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Burak Yamanturk,

his religion, his nationality, his date of birth, his wife, his place of birth, his artistic beginnings, his works, his age, his academic qualifications, he played the role of Elmas in the Tatar Ramazan series, his role in the Sevgili Geçmis series, his life story, all of which we will show you in A complete and detailed report on it.

Information about Burak Yamanturk

Burak’s birthplace: Kocaeli – Turkey.
Burak Nationality: Turkish.
Burak’s religion: Muslim.
Burak’s date of birth: December 23, 1983.
age of Burak: 37 years old.
Burak’s artistic start: His artistic career began in 2010.
Burak’s academic qualification: Graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Technology Management
Burak’s length: 176 cm.
Burak’s eyes color: brown.
Burak’s hair color: black.
Marital Status of Burak: In love with Özge Özpirinççi.
Burak astrological sign: Capricorn.
Instagram account: Yamantürk.
Facebook account: Yamantürk.
Burak Yamanturk Twitter: Yamantürk.

Actor Burak Yamanturk’s life story

The famous Turkish actor Burak Yamanturk was born in December on the twenty-third day in 1983 and grew up in Kocaeli, Turkey. He has masculine features, an attractive face, and a tall stature that drew attention to him. After Burak finished high school, he joined Mimar Sinan University, the College of Modern Dance, and studied underwater techniques and received high diving training. The actor has a hobby in cooking. Later he opened a place to sell baklava.

Burak has stated that soon he will announce the opening of his own restaurant, and that he will cook the most delicious dishes that consist of healthy ingredients, all in addition to acting, and despite the actor’s study, Burak also studied acting before entering that field. And he received many trainings until he mastered it, and his first actual experience in the field of art and acting was his role in the series Jihan Hanim and this work was in 2010, and after that work he obtained a large number of wonderful works in which he was co-starring, and among the best of those works and roles Given by him is his role in the series Tatar Ramazan.

Actor Burak Yamanturk and his girlfriend, artist Ozge

Despite the character of actor Burak, who is calm, elaborate and not in a hurry in making decisions, he fell in love with the artist Ozge ozpirincci, and they have had a strong, beautiful and calm love relationship since 2014. Actress Ozge, since they co-starred in the Tatar Ramazan series, their love story has been circulated on many social media sites, as they love each other very much, and they support and encourage each other, and they are present on most occasions with each other, and many watched them with each other in Some restaurants eat breakfast together and enjoy a lot while playing tennis for hours. The actor Burak and his girlfriend went on a trip to Africa and took a safari trip. Their visit to Africa lasted for ten days. Together they celebrated Burak’s birthday and took many wonderful pictures. And they published it on their social networking sites, and their love lasted for four years, and this love is still steadfast until now.

The role of actor Burak in the series Tatar Ramazan

Actor Burak Yamanturk participated in that wonderful work, which was watched in 2013. Tatar Ramazan is one of the most wonderful Turkish series that tells the story of a person called Ramadan Tatar who works as a blacksmith in a village, but he does not like corruption and injustice and defends the truth as he was known. His bravery and daring, and one day one of the unjust people was killed in the village and Ramadan Tatar was imprisoned and they transferred him from prison to prison until he reached the most unjust and oppressive prisons. After several years, Ramadan al-Tatari was released from prison and decided to leave his city with some of his friends, and this story was inspired by the novel of the writer Karim Kurjan, which was published in 1969.

The role of actor Burak in the series Sevgili Geçmis

Actor Burak Yamanturk participated in this attractive and wonderful work that they are filming so far, and they have started working with it since 2019 and it was shown in the winter of 2021, the series revolves around three sisters who were separated from each other at a young age, and after they grew up, he reached all A girl among them is a mysterious message that tells them about each other, and that each of them has sisters, the girls insisted that they know who sent that message and that they communicate with each other, and during their search they encounter many problems in their social and practical lives, but they do not care about everything that happens to them, and it is considered one of the The best works in which the actor Burak Yamanturk participates.

Actresses of the star Burak Yamanturk

He did many wonderful works and roles that led to his fame in a short period, including the following:

He participated in a wonderful role in the series Jihan Hanim, one of the drama series that was in 2010, and it was his first experience in the field of art and acting.
He participated in a series called Insects, and this work was in 2013.
also presented a wonderful role in that television series called Farewell, and this work was in 2012.
He presented a role in the television series called Life on the Road, and this work was in 2014.
He participated in the series Banning Life, and that work was in 2014.
also participated in the series Get the latter, which was in 2014.
He participated in the TV series called Bitter Love, and this work was in 2015.
He participated in the series Lifestyle.

Then he performed a wonderful role in the series Tatar Ramazan, and it was one of the strongest and most successful works that he presented, and this work was in 2013.
He participated in the series The Storm Within Me, and this work was in 2017.
Among the works that he is filming and working on is the series Sevgili Geçmis, and this work has started since 2019 and is still filming in it, which will be among the series that will be shown next winter 2021.