Bora Akkas his wife and his lover

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Bora Akkas,

one of the stars of Turkish drama. Who recently starred in a number of works in TV dramas and Turkish cinema as well. Let’s get acquainted with this star, Bora Akkas, in detail, his life story and his upbringing. His religion, his family, his age, is he married. Who is his wife and lover. Also, a lot about his beginnings in acting and what was the first series in which he co-starred, Bora Akkas. In addition to the detailed search for all the works he has participated in so far, in the next report.

Personal Information about Bora Akkas

Bora Akkas was born on October 12, 1990 AD
Bora Akkas’ age in 2021: 31 years.
His religion: Muslim
Nationality: Turkish
His wife: He married Seda Turkman from 2017 to 2019.
Started: 2009 to date.
His height is 178 cm. Its weight is 71 kg.

his life story

Bora Akkas has a simple and wonderful childhood story. He was born in Istanbul, the city in 1990. A childhood dream was known, which is how to be famous. He prefers green and pink, and is characterized by justice, generosity, and kindness, in addition to having a cooperative and social personality, as he tends to contribute and does not favor introversion.

He adapts to others very quickly, just as he does not like cruelty, and he has the gift of imitating others, next to these good qualities, this sign is characterized by a number of destructive points, such as: (hatred, anxiety, reluctance to follow the decree, does not like the conference of others, does not like Loud voice).

Characteristics of Bora Akkas

One of his good qualities is that he is extremely peaceful and cannot be physically violent by anyone, and because the person with that sign is a person who loves justice, he investigates in the various headquarters he goes to about equality and achieving fairness, all of this is close to that he is characterized by intelligence and characterized by overwhelming passion that makes him lovable And romantic.

He is distinguished by a good and warm heart and a high degree of tenderness, besides that the personality of this sign is characterized by poise and stability of temperament, and a high degree of stillness, so it is very difficult to provoke him or irritate his nerves. Just as he is intelligent and experienced the skill of acquiring friends, he can quickly get to know new characters, understand them and deal with them as they are. In addition, he is good at listening to other people’s points of view and accepts various ideas, regardless of whether they do not fit his opinion, and he is distinguished by tact in conversation, as he does not make a mistake in saying.

One of the most important qualities that a Libra man possesses is that he deals with a lot of kindness and love with other personalities, which helps him to gain friends for a long time of eternity, in addition to his innovative personality and has the ability to solve all the problems that confront him.

personality traits

Bora Akkas have a very special personality. A person who is loved by his friends and family. Bora is characterized by violent ambivalence and fickle temperament, which is due to his aerobic nature. He is also characterized by a cheerful personality and constantly seeks happiness and love. The Libra man has a balanced personality, although he hesitates to implement the decree, but he settles at the conclusion. Often, he resorts to a compromise solution that satisfies all parties. And he enjoys the kindness that makes him on constant alert to direct instructions to others. It is not his nature roughness and dryness. You find that he tends to laugh and play, he has suddenly stopped doing that and has become inclined to calm and stillness.

It is objective, social and can spread optimism to others. He defends the truth, and always seeks fairness in his existence in the world. He does not like hard and stinging meeting, but prefers silence and peace. Supports people to reconcile and resolve differences while among them. He makes his decision only after studying it well. Perhaps what distinguishes him most is generosity and providing assistance to others without any peer. He is also balanced at his age, passionate, and enjoys discussing rational and modern ideas; Where he excels in arguing, and takes into account all the pillars and issues of the matter. He tends to have good taste, especially in choosing clothes, colors and romance, and he hates crowding and loud sounds.

He is a man who cannot live without the love that makes him feel complete. Emotionally, he is sincere in his emotions and feelings and does not know lying, and as soon as he says that he will do something that he seeks as much as possible to achieve, he is committed to his promises, and constantly strives for the success of the romantic relationship, and seeks stability in his relationship.

Bora Akkas, his wife and his lover

Is Bora Akkas married? Yes, the Turkish actor, Bora Akkas, was married to Seda Turka for two years, from 2017 to 2019, but the divorce occurred and they separated without children. But now he is in love with a girl named oben alkan.

Bora Akkas
Bora Akkas
Instagram Bora Akkas
Instagram Bora Akkas
Bora Akkas his wife and his lover
Bora Akkas his wife and his lover