Ceyhun Mengiroğlu Religion, age , wife

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu Religion Is he a Muslim or a Christian? age, wife, series, how did he start his artistic career, how did he achieve fame, what are his artistic roles, and what is his relationship with the Turkish artist Hazal Filiz?

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu Religion age Wife

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu Nationality: Turkish Nationality
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu date of birth: December 5, 1989, AD
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu’s girlfriend: Dilara Aksoyek
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu: 31 years old
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu’s birthplace: Istanbul
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu Study Place: Istanbul University Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Education
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu’s profession: Actor
The beginning of Ceyhun Mengiroğlu’s artistic career: 2014 AD
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu weight: 75 kg
Ceyhun Mengiroğlu height: 180 cm.


Ceyhun Mengiroğlu Life Story and Biography

Jehun Menciroglu is a young Turkish actor, he studied in high school in Istanbul and graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality and worked with his father in managing his hotel, so that he and his father brought the best food to Turkey, his beginning was fashion shows, advertising and commercials, Until his popularity began to grow, he is a young man who cares about his physical fitness and attractiveness, exercises daily and acting. He even got training in acting. He also appeared on television for the first time in the hit series.
Jihoon is considered one of the influential actors in the art world because of his strong love for art since his childhood. Although he appeared in small roles at first, but they are pivotal roles and attract the attention of viewers to him and he has an audience who support him and follow all his works and Jihoon performs his roles with creativity and professionalism.

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu Personal Life Story

Art stars have a personal life that some people disclose and some keep, and the famous artists want the public to know their personal information and what their social status is. His success, behind the scenes of his work, and some personal questions that arouse the curiosity of his fans, and our star stated about his association with Dilara Aksoyk, and they have a great love story.


Ceyhun Mengiroğlu's girlfriend: Dilara Aksoyek

Full details of Ceyhun Mengiroğlu’s betrayal rumor

Eyes are always chasing celebrities, and every artist must be well aware of this and calculate all his steps accurately, because any mistake he will make will be reported by the media immediately. To a nightmare that haunts them everywhere and destroys their personal, professional and artistic lives.

Our star fell into a predicament after the spread of the rumor that the great artist Hazal Filler, known as Zainab, betrayed her husband by falling into a forbidden relationship with our star Jihon. Hazal denied these rumors about her, but she could not. The spread of the news on social networking sites, whether Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, which led to the attack of many of the audience on this duo, who fell into that inappropriate relationship with the customs and traditions of our society, as the matter became more complicated after the great disputes that occurred between Hazal and her husband and their arrival in the courts After Hazal’s husband filed a case against her, and this caused a bigger problem and put our star in a crisis, the audience attacked him from all directions, despite his statements of denial, to the extent that Hazal closed the comments on her fans on Instagram because of the amount of attack on her and Jihoon, so many artists and celebrities prefer to keep their personal lives and They warn against their behavior and actions because the cameras are chasing them everywhere and broadcast anything that concerns them, whether positive or negative, even if it is common.

Ceyhun Mengiroğlu’s Movies

Our star Jihon participated in presenting many cinematic works that achieved great success and helped him reach fame within the Turkish art world, such as his participation in the movie “Prisoner”, which was shown on the twenty-sixth of September 2014, classified as a work of horror and work written by Ersan Ozer and Directed by Albert Meschi, starring Marwa Atash, Pinar Çağlar, Twigün Atash and Eden Shakir. The series tells about a girl who loves her married cousin, who loves his wife and rejects her, so she resorts to magic in order to get close to him, and the terrifying work events continue, and our star did not appear in the title role, but his role is important And support for the heroes of the work.

He also appeared in the movie “Poisons”, which was shown in 2008 and was classified as a horror work as well. The work was written, produced and directed by Hassan Karajadag and starring Burak Haki and Aisha Anji. The work tells of a couple who decided to move to a new house and from here the frightening events begin inside this house.

Series Ceyhun Mengiroğlu

Our star Jihon participated in many dramas, and he had better luck in those posts and achieved fame and stardom. Under the name Love and Tears and the work starring Arkan Petkaya, Nurgul Yesilchay and Ebor Ozkan, the series revolves around the exchange of two children after they are born at the same time and in the same hospital to change their fate.

He also participated in presenting the series “The Black Destiny”, which was shown in 2017, and starring Haluk Bilgins, Burak Cilic, Zeinab Kamsi and Emra Kenai.

In addition to his participation in the series “Al Ostoura”, which was shown on the twenty-eighth of January 2017, and was classified as gender and work directed by Selim Erkol and starring Gokcha Bahader, Erdal Pesikshilo and Rojda Demir. The series tells about a retired basketball player who worked at a school and Kon Among his students is a basketball team, and his daughters are in the custody of their aunt after the death of their mother, and he wants to get them back. The events of the series continue to confront this man with all the difficulties and crises in order to reach his goal and achieve his goals.

Our star Jihoon succeeded in presenting these roles with the beginning of his attractive appearance in every artwork that makes the audience follow the work until the end with the increase in views on these powerful and influential works.

The works of Turkish actor Ceyhun Mengiroğlu

Cinematic works: Prisoner movie, Poison movie.
Dramatic works: Hattam series, Al Qadr Al Aswad series, Al Ostoura series.