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Erdem Kaynarca Tonahan, the hero of the series Crazy Winds, full information, height, weight, age, wife, private life, religion, nationality, astrological sign, his works and secrets of his life, upcoming projects and biography, special details about his life, his talent, his favorite sport, his academic qualifications, and communication sites his social.

Personal card and personal information:

Date of Birth: January 1, 1992, AD.
Age in 2018: 26 years old.
Birthplace: He was born in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 175 cm.
Weight: 78 kg.
Hair colour: black.
Eye colour: black.
What is the religion of Erdem Kaynarca: He is a Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is Capricorn.
Academic/scientific qualification: Graduated from the Department of Theater at Kadir Has University.
Erdem Kaynarca and his wife: Not married.
When did his artistic career begin: His artistic career began in 2016.
What is his favorite sport: His favorite sport is basketball, tennis, fitness, yoga and American football.
What is his hobby and his favorite things: His hobby is studying philosophy and dancing. He studied modern dance for four years.


Erdem Kaynarca’s Works: Films, TV Shows, and Plays

Emanet – a short film on the ground floor – a heartbeat (Kalp Atisi) – the TV movie (Proof of Cheating) – a series of crazy winds.

The story of the artist’s childhood, upbringing, study and education

Erdam was born in Istanbul in 1992. He lived and grew up there in his family. He is a very rational person, and loves dedication to his work. When he was six years old, he decided to become a philosopher. His dream was to study philosophy, as he was an athletic boy, he practiced swimming and entered Competitions for four years until he became a professional in them, and when he became twelve years old, he started playing a lot of mathematics other than swimming, the most important of which are yoga, tennis, basketball and even American football.

Turkish artist Erdem Kaynarca was born Erdem Kaynarca | Tunahan, the hero of the series “Bir Deli Ruzgar”, in the Turkish city of Istanbul, in 1992. The age of Turkish artist Erdem Kaynarca Erdem Kaynarca in 2018 is 26 years old. Tonhan, the protagonist of bir deli ruzgar, is the real name of Erdem Kaynarca. Erdem Kaynarca. Erdem Kaynarca’s religion Erdem Kaynarca is Islam.

Turkish artist Erdem Kaynarca Erdem Kaynarca leaves Turkey’s Kadir Has Üniversitesi Department of Theater Department. His artistic beginning was by participating in advertisements and plays before he began appearing on screen by acting in serial episodes and films.

Erdem Kaynarca Erdem Kaynarca has contributed to a huge number of plays, such as the play The Worst Work, the Female Republic play, the ruined train play, the eagle play, and the Romeo and Juliet play, which also starred the Turkish star Çağlar Ertuğrul (Yagiz, the hero of the series Virtue and its Daughters).

Erdem Kaynarca Erdem Kaynarca, who was able to prove his acting talent through the stage, began appearing on the screen through his contribution to the film Emanet, as the artist Tayanç Ayaydın also participated in the competition for that film. After his contribution to that film, he contributed to a short film called Parpali.

His artistic career began with acting on stage and on television

He started his artistic work on stage, he amazed everyone with this handsome who started his artistic life on stage, he was working on stage with pleasure, with an inspiring team for him, he learned a lot from him, he worked with director Hera Tekindor, and it was a special experience for him.

He says that theater is art and the true test of ideals, as he watches the audience, looks and interacts from the stage, and that the theater and its works will flourish again, and he wishes to present many theatrical works and return to the theater, from the theatrical works in which he participated in the play Baba – Pablo – Arzo Tramway – Corridor Intensive care – Luna Park – the worst work.

His first stand in front of the cameras was in 2016 AD through a role in the movie Imanit Cinema, directed by Emre Yalcin, starring Tayanak Ayadin, Turgay Aydin, Koray Şahinbas, Elena Fiyonova, Chagla Naz Karji, Kadir Ozal, in 2017 he participated in a role in the short film Ground Floor, The work revolves around Sevim, who was caring for an elderly woman, but she passed away, and trying to demand her late wages, she got into a spiral of disbelief.

The role of Muhammad in the series Heartbeats is considered one of his most important roles, and his first major role in a television drama. He presented the role of Muhammad, the careless, hasty boy, who does anything for the sake of those he loves. He tried to help Aylil a lot before she became a doctor, and he helped her enter Medical school, but he is a homeless boy, and Ayloul did not fall in love with him, but she loved her former teacher and the current doctor with her in the same hospital, Muhammad has nothing but to stay away from Ayloul and leave her on her new path.

The role of Tonahan in the series “Crazy Winds”

In September 2018, he presented the role of the wandering musician, Tonahan, who takes care of the former artist and singer Malika, and she became for him like his moral mother, as he met her while she was lying next to a garbage can, he recognized her quickly, and took her with him to his house to take care of her, he is a talented boy, but he does not want to work With music for money, he believes that music is a much higher art than money, the events of that work are interesting, and the viewership is getting bigger every week, with a lot of mystery and secrets, in which Erdem explained his great ability to act.

His personal secrets and the things he loves to do

When he is away from cameras, and acting, he loves to go to read books, he goes to his own world with books, and learns a lot from them. He also loves watching movies, going to the cinema, and watching plays on the stage. (Baba) in his first major role on the stage on December 15.

Erdem Kaynarca’s photo

Our star joined the heroes of the series “Hekaya Jazeera”. In 2017, he participated in the Kalp Atışı Heartbeat series competition, which won the admiration of viewers. The series Heartbeat of Kalp Atışı, which was shown on the Turkish Show channel throughout the summer season, was starring a group of young stars, such as the handsome star Gökhan Alkan (Ali Asaf), the beautiful singer Oyko Karayal (Elol), the artist Barış Itaş and the singer Ece Kokkinli. Erdam Kainarja stood on his feet by embodying the character of Muhammad in the series Nabatat Qalb. Muhammad is a young man in the prime of life, rebellious and trouble-maker, and at the same time, he is one of Eylul’s close friends.
Erdem Kaynarca Erdem Kaynarca contributed this moment to starring in the series “Bir Deli Ruzgar”, which is continuing on the Turkish Fox channel.

He also had a major role in the series Hekayat Jazeera.


religion of Erdem Kaynarca: He is a Muslim

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