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Who is Erkan Meriç

Birthdate: July 26, 1986

Birthplace: Adana – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Astrological sign: Cancer
Height: 169 cm
Profession: – Actor – Turkish model
Academic qualification: a graduate of Mersin University
The beginning of his artistic career: 2011 – until now

Actor Erkan Meriç, his studies and his career

Turkish actor Erkan Meriç, born in 1986, was born in Adana, Turkey. He received his primary and secondary education from schools in the Mersin region. At the university level, Erkan Meriç joined Mersin University, Department of Electronic Automation. After graduating from the university, his family and a number of close relatives advised him and Direction to join a modeling agency in Turkey. Indeed, actor Erkan Meriç joined a modeling agency in 2008, attracting great attention to him for his good looks, grace and physical fitness.

In 2009, he was nominated in the competition for the best model and model for Turkey and was chosen as the best model from Turkey in the competition for the best model from Turkey for the first time and then was nominated after that in the competition for the best fashion in the world, which was held in Bulgaria, and Erkan Meriç won the title And he became the third model in the history of Turkey to receive this title after Emir Zalioglu and Kivanc Tatlitug.

Sweetheart and wife of actor Erkan Meriç

The personal life of the actor Erkan Meriç was married to the well-known Turkish actor Hazal Subashi, but in 2020, the two announced the end of their relationship
And the artist, Hazal Subashi, wrote on her page: “I loved him and he loved me, we laughed and grieved together, and we also struggled together and collected many memories, sharing life with us. And full of happiness.” The news of the separation came as a shock to all of their fans.

Actor Erkan Meriç and his career with acting

Erkan Meriç is one of the young stars in Turkey. He entered the artistic and acting field through his work in the field of fashion shows. He caught the eye for his distinctive and striking appearance. The Turkish actor, Erkan Meriç, started his acting career in 2011 and appeared for the first time in artwork through a strong Turkish series, The Valley of the Wolves series, which achieved great public success for all its heroes, and despite its appearance for the first time in artistic works, that the audience and viewers loved it for its distinction and sincerity in the performance of the character.

In the same year, 2011, Erkan Meriç presented another dramatic work, which is the series What is Fatmagul’s fault? In 2012, he appeared as a guest of honor in the series Strange Stories, and in 2014 he participated in the White Carnation series, and although his artistic beginnings since 2011, he is considered low in presenting his artwork, as he has participated so far in about 7 dramatic works and about 3 films, and from He is also known to be very meticulous in choosing his works and avoids repeating the roles and characters he presents.

Artworks in which Erkan Meriç participated

In 2011, he participated in the series “Valley of the Wolves” – and the series “What’s wrong with Fatmagul?”
In 2012, he participated in the series Strange Stories

2014, he participated in the White Carnation series
2015 participated in the series Price
In 2016, he participated in the series “Samma Ma Ma Sha’at”
2021 participated in the warrior series
In 2022, he participated in the series The Innocent and the Beautiful
2022 Gülümse Kaderine (TV Series) 2021 Savasci (TV Series) 2016 Adini sen koy (TV Series) 2016 Hayat çizgisi: Suriye (TV Movie) 2016 Ikimize Bir Dünya 2014 Beyaz Karanfil (TV Series) 2012 Acayip hikayeler (TV Series)

the Turkish series Yazgi

the movies

2014 movie Zainab’s story
2015 movie One World for Two
2016 film Life Line Syria

Actor Erkan Meriç, the hero of the series The Innocent and the Beautiful

The Innocent and the Beautiful series, Masum ve Güzel, is produced by Avşar Film and produced and directed by Turkish actor Özcan Deniz KK. The series The Innocent and the Beautiful is a new Turkish drama series that belongs to the quality of Turkish social and romantic works, and its events revolve around two friends who are very close to each other. And they lived their lives together since childhood in an orphanage, and when they became adults, they came out of the orphanage and depended on their lives by themselves and shared everything together.

The series The Innocent and the Beautiful was starred by a number of stars in Turkey, including Yalcin Hafez Oglu – Erkan Meriç – Moj Su Shahin – Sodi Zolal Guler – Bahar Shahin – Asli Suman – Dogan Bayraktar and others.

Actor Erkan Meriç in “Call It What You Want” series

“Call It What You Want” series directed by Fulya Yavuzoğlu, ahir Aktaş, Gül Güzelkaya, written by Basak Summer Rom, starring Erkan Meriç, Hazal Subashi, Genk Torun, Deniz Durmaz, Shagan Alp Onder and Gokberk Demirci, and consists of 4 seasons.

And the story of the series revolves around two young men whose personalities differ from each other just like night and day and like white and black through the story of a rich man named Omar and he has a sister who is seriously ill, told by her treating doctor that she will not live more than 3 months and his sister loves him very much and hopes that You see him happy and get married.

Erkan Meriç
Erkan Meriç
the Turkish series Yazgi
the Turkish series Yazgi
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