Enis Arıkan, religion, wife, age, serial works


Enis Arıkan (Muzo), the hero of the series “Camdaki
Kiz”, who managed to win the hearts of viewers with his great acting ability.
Enis Arıkan did not hesitate for a moment to cast the role of a man with a
physical disability. He did not choose the handsome rich boy. Rather, Enis
Arıkan chose a difficult role, portraying a handsome man with a physical
disability. From here, the Arab viewer began searching for this great star.
Who is Anis Arikan? What is the religion of Enis Arıkan and who is his wife
and lover? Is Enis Arıkan, better known as Muzo, married? What is his artistic
beginning? His age and date of birth.

7 facts about Enes Arikan

Arıkan is a Turkish drama star. He is a Turkish actor, comedian and TV
presenter. Here are the most important 7 information about Anis Arikan:

Arikan was born on January 3, 1983.
Enis Arıkan’s age in 2021: 38
Anis Arikan’s religion: Muslim.
Birthplace of Enis Arikan:
He made his acting debut in 1998.
Enis Arıkan Astrological
Sign: Capricorn.
Education: Bilgi University Mujdat Jizen Art Center.


Enis Arıkan

Arıkan’s religion and life story

Arikan was born in Istanbul, took
acting lessons at Mugdat Gezen Art Center and later graduated with a degree in
Performing Arts and Theater from Bilgi University in Istanbul. His religion is

He first appeared in 1998 with a role in the TV series
Einali Taher. He continued his television career by appearing in numerous
episodes of television series, including Core Family, If Woman Wishes, Genco,
Love and Punishment, Brave Nurse and Tree of Life.

He sang in plays
Hamlet, Lucky Mercury, Celebration, Golden Dragon, Scissors, “Ten 11 12”,
Garage, Alice Musical, Bear. He was awarded the Sadri Alı;ık Award for Best
Actor in a Theater for his Motion Picture “Garaj”.

He won the award
for Best Supporting Comedy Actor in Antalya TV for the comedy series “Yerden
Yuksek”. He played the role of autistic Kutlu in the drama series “Uçurum”. He
played with Izji Mola many times. His breakthrough came with the role of Tony
in the comedy series Jet Sosyete by Gülse Birsel.

In 2019, he
co-hosted Benimle Söyle, the Turkish version of All Together Now. In 2021, he
got involved in presenting his talk show Enis Arıkan.

About Enis
Arıkan and his secrets

Enis Arıkan is one of the most important
actors who provide dramatic and comedic roles in Turkish dramas. Despite his
great fame in Turkey, he became famous after us. He played the role of
“Muzaffar” in the girl at the window. A solid wall of loneliness and solitude
rises in relation to that person, who is clearly of his own making.

for implicitly, the man in Capricorn is a romantic person who tries to gain
admiration in any way and how it was, had it not been for the fact that
Saturn, who controls his destiny, chains him with chains of seriousness,
realism, calmness, self-taming, and other reasons that affect him with
repression, from which he seeks liberation from sometimes with heavy jokes and
other times by a sudden revolution.

If we turn him upside down, we
will find him from the inside a gentle person who dreams of adventure,
excitement, praise, and simpler affairs in abundance that do not exceed the
sun, flowers, music and other things. Far-sighted characters know that he has
a warm heart that hides behind his sassy nature. And despite the fact that he
constantly pretends not to pay attention to others or his lack of attention,
he is eager to hear a word of praise or receive good testimony from among

Enis Arıkan wife”s and his lover

Is Actor Enis Arıkan
Married? The question that haunts fans and followers of the artist, Enis
Arikan. But Enis Arıkan, who usually partners with Ezgi Mola and her mother,
does not know if he has a lover because he lives his private life out of

There are a few things that his wife should take into
account at her age with him: the first of which is her relationship with his
family, who have the greatest place in his house and his heart. This
relationship requires that it be based – on its part – on the reference of
veneration, attention and care, and not attacking them with an offensive word
from near or far. 

The second issue is that he should not be seriously abused
because he is the type of men who refuse to give the presumption a possibility
for itself and therefore refuse to go back on their decisions even if they
include the dissolution of the marital relationship.

Enis Arıkan wife"s and his lover

The beginning
of Enis Arıkan’s career as an actor

Enis Arıkan started his acting
career in 1998 through the series “Aynalı Tahir”. As for the most famous films
in which he participated, “Kocan Kadar Konu;”

List of his works

Ne Olur
2021 Camdaki Kiz (TV Series)
2018-2020 Jet Sosyete (TV Series)
Alice Muzikali
2019 Asli Gibidir
Pavyon Sahibi Yildiray
2018 Kaç Kaçabilirsen
2018 Görevimiz Tatil
Psychologist Cem Nanay
2016 3G geldim gördüm güldüm show (TV Series) Familya (TV Series) /IV Dream – Kocan Kadar Konus: Dirilis
2015 Eglendirme dairesi (TV Series) – Kocan Kadar Konus
2014 Hayat Agaci (TV Series)
Uçurum (TV Series) (2012)
2011 Cast-i Olan mi Var! (Short
2010 Yerden Yüksek (TV Series) – Ask ve ceza (TV Series)
2007 Genco (TV Series)
2005 Kadin isterse (TV Series)
2003 Gurbet kadini (TV Series) (2003)
2001 Hirsiz (TV Series) 1999 Zilyoner (TV Series)

Muzo in Camdaki

One of the most important roles that Enis Arıkan presented was
the role of Muzaffar in the series The Girl at the Window. That sad, serious
person is like an owl in his childhood, gradually changing and with the help
of a man who overflows with youth and vitality in eternity, which clarifies
other old and old men, a subject that creates a little anxiety, which was not
hidden from him at the beginning of his life as a man.

Nalan, a
beautiful young woman who wins everyone’s love at first sight. The only
daughter of her family, who lived her life in luxury and graduated from the
best schools. While working as an architect in Karaoglu, one of the most
famous hotel chains in Turkey, she ends up marrying Karaoglu Harem. No matter
that Nalan and the ladies started that bond with hope, thinking that they
would stay away from the dark secrets they had hidden in the past, sooner than
later their lives would plunge into true darkness!


Muzo in Camdaki Kiz

The events of
the novel are due to a beautiful novel based on an opinion about a married
couple named: Nalan and women, as for females, he is the son of a very wealthy
business owner, and with regard to Naylan, she was working in his father’s

Although her father-in-law and mother-in-law support her marriage
to their son and support her significantly and do not interfere in their
lives, but her husband does not love her and does not have any feelings of
love, affection or tenderness, all he thinks about is wearing luxurious
clothes and being seen in full elegance and wandering around the headquarters
with his friends And to continue on the journey of owning the most luxurious
carts and gambling in secret without the knowledge of his family.

do not respond to anything that Nalan does to get close to him, and in one of
their special moments, Nalan became pregnant with him, but she lost her fetus,
which was the cause of her deep depression as a result, to stay away from her
work until she left him, and after a while we will lose her father as well,
which is growing up Her sadness and depression.

Instagram Enis
Arıkan Facebook

Actor Enis Arıkan has a lot of followers. The
number of followers on Instagram has reached 2 million followers and more. Enis
Arıkan gives life to the character of Muzo in the TV series The Girl in the
Glass. The series, which was broadcast on Channel D on Thursday evening,
received full marks from the audience. The events of the series are written
from a true story. He is a graduate of the Performing Arts Department of
Arikan Bilgi University, who will play the character of Moza.