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Gökberk Demirci Amir,

the hero of the Oath series, is an actor known for television dramas. Get to know Gökberk Demirci, age, upbringing and marriage, what are the most important works of Gökberk Demirci, how was the artistic beginning, and a lot of exclusive and updated information and news about the actor Gokberk Demirci Wikipedia.

personal information

Gökbek Demirce was born on October 20, 1989
Place of Birth: Izmit
Gokberk Demirci’s religion is a Muslim
Academic qualification: Acting
Marital status Single

Gökberk Demirci Birth, upbringing and study

A handsome Turkish actor, impressed viewers with his beauty and strong presence, the artist was born in 1989 in Bazmit, his origins go back to Adana, but because of his father’s profession he lived between many cities, his height reached 1.81 cm and weighed 80 kg, his astrological sign is Libra, his eye color Blue, his hair is light brown, one of his hobbies is riding motorcycles, but he was a lover of it, nothing prevented him from it, until he had to give up his passion and love for that frightening hobby due to the death of his 18-year-old brother as a result of a motorcycle accident, one of his identities is to practice the sport of arts. Self defense for many years.

Gökberk Demirci Series Movies

He participated in many advertisements for Rexona and Letgo, the first work he participated in as an actor in the Ottoman Empire series, which revolves around the Ottoman Empire in 1711 AD, after the Ottoman Empire defeated the Russian Empire, the story begins with the arrangement of the Ottoman Sultan cannot oppose the Janissaries and some anti-Sultan gangs who are trying to organize that They dare to rebel, but some people realize the plot against the palace, but it’s all too late for some things, starring Hakan Akin, Erol Alpsoykan, Mehmet Aslan.

In 2016, he co-starred in the series Call It What You Want, with Musab Ekeshi, Gozdi Gurkan, Merv Sevin, his story revolves around an immoral and unfriendly man, there is one woman who has all the time, his sister Aisha, and then he moves to participate in the last seasons of the series Back Streets, Starring Zafer Ergin, Sevket Koruh, Ozgur Ozan, is a long-running television crime series on Kanal D, which began broadcasting in July 2006. In its 11 seasons in a row, the series became a success story with its TV ratings despite being criticized for its continuity errors, logic, near From the superhero abilities of the main characters, excessive lines of dialogue and excessive use of zoom in/out.

The role of Amir in the series “The Section”

The events of the series revolve around a young prince, Ibn Agha, an old and rich man, who does not care about life except himself and the violent car competitions that may take his life. About some of them, as they did not see each other before Amir (Hikmet)’s father brought her, Rehan is a humble, young and beautiful girl trained in the traditional style after her mother’s death. From Rihan to marry his reckless son and take care of his sick daughter.

Rehan was not in her imagination to marry someone she does not know, because this would be unfair to her and to a prince whom she had never seen. And pleasing him, and she will marry a prince, and her uncle will give her the ring of a prince’s grandmother, the problem was not only with her cousin, but also his father was not satisfied with that marriage, and a lady like Kafidan did not even allow her to kiss her hand, she despised her for being a simple girl, she was born and raised in a village Kafidan does not agree to this marriage and does her best to end their marriage after signing them. Amir does not love Rehan but only married her in fulfillment of his father’s wishes. After marriage, Amir wants a divorce by telling Rehan that this marriage was not in the interest of any of them, with time it falls in love with her.

Secrets and other information about

He loves to practice sports since he was a child until now, and he is very attached to it, he devotes a lot of his time to keep it up. Acting was not a new talent for him, he participated in children’s plays during his school studies, after entering the university like on stage, he also became a member In the Turkish State Theater, he trained a lot in using swords and riding horses with sports, from the games he loves to play basketball, boxing, Muay Thai, Muay Thai, and kick boxing. In 2009, he won third place in boxing,

He received training in swords and self-defense, learned choreography at İlker Can Karagül and Slovakian Belicka, in addition to his work on the documentary “Beyond Words,” he worked as a model for Italian photographer Eduardo Dellel for a while until he settled into his acting career.

Gokbek Demirci hobbies

One of his hobbies is riding motorbikes, except that he is in love with them. Nothing prevented him from doing so.
Until he had to give up his passion and adoration for this frightening hobby,
As a result of the death of his 18-year-old brother as a result of a motorcycle accident,
One of his hobbies is the practice of practicing martial arts for several years.

Born in Izmit, originally from Adana due to his father’s job, he lived in many cities.
Contributed to many advertisements for Rexona and Letgo. He is 1.81 cm tall and weighs 80 kg.
He first appeared in a series in Back Streets, and then in a movie, Love in My Life.
In Yildizlar Kayar and in Malazgirt 1071, a motorcyclist,
But he had to give up his passion when his 18-year-old brother died as a result of a motorcycle accident
He has been in the martial arts for many years.

He has been doing mixed sports for a long time. He has participated in children’s plays throughout his education. He is also a member of the Turkish Republic Theater, and he has the ability to use swords and ride a horse With sports, his professional presence began with Kroos,
He continued to perform sports exercises such as basketball, boxing, Muay Thai and Muay Thai.
Just as you practice swords, defense and choreography from İlker Can Karagül and Slovak Belicka,
In addition to that, the documentary film “Behind the Vocabulary” worked as a model for Italian photographer Eduardo Dellil for a period of time.

Gökberk Demirci
Gökberk Demirci