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Ozan Dolunay religion girlfriend works & series

Get to know the actor mehmet ozan dolunay. What is the date of birth of Ozan Dolunay, when did his artistic career begin, who is the lover of Ozan Dolunay, for all fans and fans of the actor? His work, his life secrets, his upcoming projects and his biography, what is his height, weight and academic qualifications, special details about his life, his talent, his favorite sport and his favorite star.

Personal card and private information

Date of birth: January 1, 1991, AD.
Age in 2018: 26 years old.
Place of Birth: Born in Turkey – Antalya.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 180 cm.
Weight: 70 kg.
His religion: Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is Capricorn.
Academic/scientific qualification: College of Engineering, Mechanical Department.
His wife or girlfriend’s name: In a relationship with actress Melissa.
When did his artistic career begin: His artistic career began in 2015.
What is his favorite sport: His favorite sport is swimming and rowing.
What is his talent: His talents are riding motorcycles, theatrical acting.


Ozan Dolunay Instagram Twitter

Instagram (Instagram): https://www.instagram.com/modoluna
Twitter: twitter.com/modolunay
imdb : https://www.imdb.com/name/nm7487579/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t1

His works are serials and films

Imkansiz (TV Series) (completed) 2021 Bizi Ayiran Çizgi (TV Series) 2020 Menajerimi Ara (TV Series) 2020 Iyi Günde Kötü Günde (TV Series) 2019-2020 Zalim Istanbul (TV Series) 2018 Darisi Basimiza (TV Series) 2017 Lise devriyesi (TV Series) 2016 Yüksek Sosyete (TV Series) 2016 Oyunbozan (TV Series) 2015 Tatli Küçük Yalancilar (TV Series)

Secrets and life story of Ozan Dolunay and biography

ozan dolunay is a famous Turkish artist, born in the Turkish city of Antalya, about his childhood, it was an interesting childhood, he loves to play sports. and school activities. He was a child who excelled in his studies, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and works in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, he got the opportunity to appear in works of art.

His first artistic work was the series Sweet Little Liars in 2015, despite the humility of the role, but he predicted the birth of a new star and that he would get major roles quickly, he took acting lessons and decided to study theatrical acting in order to strengthen his artistic skill, he got a major role in the Velvet Tabqa series 2016 AD in the role of a rich boy whose life will change.

With the success of the role and the series, he began to get starring roles after that in the series spoiler the game in 2016 AD and also the police patrol series in 2017, he presented the role of (Ozan) in the series (Al-Uqabi Lana), whose first episodes were shown on July 5, 2018, the romantic comedy-drama series From its first episodes, it caught the audience’s attention.

Ozan Dolunay’s sweetheart

There was a solid love bond between the star Ozan Dolunay and the actress Melissa, and they met each other during the 2015 series and fell in love with each other for four years, but they separated while until now for unknown reasons and they did not say anything and the fans were surprised by that news and both of them canceled Completing some of them and deleting their photos on electronic communication platforms in 2019 so far Sila is also an artist who has contributed to many Turkish skits and graduated from Izmir Gelisim School, graduated from the Istanbul University Conservatory, and started her artistic career in 2015 and lives with her family after they moved to live in Istanbul She is an actress with huge energy and uncanny talent.


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One of his most famous roles is his role in the series Istanbul Unjust, which was shown in 2020. He received a large viewership.
The young star was born in Turkey and lived an interesting childhood. He remarkably loves to perform sports exercises and school activities. He was a child who excelled in his studies. Then he left the College of Engineering and worked in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He got a possibility in art by appearing in his first artistic presentation in a series bearing the name The Sweet Little Liars 2015 and despite the small role,

he foretold the emergence of a modern star and that he will acquire enormous key roles in an active time, and he took acting lessons and decided to study theatrical acting to strengthen his artistic skills, then he got a key role in the series Velvet Tabqa in 2016 AD in the role of A rich boy will transform his presence in the world, and with the superiority of the role and the series, he became involved in the acquisition of the roles of the sports competition until now in the series.

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