kerem bursin girlfriend & who dating now

kerem bursin girlfriend serenay sarikaya

kerem bursin girlfriend & who dating now

kerem bursin His girlfriend left him and became attached to his colleague and kissed him for Hande Erçel, causing her to separate from her lover. What about their relationship?

Kerem Bursin is a Turkish actor, born on June 4, 1987, known for his role in the series “Beyond the Sun”. Attracting attention with his European beauty and obvious talent, he topped social networking sites with his return to the series “You’re Knocking on My Door”, alongside Turkish actress Hande Erçel.

Kerem Bursin did not live his childhood in Turkey, but moved with his family and lived in many countries, including the United States of America, Malaysia and the Emirates, specifically between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

After graduating from university, he began to study acting, and after he developed his talent, he represented on stage in the United States of America, and won the award for the best young actor in the secondary theater competition in America, before returning to Turkey and participating in his first acting experience, through a movie ” Thursday” in 2006.

the beginnings

Kerem Bursin starred in his first TV series in 2013, “Beyond the Sun” or “When You Wait for the Sun”, as Karam Sayar.
Through this character, he achieved great fame, as he appeared as the reckless rich high school student, the owner of relationships and pranks, who turned into a serious regular student due to his falling in love. The work was dubbed into the Arabic language and distributed to all Middle Eastern countries, and it gained high viewing rates.

Then kerem bursin participated in the series “The Case of Honor”, which did not get the desired popularity, and its episodes were quickly ended, and then participated in “Those who do not live”, a horror and thriller series, whose story is taken from the novel of the famous American series The Vampire Diaries.

In 2020, the return was strong through the series “You Knocking on My Door” alongside actress Hande Erçel, and the work was promoted commercially, and its first episodes achieved high viewing rates, and it is said that the heroine’s lover, i.e. Handa Gar, is one of the scenes she collected by Karam Bursin, especially the kiss scene. In the first episode, in addition to that, he is a handsome young man who is adored by girls in Turkey and abroad.

kerem bursin girlfriend serenay sarikaya

A great love affair brought together kerem bursin and his colleague, Turkish actress Serenay Sarikaya for 3 years, but they separated in April of 2019. The main reason for their decision to separate, is Serenay’s preoccupation with her new theatrical show at the time “Alice in Wonderland”, in addition to filming a number of Advertising campaigns, and Karam was busy with preparatory meetings with the administrators of the global netflix company, in addition to a number of advertisements.

According to other sources, it is said that Serenay Sarikaya is the one who made the decision to separate, because she feels that kerem bursin is jealous of her successes, especially since he went through a difficult period, after the decline of his performance in a number of series, one of which was suspended without completing it. For her part, Serenay continued her life and was associated with actor Jim Yilmaz, and at that time Karam indicated that this issue is not related to him, and it is enough for the duo to be happy in his life.

kerem bursin girlfriend
kerem bursin girlfriend

The truth about his relationship with Demet Ozdemir

Demet Ozdemir is one of the most famous Turkish actresses, and in April 2020, Turkish media revealed that she is living a secret love affair with Karam Bursin, but they did not comment on this news if it was true or a rumor, or perhaps a campaign to promote a work that will bring them together, He remained within the scope of unconfirmed news.

He was seriously injured
In August 2019, Kerem Bursin suffered a serious injury to his spine, as a result of falling off the yacht while he was vacationing in Bodrum, and he underwent a long treatment and recovered from the fracture.
But this matter was not only the talk of the media, but the media reported that a blonde young woman was accompanying him on his trip on the yacht at the time, and she was the one who helped him before he was transferred to the hospital.

Love affair with Hande Erçel

After the success of the series “You Knock on My Door”, there was a lot of news about the relationship of the two heroes of the work, kerem bursin and Hande Erçel, and at first the duo denied the news, but over time they became more visible together.
Some indicated that the topic may be with the aim of promoting the series, whose viewership decreased with time, but the chemistry between the two stars was very clear, and Turkish press sources reported that the two parties feel attracted to the other, and that an admiration relationship developed during filming, despite their refusal to admit So in the media.
On this issue, Karam Bursin commented: “We work 24 hours a day. I don’t know if a woman and a man do work immediately. They have a relationship and love. I don’t know if this is true, but we are very close.”

Hande Erçel
Hande Erçel

What does Hande Erçel have to do with it?

The former lover of the Turkish actor kerem bursin, Serenay Sarikaya, entered the line of the artist’s relationship with his colleague Hande Erçel, who announced a few days ago that he is in love with her.

And the press picked up the actress, Yasmine Ozlihan, and asked her about her relationship with Hande Erçel, and whether the latter’s relationship affected Karam’s ex-girlfriend, Serenay.

Yasmine ignored the answer to the question about whether she had met Handa through Karam as a result of her friendship with him, and about the fact that the relationship between her and her friend Serenay was strained because of that.

However, the information pointed out that Serenay was upset with her friend because of a meeting that took place between her and Handa, which Yasmine refused to talk about.

Meanwhile, kerem bursin’s camera lenses were caught in the past hours, and journalists asked him about his lack of reaction when news of Handa’s association with other people circulated.

Karam said that he remained silent because they are together and happy, and this matter is important. As for what is being circulated, it is not important, pointing out that the situation in the world is difficult, so it is not necessary to talk or discuss this matter and make a fuss about it.

Love affair with Hande Erçel
Love affair with Hande Erçel

It was reported that kerem bursin’s reaction was the resentment he felt when asked this question after he announced his relationship with Handa while they were vacationing in the Maldives.

In response to a question about his relationship with Handa, and specifically about the pictures in which they appeared while holding each other’s hands, Karam said: “Yes, pictures came out to us together hand in hand, and I never hid it… I don’t know when it started exactly, but we were close friends at the beginning and then things developed and arrived.” to the love between us.”

Karam and Handa had recently traveled to the Maldives for recreation there, and the photos taken by the duo provoked wide reactions among the followers, the last of which was while they were at sea, and the Turkish star commented on the photo: “In the middle of the ocean with a boat, and only the two of us… Excellent.” Handa also shared two pictures of her and Karam playing, and commented: “Our joy makes the water sprinklers explode… Excellent.”