Bertan Asllani and his girlfriend

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Bertan Asllani is the singer who decided to change his direction to enter the field of acting in Turkish dramas. One of the stars of the Beit Al-Talib series, and he will be in the future with a large number of dramas. Let’s get to know the age and religion of Bertan Asllani. Who is his girlfriend, and is she really one of the stars of Turkish drama? More information about the Turkish actor Bertan Asllani in the following article in detail.

Information about Bertan Asllani

Bertan Asllani is one of the stars of Turkish art. Let’s get to know the most important 7 information about this Turkish star:

Bertan Asllani was born on July 3, 1990.
His birthplace is in Macedonia.
Bertan Asllani’s religion is a Muslim.
Bertan Asllani is 173 cm tall.
Bertan Asllani weighs 65 cm.
girlfriend actress Hazal Shinel.
Bertan Asllani’s astrological sign is Cancer.

His age is his childhood religion

Bertan Asllani was born in Macedonia in Skopje, his religion is Islam. His family is from Skopje, from a well-known family there, as his father is a watchmaker and a merchant known in the Turkish Bazaar there. Bertan was a child dreamer and musician. He loves music from an early age. His interests since he realized it were music and sports.

When he turned thirteen, he recorded his first song in his studio. Since then, he has begun to pay more attention to writing and composing, and he released his first album in 2003, when he was only 13 years old.

The public recognized him only after the album he composed. He also released some video clips in Macedonia, which helped a lot in his fame. He became more famous when he moved to Turkey and settled there and began working and publishing his works in the Turkish language, which was very successful at the time. He decided to switch from music to acting and worked with a well-known agency to test and train actors.

Bertan Asllani’s Tower and Characteristics

Our star is born under the sign of Cancer, and he has many qualities that are close to those born in this strong, affectionate sign. Among them, we mention sincerity and loyalty in romantic and social relationships, one of the most important features of his strong intuition, which supports the awareness of the surrounding individuals, analysis of their behavior, and anticipation of issues that may occur. A very emotional one, he has the ability to please his wife.

He feels responsible towards the individuals around him, whether they are family or friends, so it seems to them that he protects and cares for them during time. A systematic one does not like the critical situation, and therefore what is reflected in his form, so we find a man with a virulent disease sign elegant and tidy attractive.
Significantly volatile mood, as this feature represents one of his negatives, which affects the course of his existence in this world.

A pessimist and doesn’t look at things with motivation and skill, those features are sustainable, which makes him sad for a long time. Overly sensitive, known for how attached he is to things and how they grow, just as the simplest things can make him sad.

The inability to forgive, embodies these tired features for that man, as he is an individual who does not forget the abuse that he has been subjected to by some people. He does not have enough confidence in the people around him, which makes him suspicious of his romantic relationship, and it may fail in a limited number of times. An imaginary, an imaginary can constitute a limited number of a thing, because he likes to spend a large number of time alone, away from people.

Bertan Asllani and his girlfriend

As for Bertan Asllani’s personal relationship, he is in a relationship with the artist, Hazal Shinel, and they got engaged in 2021, and a number of photos of that engagement were published on Social Media.

He loves a woman of immense and expressive emotions, as he constantly lacks his wife to share his feelings and love. He loves a woman who has interests close in resemblance to his interests and also initiates his interest, just as he contemplates his relationship with the one he loves.

A woman lacks the patience to win his heart, as he can hide his feelings for a long time, just as it requires a woman to be calm and kind. He loves a woman to be honest, so a man with a malignant disease loves to clarify honesty and friendship to an enormous amount, just as he loves a woman who bears his jealousy above her, and his sincerity to her.

He loves a woman who is good at cooking and who demonstrates the love and passion for cooking, and that is why food should be flavored and varied. His heart can be triumphed over other signs by wooing his friends and new about him by being positive with them, and he must avoid brutality in arguing with him and explaining love and affection to win his love.

His start in acting

Bertan Asllani started working as an actor recently, not for a long time, as he played his first roles in the Turkish TV drama in 2021 through the series “The Student House”, and it was his first starring.

Student House series revolves around four college students from different parts of the country living together and as they go through the hurdles of love and life, they turn into best friends who support each other through thick and thin.

The Student House series will appear on the Exxen platform in 2021. The Student House series will be one of EXXEN’s biggest curiosities and biggest budget. Which will include a lot of digital representations in the new season. Student House Series. Which will feature young and talented actors such as Bertan Asllani, Baran Bulukbashi, Zulal Sud Guler and Samet Kan Koyoko. It will be a youth series and will tell the life of 4 young people who are continuing their education at the university.

According to the allegations, news has surfaced that Student House will be airing on Exxen, which is set to be delisted on January 1. The data has not yet been written off. He is expected to finish issuing it in a short period of time. Details will be included in our news when released.

Instagram Bertan Asllani and Facebook

Bertan Asllani is one of the rising stars of the acting scene. Although his artistic debut was much earlier. He is a composer and has been interested in music for many years.

Our star tends to be weird and it is not easy to understand it. You will need a lot of effort to get close to him and win his love and trust. He is distinguished by his friendly personality and appears confident in himself, but in a limited number of periods he tends to be turbulent and nervous. He has great emotions and feelings, but that does not mean that he is mentally disturbed, but that is his nature.

When he feels threatened, he resorts for a moment to confine himself within his specialized cave so that his heart is not exposed to harm or wound. Another characteristic of a man of malignant disease is that he is noble and possesses a polite demeanor. He respects the family and influences it on others and always feels safe when he is in his designated home.

his works

His first television series was in the Dirty Seven series, after which he participated in several works, including:

immigration time

student house

He also composed the music for Nobody Knows

Bertan Asllani
Bertan Asllani
Information about Bertan Asllani
Information about Bertan Asllani
Bertan Asllani and his girlfriend
Bertan Asllani and his girlfriend