Recep Usta religion, age, lover, Berk in Kardeslerim

Recep Usta, one of the stars of the popular Kardeslerim series who is best known for his role as “Berk” the arrogant, rich boy. Let’s know in detail about the life story of this Turkish actor Recep Usta, his religion, his age, his lover, his qualities, his beginning as an actor, and much more in the following article.

Who is Recep Usta?

7 important information about Turkish actor Recep Usta, famous as Berk:

Recep Usta was born on November 2, 1997.
Recep Usta’s age in 2021: 24 years.
Birthdate: Istanbul.
His religion is Muslim.
Graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Trade.
Recep Usta’s length is 181 cm.
Recep Usta weighs 70 kg.

Recep Usta’s religion, age and life story

Turkish actor Recep Usta, one of the heroes of the Kardeslerim series, which was shown at the beginning of the summer of 2021 and received a very large viewership and impressive success. Our star from Istanbul was born and lived there with his family. Our star has thick golden hair and even modeled for some hair commercials. Where he has fine, thick hair, and before appearing in the Turkish series Kardeslerim, he had long, fine hair.

Turkish actor Recep Usta was born in Istanbul in 1997. His studies were in foreign trade. Marmara University. His beginning was with some commercials, then he appeared as an actor in 2018 through the Netflix platform, which became a big leap in his life.

Recep Usta’s personality traits from his horoscope

One of the people he doesn’t underestimate. He views life as either black or white and does not believe in grays. He is also passionate and strives to stand above all things for the people around him. He has a quick wit and likes to take matters into his own hands in any situation he encounters.

He is distinguished by his independent, adventurous and ambitious personality, and he rarely fears anything. He strives to be in a higher place and possesses the determination and determination that helps him achieve what he desires. So you will notice that he has enough intelligence that he constantly puts him in the lead.

Secretive and hidden, if you want to reveal his secrets and win his heart, you must first show him your loyalty in order to make him feel reassured and tell you all things about him. Therefore, be careful when communicating with him, because he is one of the most important constellations, intelligence and cunning, because he thinks a lot before taking any step.

He does not walk any step except after deep thinking or talking to individuals about him, as he has great cunning and intelligence. He is a mature individual with the desire, determination and passion. It is not possible for him to give his message to anyone except after checking him carefully, but he is sincere and faithful. He constantly seeks to achieve all his goals and ambitions. He is characterized by a calm mind and calm and behaves with those around him with maturity and intelligence and knows what he wants all the time. Likes to be bossy and in control of facts and people.

Recep Usta his girlfriend

Turkish actor Recep is not in a romantic relationship yet. But the characteristics of the woman he falls in love with are as follows:

He appears to you as a man dry in his feelings, but in the depths of his heart lie many feelings. It may be tiring for him to explain his feelings due to his nature, which tends to be in control of all things, and of course, imposing control over his feelings will be one of his top priorities. Even if he shows a few feelings, it will not be in any way verbally in front of people.

He loves passionately and may show his interest and express his emotions clearly and openly once he is in his circle of stillness. His personality is charming and hard to resist. The Scorpio man tends to be ambiguous, which makes the ladies more curious to know about the above. He enjoys having his family and friends around him, and you find him always looking for real individuals who are far from fake.

Recep Usta start as an actor

His debut was in 2017 through “Sinema Güzeli Yarismasi (TV Special). His real beginnings came through the series “The Personality -Sahsiyet”.
A Turkish crime drama TV series written by Hakan Günday and broadcast by puhutv. The number of episodes is 12 episodes, approximately one hour each. The first episodes of the series were shown on March 30, 2018, and the series is shown every Friday on the channels of the producing country, Turkey. Showing the effort on PuhuTV channel is cancelled, and the episodes are released on the net sites on Saturday.

The series “The Court” talks about “Aga Beyoglu,” a suspended Adliya employee, who lives a secluded and lonely life in the most crowded parts of Istanbul. His daughter resides outside the republic and his wife died years ago. Agha’s regular life will be turned upside down with the diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s disease. As a result of his illness, he will forget all his memories sooner or later. Although he is shaken by this fact, he hints that his Nissan is a possibility.

The possibility of committing a felony measures for her for years, or if he always postpones it! In any case, in the future, he will not remember that felony he committed, and because he will not remember it, he will not suffer emotional pain. And next to that. Nevra, the only commissioned woman in the crime-fighting unit, is about to resign due to the pressure on her. However, an organizational order to commit the felony taken by “Agha”, will also change the life of “Nevara” in an excellent way.

Berk, the hero of the Kardeslerim series

The role of Berk is one of the most important roles given by Turkish actor Recep Usta. He appeared in a convincing performance as the rich boy who puts a group of poor brothers on his mind. He decides to harm them. Starring the Turkish artist Jalil Nalçkan, the artist Ahu Yağtu, the artist Kan Seif, the Turkish artist Cihan Şimşek, and other stars of Turkish art.

Kardeslerim is a series that revolves around four brothers, Kadir, Omar, Asya, and Amal, and how they struggle for the purpose of life, and they are happy despite their poverty and despite their empty pockets, but their hearts are filled with love.

The facts follow until their lives are turned upside down in the wake of their father leaving them alone, and the events intertwine to see the four brothers face the same inevitable fate.

Instagram Recep Usta and Facebook photos

Among the individuals who are not to be underestimated, they do not believe in gray and see life as either white or black. The Scorpio man seeks to know all the data about the individuals that surround him, and possesses quick wit and desires to be the one who holds the reins of things in the situations that confront him. Properties:

He has an independent personality, is ambitious and takes risks. Just as he has determination and determination and reaches what he desires because all the time he seeks to be in the perfect position for him. He is consistently counted in the lead because he is an individual with a tough intelligence. He keeps secrets, as he is a discreet individual, so whoever wants to reconcile with the heart of a Scorpio man and reveals his secrets to her, must clarify her loyalty to him first so that he feels safe and reassured and tells her everything that is in his heart.