famous and professional ballerina who has performed many ballet dances, and her brother is the famous ballet dancer, Selim Burak.

Her upbringing in an artistic family had a positive impact on her. Özge Borak loved acting, and she joined the University of Devlet Concert Fatori to study theater arts, and then joined the acting department of the Teatrolari School. Contributing to the expansion of her fame is the role of Rafif in the series “Sunna Al-Diyaa’a” in 2007.

Özge Borak husband

Özge Borak was married twice, but divorced both times.
Her first marriage was to Turkish actor Bulent Şekerk, and this marriage lasted for 4 years, from 2006 to 2010, and they separated quietly.
On the 22nd of April 2012, Özge Borak was married to the Turkish artist Ata Demirer. The wedding ceremony, which was held in Krugesme in Istanbul, was happily attended by family and friends of the artists, and the number of attendees was 350 people.
But after two years of marriage, the audience of the two stars was surprised by their separation, after one divorce session in the family court, and the court judge tried to reconcile between the two stars, but Özge Borak insisted on the divorce, and the two stars together announced the news of their separation on their official pages on the social networking site Twitter.


Özge Borak husband

Özge Borak receives an unethical offer

The artist Özge Borak posted on her personal page on the social networking site Instagram, a message sent to her by an unknown person, offering her an immoral offer. The text of the message sent by the unknown to the artist Özge Borak was as follows:

“I am a businessman from Moscow, I am willing to pay a million dollars, in exchange for one night with you, give me your account number to send you money.”

The reactions of the fans of the Turkish artist, Özge Borak, about this message varied between supporters and opponents. Some of the audience saw that publishing the message was a kind of transparency and clarity between the artist and the audience, while some of the audience criticized the artist Özge Borak for publishing such an immoral message, while some of the audience saw that Ozge published this message as a joke, with the aim of provoking controversy and causing an uproar.

Özge Borak presents the role of Rafif in the series “Sunna Al-Dyasaa” series

In 2005, Özge Borak played one of her most important artistic roles, as she embodied the character of Rafif in the series “Sunna Al-Diyaa”, which was also known as “Under the Linden Trees”, and the “Sana’at Al-Desaa” series, written and directed by Aydin Bulut.

The events of the series “Sunna Al-Dyaa’” revolve in a romantic and dramatic framework about a poor and simple girl named Rafif who loves a simple young man named Yahya, and both of them work hard to provide for marriage expenses. Look, and treat her well and give her the best, so rumors spread about a rich businessman who loves a poor girl, and the rumors reach Yahya, and a violent quarrel occurs between Yahya and Rafif, and Yahya asks her to leave work, but Rafif refuses for fear of her work.

Events continue and quarrels increase between Omar and Yahya, until Yahya enters prison after destroying one of Omar’s opponents. In prison, Yahya gets to know Kamal Bey, a wealthy businessman, and the events continue. The series stars Özge Borak (Rafif), Bulent Inal (Yahya), Tuba Boyxton (Lamis Abu Shaar), Sinan Tuzjo (Omar Abu Shaar).

Artworks by Özge Borak

Turkish artist Özge Borak has presented a variety of distinguished roles in many successful artworks, and the following is a list of the most important artworks that Burak participated in:

She played the role of Rayhan in the series “Favourable Moments” in 2007
She presented the role of Rafeef in the series “Sana’at Al-Dyaa’a” in 2005.
She presented the role of Begum in the series Istanbul Bride in 2017.
Earth Day 2003 movie
Eva Eva in 2011, then she presented the second and third parts of the film
2014 movie Ask me my name