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Personal Information about Turkish Actor Kubilay Aka

Date of birth: May 5, 1995 AD.
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Astrological sign: Taurus.
Turkish actor Kubilay’s age in 2020: 25 years.
Occupation: Actor.
Religion Muslim.
Years of activity: since 2016 until now.

Actor Kubilay Aka’s life story

Kubilay Aka is a Turkish actor, born in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 5, 1995 AD. He loved acting since he was young, but his studies took priority. He studied and graduated from the University of Aslek, through which he studied in the field of airport management, and he always had a passion for acting and therefore decided To study and master it first before embarking on it, and he always says that his father and mother are the most important people in his life and they are the first source of support and support for him, and after studying acting, he started looking for an opportunity to work as an actor without neglecting what he studied in the field of airports, and accordingly he worked in One of the airports until he had the opportunity he was waiting for, a test in an acting job, and he actually passed it successfully, and from here was the beginning of his appearance on the screen by being chosen to play a starring role in the series “Vatanim Sensin” in 2016, and here was the beginning of the talented actor Kubilay.

Kubilay Aka and his girlfriend

Mireille Danyer, who co-starred with Kubilai in the series “Vatanim Sensin,” a romantic relationship arose between them during the filming of the series, and their love story extended for nearly two and a half years, but they separated due to Mireille’s discovery of Kubilay’s betrayal, through pictures in which he appeared with Hilal Altin Black, the heroine of the series “Once upon a time in Cukurova,” Mireille also received from an unknown person on social media some intimate photos and messages between Kubilay and Hilal, so Mirai decided to separate from him despite Kubilay’s attempts to deny this news. He even wrote a letter of separation to Mirai bearing beautiful meanings in which he said: “We took A joint decision to break up, from here on our friendship with my love will last forever, for two and a half years I was serious about our relationship to the end, I only looked at those beautiful eyes, so the reason could not be betrayal, bye-bye everything to me, you will always remain unique, I will always be by your side and support you.”

In conclusion, the actor Kubilay has achieved great success within a few years due to his wonderful talent, which attracted many art makers in Turkey.


Kubilay Aka started his acting career

We mentioned before that Kubilay Aka began his artistic career in 2016 when he was chosen from among many to play a starring role in the series “Vatanim Sensin”, known in the Arabic version as “Vatanim Sensin”, in which he presented the embodiment of the character “Ali Kamal”, a historical romantic drama series , participated in the championship by a group of selected stars in Turkey, a role that led to his great fame and popularity. After that, the artist Kubilay’s work in films and series continued. He presented a group of short films and also presented a very successful starring role in the series “Çukur” and he is still striving and striving To deliver the coolest and best yet.

Actor Kubilay Aka’s actingwork

Actor Kubilay presented us with a group of works through which his artistic talent emerged in a short period, during which he won a number of awards, and these artworks are:

The series narrates a series of interesting events that tells about an officer from the Ottoman army who is captured by the Greek army and tries through this to deceive the Greeks by showing them his loyalty, and this is done in secret in cooperation with Mustafa Ataturk of the Ottoman army, but since the trick is hidden and no one knows about it, the officer bears Good looks and hatred from his wife, children and mother, even his closest friends, Tawfiq, tries to woo his wife and tries to betray him, and from here the events enter the suspense until the end of the war and the return of the warrior men to their homeland, but after they lost what cannot be restored, the series achieved remarkable success and won several awards Kubilay and Mireille Daner won the award for best duo in the series.

Çukur – Celasun

2- One of the most important roles of Kubilay is also his role in the series “Çukur” through his embodiment of the character Celasun, and this series is another shift in Kubilay’s artistic life, which began to be shown a short time ago on the screen, was filmed in 2017 until its last episodes ended in 2019, which is Action and crime series and its events revolve around an area called Çukur, within which a conflict arises between right and wrong, as it is an area protected by a large family from the danger of entering any criminal or drug dealer, but with the passage of the episodes, one of the residents begins intrusively trying to trade drugs within the area and from here the conflict and events intensify The series is raging, with a group of the most famous Turkish actors participating in the series, namely Dylan Cicek, young Aras Bulut Eminli, Brihan Savas, Erkan Kolchak and the great artist Erkan Kisal. Through this series, Kubilay became attracting attention and major producers. He was then offered to play a role Mehmet Al-Fateh about the Ottoman Renaissance, but he refused the offer because he was busy filming the series “Çukur” for the second and third seasons.

Kubilay Aka started his acting career
Kubilay Aka started his acting career
Actor Kubilay Aka's life story
Actor Kubilay Aka’s life story