Zeynep Ozder religion, age, husband, and information

Zeynep Ozdeer, who was interested in acting, took part in the TOBAV theater workshop in Ankara during high school. After receiving her master’s degree, she joined the cast of the popular Turkish TV series Samanyolu on ATV. She played the role of Maya in the popular TV series Adanali on ATV and a major role in the movie “Bir Avuc Deniz”.

In 2011, she attended workshops at Stella Adler Studio of Acting. She played Beilin in the movie “Sen Kimsin” and in the TV drama “Koyu Kirmizi” on Star TV. Prior to this project, she worked as an actress with Epek Bilgin. at Marmara University in September 2012 and continues her cello studies with Professor Sevil Gokdağ, a faculty member of the Kadikoy Institute at Istanbul University.

Let’s get to know actress Zeynep Ozder, her religion, her age, her husband, and her astrological sign. Her life story and a lot.


7 Information about Zeynep Ozdir

Zeynep Ozder is an actress, musician, and star of the Nada Al-Omar series. Here are the 7 most important information about her:

Zeynep Ozdir date of birth: 1985.
Age in 2021: 36 years old.
Religion of Zeinab Ozdir: Muslim.
Place of birth: Ankara.
Her studies: Conservatory of Music.
Length: 165 cm.
Weighing: 50 kg.

The story of her life and childhood

Ozder began studying piano when she was eight, and cello as soon as 14 of her life with Feliz Kara at the Ankara Anatolian School of Fine Arts. Cello lessons continued with Senasi Selden, member of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. During her high school education, she participated in festivals and competitions in a large number of countries and cities including the French Republic, Poland and Kazakhstan.

Following her high school graduation, she was approved in the Cello Department of Bilkent University with a full tuition gift and continued all her studies with the professor. Muharram Deniz, member of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. She later studied with Kara Aliyev, who is also a member of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. Throughout her education she has performed many concerts and chamber music ceremonies and was held at the Bilkent Youth Symphony Orchestra. Contributed to a member of the School and Education Organization at the Santa Cecilia Institute, Prof.

Arturo Bonucci’s workshop in Italy, German conductor and cellist, Rodrik von Bennigsen’s workshop in Britain. She also played the cellist in the Orchester Symphonique des Jeunesses Musicales de Suisse and also performed at hall music festivities in Switzerland.

Its characteristics and the tower of Zeynep Ozder

Zainab is a beautiful girl who has a lot to offer especially because she has a great and varied talent. She contributed to advanced classes in room music by Apple Hill Chamber Players in February 2002. Ozder graduated from Bilkent University in 2004 and performed in a plethora of musical festivities as a cellist between 2005 and 2007 in the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. Following the effort with Erdoğan Davran, Chairman of the Ankara Opera and Ballet House Benefit Board, Ozder began her education for her professorship degree at Gazi University.

Throughout her MA with Associate Professor Sebnem Orhan, she has contributed to many musical festivities with Gazi University Academic Hall Orchestra. After graduating in 2009, she gave piano and cello lessons at the Durul Gence School. She performed in a concert with the Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra in 2011.

Zeynep Ozder and her husband and daughter

She is married and has a daughter. In love, once you fall in love you become extremely romantic, extremely loyal and faithful, and look for those qualities in the man you love. She is also generous, affectionate, and hates routine in prayer.

The beloved will never feel bored, as she takes care of the man to the extremes of the border and is waiting on the other hand for the same treatment, love and care. But if it’s just admiration on her part, she won’t mind chasing the one she loves.

Life with her is like an adventure, as she only settles for the best and seeks a love story similar to novels and cinematic works. She is a generous friend and loves to pamper her friends in an amazing way. Loyal to her friends, she stays by their side at all times and forgives them for their mistakes, except for betrayal!

As for the effort, she always seeks to occupy leadership positions, and she has the strength and self-confidence that makes her achieve the impossible. In the field of fashion, she always tries to be the most beautiful and perfect. She loves luxury, but not necessarily expensive clothes, as she loves dramatic and bold fashion trends and wears them with high confidence. Her choices depend on her own personal taste. The fabrics she likes best are cashmere and silk, and she likes sequins.

Zeynep Ozder started acting

Musician, Cello Artist, Actress, Film and Television Series. She was born in 1985 in Ankara. She started taking piano and cello lessons while he was a student in elementary school. So far her graduation from Ankara Anatolian School of Fine Arts.

She graduated from Bilkent University, Conservatory, Department of Music and Performing Arts in the year 2004. She completed her professorship in music as a music teacher at Gazi University and then PhD in music explanation and teaching. In 2011, she studied acting at Stella Adler Studio in New York.

I got up playing the cello in the Gazi University Academic Hall Orchestra. Between 2005 and 2007, she worked as a contract artist with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. She has contributed to concerts with the university orchestras in Switzerland, France, Poland, Romania and Kazakhstan.

her series

Actress Zeynep Ozder made her debut in 2010 through the series Adhanal. In the story of the series, there are two men who used to be friends, but in the midst of the chaos and noise of life and living in different worlds and different places, Yavuz becomes a police officer who serves the law, while Maraz becomes the leader of a large gang in Istanbul, and the struggles between Seddiqi unfortunately inevitably necessitate.

Then she shone more through her participation in “Nada Al-Omar”, which is considered the real beginning of it. The series is considered one of the finest Turkish artistic practices, and it is from the 2009 version of the Turkish series’s novel, Nada Al-Sun Samanyolu. The series “Nada Al-Sun” is taken from the story of “The Galaxy” by the Turkish novelist Karima Kalilij. And the girl Zalal, who are brought together by approximately (cousins), and it is socially unacceptable in their surroundings that there should be a love story between relatives.

And there is a newer, arrogant individual called “Namik” who loves Zulal as well, so a clash occurs between Nejaah and Namiq over Zalal’s heart, after which the facts begin to accelerate and unforeseen facts unfold that change the activities of their story.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook photos

Our star has a number of social media sites. She is a very interactive actress. She publishes family photos with her daughter and husband. And also her selfies.

The story of her life and childhood