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Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) “Adam Bay”, a star among the stars of Turkish art. Especially after the actor Alperin Doumaz participated in the series “The Last Summer”. When he introduced the character “Cihan Sangktar”. Let’s get to know the actor Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) together, what is his religion and age. The story of his life and childhood. What about his personal traits? His beginnings in acting and a lot about this star.

7 Information about Yılmaz Adam Bayraktar

Let’s get to know together the 7 most important information about Turkish actor Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar):

Yilmaz Bayraktar was born on December 23, 1984.
Birthplace: Germany.
His religion: Muslim.
Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) is 174 cm tall.
Adam Bay  weighed 70 kg
Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) astrological sign is Capricorn
Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) started acting in 2012


Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar)

his life story

Yilmaz Bayraktar, born in Germany, Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) was born on December 23, 1984 in the Federal Republic of Germany. He is the son of an immigrant family. His full name is Yilmaz Adam Bayraktar. Yilmaz got involved in making his first money by creating a dance group at the age of 15. He started using his acting talent without realizing this in his dance novels.

So far that, despite his father’s objections, he passed a tiring exam with his mother’s permission, and won the Kiel Conservatory. Only 12 were selected, and they graduated in four years. Yilmaz participated in a lot of businesses in the Federal Republic of Germany after completing his secondary education and acting. After he came to Turkey, he showed for the first time the Turkish screen through the series Tatar Ramadan.

His personal characteristics

Among the characteristics of Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) is a mind that works during the eternity, if he puts something in his mind. He insisted above and tried to reach him. We can consider him exaggerated in his achievements and of course a workaholic. Therefore, it is possible for him to spend a long time searching for the best method and how to help him reach his dream.

Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) is ambitious, practical and generally a cheerful person. He always searches for the front of things and wants to get to the highest point of the mountainous region, or in a newer sense he hopes to come to the apex as soon as it becomes related to success. Inclined to cable safe methods. Slightly yet he appears conservative in the face of strangers or individuals unfamiliar with his regard. One of its advantages is also that it has the professionalism of performing massive achievements in an instant.

Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) and his girlfriend

About Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar)’s best friend, he is not known much about his personal relationships. One of his shortcomings is intolerance in many situations. In the opening, he can give multiple opportunities, but if he feels that his feelings are underestimated, in that circumstance he cannot forgive in any way.

Usually he searches for a woman who feels independent, and who is constantly able to find her purpose and face life, and conduct life without problems and help him in the conference of that life, notwithstanding that he does not like to be helped by anyone in general, but rather expects the woman to be skilled and appreciate life with him And face that life.

He likes his woman to be quiet, for the Capricorn man in most periods hates the loud voice, especially from women. or outside the house.

His start as an actor

Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) started his acting career in 2012, and is one of the most hardworking characters. He may do whatever it takes to meet and accomplish his goals, just as he is practical and knows how to manage his financial transactions wisely. He invests his money in thoughtful and realistic business, and is not given any step unless he stands on his feet by studying it well. He also cares about protecting his future, so he calculates his decisions well. As for the effort, he is one of the hard-to-read characters.


Adam Bay  weighed 70 kg

Yilmaz Bayraktar series

The star Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) participated in many dramas, including the beginning of the Ramadan Tatar series in 2013. The series “Tatar Ramadan” was produced by TMC in 2013 from the script code of Bar Jalyan and Jan Sinan, directed by Cevdet Morjan and starring Turkish actors Bulent Inal and Osman. Soykot and Turkan Yilmaz. The novel of the series is inspired by the story of the Turkish writer Karim Kurcan, which was shown in 1969. The facts are taking place so far, the second international battle.

The “Ramadan Tatar” or “Ramadan Tatar”, who works as a blacksmith in his city, lives but struggles for the goal of justice and is characterized by courage, strength and fear of God in the wake of the killing of the mayor of the village (Ovacik) who was arrested from the mayor’s office by the guards and Ramadan moved from Imprisonment to a newer prison, so the Minister of the Guard ordered with Director (Hamid) to receive him in prison, for his imprisonment is the most unjust prison, and as long as Commander Azzouz (Yamiut Karadagh) is the head of one of the dormitories and a friend of the director, I preferred a position between Ramadan and Azzouz. Abbas (Buraq Yamanturk) and uncle Hassan (Osman Soyqut).

And he thought of revenge for the murder of his father by the owner of the trade, Akram Ozturk (Turkay Kanturk), and his mother died of prostitution and heartbreak, and his girlfriend, married to Akram Ozturk, was forcibly murdered, rich (Turkan Yilmaz) by the leader Azzouz, his assistant, Taqheeh and his men Hamdi and Reza, and Ramadan had a son (Karim) from Soraya. So the uncle was killed by his son, and they believed that the uncle had died from the stab of Commander Azzouz, so Ramadan’s hatred for the reluctance of the leader increased, and the leader was not satisfied with that except that he killed Soraya Habiba Ramadan and the mother of his son. To apply justice, Commander Azzouz was released from prison, two years passed, and Ramadan was also released from prison, and Ramadan decided to go away from his town and the painful memories, so he went to Istanbul accompanied by Aisha (Turk Tran), Abbas and the rest of his friends Khaldun, Asim, Arif, Rajab and the honest investigator who does not like corruption, Omar.


Yilmaz Bayraktar astrological sign is Capricorn

Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) Instagram and Facebook

Turkish actor Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) is not always a social media fan. We recall that actor Adam Bay (Yilmaz Bayraktar) co-starred in the series “The Last Summer”. The idealist deputy (Selim Kara) intersects with (Akgun), a reckless young man who has grown up in the world of crime unexpectedly. Selim Kara is forced to bring the dangerous and troubled Akgun to his family. On the one hand, his marriage and his family, which he is about to lose, and on the other hand, the incident of Akgun, who promised to defend his existence in this world. A newer summer ends in the Aegean Sea, but in regard to Selim and Akgun, it is the last summer ahead of the storm that will overturn all things!