Kaan Sevi religion girlfriend age series and biography


Kaan Sevi, one of the stars of the “Kardeslerim” series, who is famous for the role of “Mazlum”, a friend of the series’ hero, who always stands by his side in many problems. Let’s get to know together the rising star of Turkish drama. About his religion, his love and his girlfriend. his characteristics and personality. His first dramatic work and the most famous roles he performed.

Information about Kaan Sevi

Mazlum is the most famous character of this rising star. Let’s get acquainted with the most important 7 information about Kaan Sevi:

Kaan Sevi was born on April 25, 1994.
Kaan Sevi’s age in 2021″ is 28 years old.
Place of birth: Izmir.
Religion: Probably Muslim.
Kaan Sevi’s wife: Not married.
Kaan Sevi’s height: 180 cm.
Kaan Sevi weight: 80 kg.


Kaan Sevi religion

Kaan Sevi his religion, horoscope and life story

A young Turkish actor in the prime of his life was able, with his simplicity and valiant talent, to get you into his role as easily as possible. He played the role of Muhammad in the series The Consul’s Daughter. Just as caution was indicated by the first practices in which “Al Ostoura” and others participated.

He was a rising actor. He was born in Izmir in 1994. His presence in the world in 2021 did not exceed 27 years. Its length is not more, it is 178 cm. It has a small weight of 66 kg. His studies were in acting, as he graduated from Bilgi College, Department of Film and Television. In order to start his career with acting and art.

His love for acting came as a surprise to his family, he realized they know very well that our young star has a great talent from his childhood. When he imitates his favorite artists. Because he loves acting. As soon as he completed his high school period before university, he was confirmed to enter a college to study acting.


Kaan Sevi was born on April 25, 1994

personality traits

“Kaan Sevi” is an actor who perseveres and tries to meet and achieve superiority and who is scarce to find him wounded in despair or frustration, but few may witness him smooth in slow steps and imagine that he is a calm one except that as soon as he reveals his other face or anyone with agitated anger he will regret it On this, just as he is distinguished by his strength, determination and hard work, and is not afraid to show his nervousness to others, and accepts entering into challenges, regardless of their results, because he greatly trusts his capabilities and success when discussing with him, and is considered one of the very stubborn personalities, especially in relation to the implementation of judgments, but he is a patient and sincere man in his work, Just as he is one who loves nourishment, loves luxury and comfort, behaves tactfully and loves constancy.

Among the defects and shortcomings that characterize haste and not thinking about the consequences of issues, and he enters into many challenges with those around him, and he insists on his opinion and it cannot be changed. He is a strong stubborn individual and he cannot shrink in his decisions.

His start in acting

As for the beginning of “Sify” with acting, his first artistic experience was in 2017, in the role of Ali in the series “Ostoura”. Adı Efsane is the Kanal D series, which began ethereal transmission on January 28, 2017 and is produced by Devrim Yalçin, directed by Müge Turalı Pak and Elif Ayşe Durmaz. The final sports meeting concluded on August 29, 2017.

The main character of the series, Tarik Aksoy (Erdal Beşikcioglu), at the height of his career, had a serious accident and got injured and then started losing everything in his hands one by one. Finally, he loses custody of his children. Tariq, who would like to get his children back, must find a craft and then transfer to Yalıköy High School. Here, above him create a modern basketball sports squad and acquire the club he founded in competitions. However, that is the most difficult thing you can imagine.

One of the actions in which he participated most was the series “Nubat,” a military series. It revolves around the lives of a limited number of soldiers. In every country, every Turkish boy is born as a soldier. Some of them are soldiers and heroes. They work day and night with the aim of staying in that country and that nation. When the time comes, they will die for the purpose of that nation. We call them “the hero”. They answer us by shouting: “Long live Turkey.”


Kaan Sevi's wife Not married

Kaan Sevi girlfriend

Who is Kaan Sevi’s girlfriend? He has no romantic relationship yet. And he stated that he was thinking about his future career. He does not have time to engage in any connection that delays him from his destination in the present time. As a result of his preoccupation with current and future work. From the forms of men that love love! He is sensual, although he is good at hiding it. Lust and the sensual side of the connection are hugely important to him. A Taurus man hates playing games with a woman to get his pleasure, so if you try to play with his feelings, you will only get away from him.

He loves that gentle emotional man and you will find him trying after the woman he could consider his best friend. A Taurus man does not utter a word that expresses his emotions unless he means them and predicts on the other hand that he will reciprocate those feelings with him. He cares about the needs of his beloved, is polite and considers the feelings of others. In a few cases, jealousy becomes fierce if he feels threatened. He also likes to take enough time before entering into a romantic relationship.

Mazlum is the hero of the Kardeslerim series

One of the most famous roles in which Kaan Sevi participated in the series “Kardeslerim” as Mazlum. The story of the Kardeslerim series is complete. The Turkish Republic has always fascinated us by publishing, rumoring, and showing a large number of interesting and attractive plays to the audience, as the Turkish dramas varied between social drama, action drama, comedy drama and emotional drama, which were characterized by the diversity of its viewers and the goodness of its events, and therefore he worked to investigate Azaz ratio Vision and the rise of financial gain, especially when he completes highlighting the views and events of the series with what he wants and loves the viewer, as the Turkish actors scramble to present an excellent and unique series, and Turkish and Arab channels scramble to show the Turkish Kardeslerim series, and one of the most famous Turkish skits that include in the activities of many interesting facts The Kardeslerim series, so we will publish and explain to you in those lines the full story of the Kardeslerim series.


Religion Probably Muslim

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He possesses large amounts of strength and determination, but he is nervous and is not afraid to open his nervousness in the face of others. He enters into any challenge he faces, regardless of its size, because he is permanent and confident that he will win in any negotiations. He is a stubborn individual, especially as soon as the subject is connected to the application of judgments and to a general appearance.

He is patient and loyal to his knowledge and does not mind making an extra effort today in the effort and reap the rewards later. He appreciates stillness and luxury and loves to eat, and he is the category of men who may initiate the opening of the carriage door for you. His behavior is tactful, he delights in tenderness, tends to be persistent, and loves and makes constant predictions about his life, work, and personal relationships.