Hakan Kurtas religion, age, lover height



Hakan Kurtas, his religion, his age, his lover, his height, information about him and photos

Hakan Kurtas, the Turkish actor, his religion and whether he is Muslim or Christian or holds another religion, who is his lover, what his series are, the most prominent characters that he presented, his films, the beginning of his artistic career, years of activity, all the information about him and his personal life and his complete biography you can find in this Report with some exclusive photos.


Hakan Kurtas, his religion, his age, his lover, his height

Information about Hakan Kurtas

Born: September 7, 1988.
Age in 2021: 33 years.
Astrological sign: Virgo.
Height: 190 cm
Hair colour: black.
Eye colour: black.
Birthplace: Izmir, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion Muslim.
Wife: Not married.
Qualification: Graduated from the theater department of the Music Institute of Mimar Sinan University.
Favorite sport: Basketball.
Hobbies: music, cartooning and writing jokes.
Occupation: Actor.
The beginning of the artistic career: started in 2011.
Years of activity: since 2011 until now.

Who is Hakan Kurtas؟

Hakan Kurtas is a young Turkish actor, born on September 7, 1988, so he is 33 years old and his astrological sign is Virgo. He was born in the Turkish city of Izmir and holds the Islamic religion. His father is a pediatrician, and his mother is a pediatrician. She works in the field of economics, and although she held a prestigious position, she left her job and devote herself to raising her son Hakan when he was three years old, but she returned and joined the university again and studied at the Faculty of Education and graduated from the Department of Art and Painting.

As for Hakan and his two younger sisters, they attended Anatolia High School, which is located in Bursa. Hakan became a professional basketball player and played in several famous clubs in Turkey during his high school years. He also worked in the field of caricature in several Turkish magazines and newspapers, where his talent appeared in This field, and his love for acting began to appear since he was a student at school. Therefore, after completing his secondary studies, he joined the Turkish Conservatoire of Arts at Mimar Sinan University and graduated from the Acting and Theater Department, and then began his life as an actor in 2011. One of his most famous works is the series “I loved a child.” .


Who is Hakan Kurtas

Hakan Kurtas and his girlfriend

More news spread about the lover of the young Turkish artist, Hakan Kurtas, and many of his fans and followers asked about her identity, who is his lover, and whether she is from the artistic community or not, but all that is in the matter is that his lover is the artist Hazal Kaya, because she presented in front of him the starring of the series “Eshk”, which It was shown in 2013, and her role in the series was the role of his lover, and therefore many thought that there was a relationship between them, because they appeared together in more than one picture and appeared in romantic scenes, but that was through the scenes of the work and nothing more.

Hazal Kaya

It is worth noting that Hazal Kaya is a Turkish actress who participated in many successful drama series, the most important of which is the series “Forbidden Love”, which co-starred with star Kivanc Tatlitug and star Beren Sat. The young star Hakan Kurtas, the duo appeared together in a photography session that included a group of romantic photos, a session dedicated to the two heroes of the series. The series deals with the love story between Hazal Kaya, who embodies in the series the character of Azra, the star Hakan Kurtas, who embodies the character of Karam who loves Azra.

The series starring Nabihat Jerry, known as Firoz Khanum, who embodies the character of Neslihan, the artist Kaan Organcioglu, who embodies the character of Jean, Asli Tandogan, Arkan Jan and others, and the episodes talk about a young and beautiful girl who works as a tennis coach in a famous sports club and takes charge of She takes care of her mother and her little sister, and she has a love affair with young Karam, a poor young man who works as a swimming coach at a sports academy, but they are unable to formally link due to their difficult financial conditions. Besides, Azra dreams of a life of luxury and does not wish to live in poverty, and the events of the series continue until A rich girl who trains with Azra comes and admires Karam a lot when he sees him for the first time, and when Azra discovers that this girl has cancer, she tries to marry Karam with her, and the events follow in a teaser framework. The series was produced in 2013 and achieved great success.

The acting debut of Hakan Kurtas

The young Turkish star Hakan Kurtas began his artistic career when he first appeared in the series “Ezel”, which was shown in 2011, a series that talks about crime and revolves around the young man, Ezel, who betrays his friends and girlfriend and co-starred with Gansu Deri, Kenan Imirzaloglu, and then became famous Hakan was very successful when he participated in the series “I loved a child”, which was a great success. He then turned to the cinema and presented a distinguished role in a movie called “The Body”, which was shown in 2012 and revolves around Leila and her friend Yilmaz and they have been recording porn films for many years. Which reaches 25 years in Germany, then they decide to return to Turkey, specifically in Istanbul, then Yilmaz leaves Layla for another woman, and the events follow.

After that, the beautiful Turkish star Hazal Kaya participated in the series “Love”, which was shown in 2013, and then appeared as a guest of honor in the series entitled “Mothers and Mothers”, which was shown in 2015, after which he presented the role of Rustam in the series “The Eighth Day”. In 2018, his artwork continued, the last of which was the series “Carpisma”, which was shown in 2018.


The acting debut of Hakan Kurtas

Series Hakan Kurtas

The series “Ezel” in 2011.
The series “I loved a girl” in 2012.
  series “Osmanli Derin Devlet” in 2013
The series “Love” in 2013.
The series “Mothers and Mothers” in 2015.
  series “Filinta 2” in 2016
The series “Full moon” in 2017.
The series “The Eighth Day” in 2018.
  series “Collision” in 2018.

Hakan Kurtas movies

The movie “The Body” in 2012.
movie “Good Game” in 2018.