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Get to know Oguz, the hero of the series Heartbeat, and a flood of blind love, complete information about height, weight, age, his girlfriend, his private life, his religion, his nationality, the astrological sign, his works, upcoming projects and biography, special details about his life, his talent, his favorite sport and his qualification School life, secrets of his life, and his social networking sites.

Ali Burak Ceylan personal card

Ali Burak Ceylan was born on May 26, 1991, AD.
Age in 2018: 27 years old.
Birthplace: Born in Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 184 cm.
Weight: 75 kg.
Hair colour: brown.
Eye colour: blue.
What is the religion of Ali Burak Ceylan: Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is Gemini.
Academic/scientific qualification: He studied at Kocaeli University – then studied acting at Osman Yamuridereli Academy of Arts.
Ali Burak Ceylan’s Wife or Girlfriend: In a relationship with the beautiful Turkish actress Mervi Çegıran.
When did his artistic career begin: His artistic career began in 2014.
What is his favorite sport: His favorite sport is kickboxing, wrestling and equestrian.
What are his hobbies and favorite things: Among his hobbies are riding motorcycles, raising animals such as dogs.


Ali Burak Ceylan religion

Ali Burak Ceylan’s works Movies, TV Shows, Plays

Ertugrul resurrection – blind love – heartbeat.
Secrets, his life story and biography

Ali Burak Ceylan Childhood Story, Childhood & Education Story

Ali Barak was born in Istanbul in May 1991. He has soft colored hair and beautiful blue eyes. His childhood was very athletic. He loves to play sports, but is obsessed with it. He was also obsessed with horses and equestrianism. He was also interested in rehabilitation and helping people with special physical and mental conditions. He studied Acting at Osman Yamur Yedireli Academy of Arts, and after graduating, he started working in acting.


Ali Burak Ceylan's works Movies, TV Shows, Plays

Ali Burak Ceylan made his acting debut

Acting began in 2014 AD through a role in the Artegrel Resurrection series, which is a historical drama with many adventures. It has become one of the most famous and popular series, which has so far consisted of five seasons, and the number of its episodes reached 122, and during the five seasons, the viewership rate did not decrease or Its popularity, rather, is increasing with time, this work starring (Engin Altan – Hulya Darkan – Genghis Koskan – Nureddin Sonmez – Isra Bilecik – Osman Sergud – Jalal Al – Kavit Cetin Guner, whose events revolve around Ertugrul, the Turkish warrior from the thirteenth century, is one of the founders of the Ottoman Empire, and a very ambitious man, he fights the Crusaders in order to protect his town.

A flood in the series Blind Love

One of the most famous series in Turkey and the Arab world, a romantic drama series, revolving around the love story of Kamal and Nihan, a young man from a simple family, and Nihan from a rich family, who fell in love with each other, but her family rejected that relationship, especially because of Amir’s crazy love for her, As for Toufan, he is Amir’s first man, who helps him in the dark works. He can separate Kemal and Nihan for five years. Kemal returns from working abroad as a strong, successful, influential man. He fights Amir to get his girlfriend, as he tries to get rid of the work of Amir al-Aswad, heroes This work (Burak Ozcivit – Neslihan Atagul – Jan Orkancigul – Orhan Günz – Ness Beykent – Zino Irakar – Hazal Velez – Burak Sergen – Zerrin Tekindor – Ugur Arslan – Gizem Karasa – Ace Yasar).

The role of Oguz in the series Heartbeat

He co-starred in the romantic drama series Heartbeat in 2017-2018, in which he played the second starring role, co-starring Jokhan Alkan, Oyko Karayal, Borshu Turan, Pasar Dogosoy, Salahuddin Basali and Burak Gilan. He has a story and a story, and the most important of these stories is the story of September and Ali Asaf, who was the opinion of the audience that they were the most loved couple on the screen at that time.

Ali Burak Ceylan personal secrets and his relationships

Since he was in his fourteenth year and he is a very good wrestler, and he practices many violent sports, he started playing wrestling and then equestrian, he has been riding horses for many years, he has one brother and one sister older than him, he considers sports, reading and getting to know different personalities are the three most important Things he has, which he considers his three rules in life, he wishes to open a center for the elderly and orphans in the future, and he also dreams of having a large horse farm and considers this his biggest dream.