Onur Bay religion, girlfriend and biography


Onur Bay, the star of The Last Summer series who lit up the series with his strong presence. Let’s get to know this star, whose star shone a lot, his date of birth, his age, his religion. Lots of information about his relationships and his lover, who he wishes to become his wife. His personal traits and his life story. A lot about his career as an actor, the first series he co-starred in, and the most important dramas.

Who is Onur Bay?

In the following lines, we will briefly learn about the most important information about Onur Bay:

Onur Bay was born on March 19, 1996.
Onur Bay age in 2021: 25 years.
Onur Bay’s religion Islam.
Place of birth: Istanbul.
Onur Bay is 180 cm long.
Onur Bay weighs 75 kg.
His artistic debut is in 2005.


Onur Bay

Onur Bay’s religion, his age and his life story

Onur Bay is one of the stars of the series The Last Summer. Despite his young age, his artistic start was since he was a child at the age of nine. When he played a role in the series “Quebec” in Arabic, the dog.

Our star was born in Istanbul in 1996. But his origins go back to the city of Ordu. The love of acting and art is not accidental, but it started since he was a child in school, where he participated in many school plays. Year by year, this child grew up loving acting and became his first and last goal.

After he finished his pre-university studies, he settled on entering university and studying acting, through Istanbul Kultur University, Department of Film and Television. Onur began his professional career as an actor after graduating.

Honor’s personality traits

Many followers and fans of the star Onur Bay are looking for a lot of information about his qualities and personality. Hoping to get closer to him. I will tell you more about this star.

Anwar is a man who may resort to isolation when he desires comfort and a feeling of exhaustion, and feels that he lacks a personal place and time to spend alone, as he seeks in the time of his isolation to expel destructive thoughts and clarity of thought in order to be able to make the right decisions in various arenas, and also resort to that procedure when he exceeds a period It is critical and important that it may be responsible for fateful decrees and important events for his entire life, and the Pisces man returns until now to that period he spends isolated with tremendous activity and a close soul and vitality open to life, clearly defining his goals, as he knows fully what he desires and begins immediately implementing his plan.

A sensitive man par excellence, and he may be upset by the simplest things, and he may be disturbed by matters that others see as normal and normal, such as: his parents scolding him, or giving a harsh speech from his manager in the effort, but the sensitivity of the whale makes him not look at topics that simple, and is affected by such Such situations, and what may bother him and affect him the most is his relationship with his partner, especially if he feels neglected from him or that he does not count himself in the same rank in his language and that his interest in him has become lower than the previous, and that he did not consider him a priority in his age, which makes him resort to fleeing from His reality and resort to isolation.

He tends to live in a world of their own, an unreal world that he builds in his imagination and puts the shape of the face and the characters and their qualities in it and determines in it all the things that he sees as ideal in his eyes, and he hopes if he can implement them in the real world, and this is a kind of reaction that he makes to situations and events Which disturbs him, so the above close to him may hint that he is many stray, and he may not be in full focus during their conversation.


Onur Bay was born on March 19, 1996

Who is Habiba Onur Bay

Onur Bay’s girlfriend, he is in a relationship with actress “Dilara Aksoyek”. Onur has strong feelings, and as soon as he hears about any human situation or any unfortunate impact, he is immediately affected and expresses his sympathy with all his feelings and would like to offer help, even in a situation where there is no close relationship or knowledge, he shows the same emotions, just as he has the ability to be aware of problems Others, even if they do not complain about him, and it can be said that he has a sixth sense for this issue, stemming from his sensitivity and intense emotions, and a few commentators and specialists imagine that the personality of Pisces is completely and compatible with artists who lack an exorbitant sense in their art.

Young Dilara Aksoyek is an aspiring Turkish actress who entered the acting field recently in 2015, as she has contributed to many actions in Turkish drama. She is important and alerted the spectators to her, and she has fans and viewers who support her and complete all her works, and Dilara plays her roles with creativity and skillful experience.


His start in acting

Our star started as an actor at the age of 9 through a Turkish series called “Al Kalb”. Then, in 2010, he starred in “Çakallarla Dans.” It is a drama about dancing with a coyote

Servet the accountant devises a plan to steal money from the client. He decided to engage his brother-in-law, Gokhan, to use his account to transfer money. When two other friends, Meatball Najmi and Del Piero, are added to the plan, things start to go wrong. They end up finding themselves on a crazy adventure dealing with real “Ultimate” criminals, when all they wanted was to make a quick buck.

The most important series of Onur Bay

One of the most important TV works in which the Turkish actor, Onur Bay, participated in the back alleys. Which continued to provide the role of “Tekken” for 15 consecutive years. Then he launched a new championship through the series “The Last Summer.

The activities of the Last Summer series revolve within the framework of action and drama, as the series will tell the story of Prosecutor Selim, whose path intersects in an unexpected way with Akgun ““ the arrogant young man who grew up in the world of mafia and crime. Who is on the verge of losing his family and his endangered marriage, and on the other hand the promise he makes to Lakgun who will defend his family, another summer ends in the Aegean Sea, but for Selim and Akgon and those around them there will be one last summer before the storm that changes all things.

Instagram photos Onur Bay Facebook

Onur is a young man who is a little interactive on social media. He has a lot more to offer on those sites in the next few years. Onur is known to be a man of extreme sensitivity and excess of feelings, and these qualities are directly related to the fact that he offers his assistance to everyone without hesitation, as a character like that is what many people search for in their friends. The Pisces man does not give effort or support from any category to his friends. On the way to help them, as soon as he hears that one of his friends has encountered a problem, you find him immediately begins to think of solutions to overcome that problem, so he is the first person that his companions think of when they need help with their full confidence that he will not return them disappointed, and they consider him the house of their secrets, on the other hand, he is waiting for Ensuring them to return the favor with loyalty to him and to be true friends to lean on in times of need.

Onur Bay age in 2021 25 years