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Kamal Dugulu, the Turkish actor, his religion. is he Muslim or Christian or holds another religion? his age, date of birth and astrological sign, he is the brother of the Turkish star Kadir Doğulu, husband of the Turkish star Neslihan Atagul, his lover, his artwork, the beginning of his artistic career, years of activity, complete information about him and about You can find his life through this article and some pictures that were taken of him recently.

Information about Kamal Dugulu

Date of Birth: October 14, 1979
Age in 2021: 42 years
Astrological sign: Libra
Birthplace: Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Wife: not married
Occupation: Singer, fashion designer and hairdresser
Career start: started in 2014
Years of activity: since 2014 until now.


Kamal Dugulu

Kamal Dugulu’s life story

Kamal Dugulu is the older brother of the young Turkish star Kadir Doğulu. Kamal Dugulu was born on the 14th of October in 1979, so he is 42 years old, and his astrological sign is Libra. Kamal studied at Horan University and is a famous singer, hairdresser and fashion designer. In Turkey, he also presents a program on one of Turkey’s famous satellite channels. He is a hairdresser for Turkey’s celebrities.

His father, Rasim Doğlu, died as a result of a heart attack. In 2014, Kemal opened his own beauty salon with the financial assistance of his brother Kadir, who was one of the most important stars of Turkey at the time, but Kemal was unable to maintain wealth and success and suffered a major crisis in his life. He lost many of his Money, Kamal sparked controversy in 2016 because of his attempt to commit suicide, as he was found in his apartment covered in blood and was hospitalized until he fully recovered.


Kamal Dugulu's life story

Kamal Dugulu and Kadir Doğulu

Kamal Dugulu, a famous Turkish fashion designer, hairdresser and singer, was born into a family consisting of five brothers, Kadir, Osman, Mehmet, Deniz and Asuman. The astronomer is Aries. He is an actor and model. His real name is Abdullah Kadir Doğulu. His sister Asuman works as his manager. He married the famous Turkish actress, Neslihan Atagul, the heroine of the series “Blind Love” in 2016.

Kadir Doğulu began his artistic career in 2010, through the role he played in the series titled “Small Asrar,” then starred in the series “Asrar Al Banat,” in which he embodied the character of Ali. It was shown in 2015, in which he embodied the character of Majid and co-starred with the star, Neslihan Atagul, and from here the love story arose between them, which ended in marriage the following year.

He also participated as a presenter of the “Miss Turkey” program, and was famous for embodying the character of Muhammad in the series “Harem Al Sultan” in 2015. Kadir Doğulu is one of the most important and prominent stars of Turkey, due to his distinguished roles in Turkish drama, in addition to his distinguished and beautiful face.

Kamal Dugulu and Neslihan Atagul

A lot of news spread through social media and various social networking sites about the existence of a love affair between Turkish star Neslihan Atagul and the famous Turkish fashion designer, hairdresser and singer Kamal Dugulu. That Kadir Doğulu, Kemal’s younger brother, decided to marry Neslihan Atagul in 2016, the same year that Kemal fell in his apartment, drowning in his blood, which sparked further controversy.

The story began when Kamal Dugulu appeared in a photo of him with the young star Neslihan Atagul showing intimate feelings between them and that was in 2014, the picture spread on social media after Kamal published it on his private page on a social networking site, during which he appeared while dancing with her in one of the Places, which prompted people to criticize Nasalihan, and one of the women wrote: “They taught you love and morals wrongly. I wish you recovery unfortunately, lady.” This in turn made people attribute the reason for Kamal’s suicide to his jealousy for his girlfriend, who will marry his younger brother Kadir.

In 2016, after Kamal Dugulu achieved many successes in his work in more than one field, all this success turned into a major crisis that caused him to be distracted and move between all those works with exhaustion, so he lost everything sequentially and was unable to maintain this success, and three did not pass Months until Kamal declared bankruptcy and owed about $150,000, which made him fall into a state of severe depression and was subjected to psychological treatment as a result. Possible many interpretations.

The press indicated in its speech that Kemal fell in love with Nasalihan Atagul, his brother’s lover and his future wife, and that when he learned of his brother Kadir’s marriage from her, he became angry and decided to commit suicide. This is the scenario that the press tried to weave. In his apartment drenched in his blood, the police attributed the reason to a suspicion of suicide, which the family tried to deny indirectly.

Where Kamal’s close friend, Nour Berlitash, came out, saying: “Kamal is a good boy, but he put his hand in the hand of some to sign him in this case, in the end I know the reason for all this and perhaps one day I will tell everything.” The accident is a suicide, not an act of violence.

Kadir Doğulu,

for his part, was quick to respond to the rumors that followed his brother and stated that his brother was sick and detained in the intensive care room. He also indicated that he was battling death and wrote in a tweet to him via his personal account on Twitter, as well as another picture that he posted on his personal account on the Instagram website and wrote a word One in which he said: “Pray for my brother.” He tried to ask everyone to pray for his brother Kamal to recover and be well.

He also commented: “My brother’s condition is still serious, the doctors did their best and are still trying, and we and all the family members are next to him. We pray for him to overcome these critical days, and in these blessed days, please pray and pray for my brother, so that my brother becomes well and makes it clear to you.” Everything that happened, and please do not take any statements from outside the family seriously.”

After Kamal recovered, Kamal attended the wedding of his brother, Kadir and Nasalihan, which was held on July 8, 2016. Kamal was present at the ceremony and was very happy and celebrated with his brother and wife and shared their joy so that all mouths spreading rumors would be silent. As for Kamal’s opinion In his brother’s wife, he says: “Nasalihan is a very humble person, and despite her stardom and her preoccupation with many artistic performances, she is very interested in her home. She brings us tea by herself, cleans the house and washes the dishes herself.”

Kamal Dugulu wife