wiki-informations Turkish-actress Ceyda Düvenci religion, longevity, information about her and photos

Ceyda Düvenci religion, longevity, information about her and photos

The Turkish actress Ceyda Düvenci, her religion, height, age, personal information about her life, the works she presented, and more in a comprehensive report about her to describe the life of the famous actress Ceyda Düvenci, who is very famous in Turkey for the distinguished works she presented.

Personal Information about Actress Ceyda Düvenci

Date of Birth: 4-16-1977
Age: 43 years old
Height: 1.68 meters.
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Turkish
First husband: Kaan Jarjeen.
Second husband: Engin Akgun.
Children: Melissa Nur Akjun.
Father: Ismael Dauphinji.
Mother: And passed by Dauphinji.


Actress Ceyda Düvenci Biography

Ceyda Düvenci, the famous Turkish actress, is the only daughter of her father, Ismael Duvenci, who was born in Thessaloniki, Turkey, and her mother, Zemrut Düvenci, who was born in Qarqlareli Province. At Marmara University, she was among the distinguished students who are always looking for science and studying everything new. Actress Ceyda Düvenci turned to her education at the Faculty of Economics for a long time, until she finished her studies at the university before the beginning of her artistic career.

Actress Ceyda Düvenci married

Actress Ceyda Düvenci got married in 2000 to (Can Jergen), and since the beginning of this marriage she stopped working for a long period of up to two years, but soon her marriage to Kan Jergen ended, it was a sad marriage that actress Ceyda Düvenci was not happy with, she was a quiet actress always looking for Love and stability, so she did not succeed in her first marriage.

In August 2008, actress Ceyda Düvenci married the famous businessman Engin Kajon, and this marriage lasted for more than a year until Jaida gave birth to her daughter, Melcia Nour, but this marriage did not last until now, as her marriage was terminated in 2013 and this news spread among the audience following her.


The beginning of the career of actress Ceyda Düvenci

Turkish actress Ceyda Düvenci started acting in 1995, when she presented a famous TV show, which is the Turkish series (Brown in Love) and co-starred with Candemir Kondom, after which she was elected to run in the Miss Turkey contest, which is organized annually by Star TV in 1997, and this competition was It is the beginning of the actress Ceyda Düvenci, who opened all the doors for her to fame, she was very happy because of the victory, and after her announcement as Miss Turkey, this resulted in her wide fame and her appearance in a variety of television works, and the programs she presented to Turkish television, she presented the first program She has a program (Good Morning), which is the first program she works with as a broadcaster, and this program has been shown for a long time, and has received high views from the Turkish public, and she has a large audience waiting for her next work.

Actress Ceyda Düvenci Hobbies

Actress Ceyda Düvenci was characterized by interest in a variety of hobbies in which she used to spend most of her time. She does not like to waste time on useless work. She was always looking for her favorite things to do in her spare time. She always likes to work in acting workshops, and always goes to the theater She attends plays and practical workshops for training on different roles.

She loves reading a lot, so she is keen to read the roles that she plays in all her films with care and accuracy in order to cast these roles in a distinctive way to the audience, in addition to a set of different books that she always reads to keep her free time.

There are other hobbies that the actress Ceyda Düvenci is characterized by, such as taking pictures. She always goes to places that contain landscapes and takes a group of distinctive pictures and prints them in a dark room. She was also keen to capture some influential moments in her life from different occasions and situations, and this It makes her very happy. She has always been interested in watching modern films at film festivals until the number of films she has watched reached 45 films, and she was keen on this and set a goal for him to reach him to learn better about TV works and films in order to develop herself and her personality.

Leading roles in the life of Ceyda Düvenci

Actress Ceyda Düvenci started her artistic career since she graduated from the Faculty of Economics, but she was presenting some television works in regular roles, as well as presenting programs and working as a broadcaster, but she did not win the starring role, and after she performed a group of secondary works, she played the main role and presented the starring role. In the famous Turkish series (The Tyrant), the artist Mahsun Kermizgul participated with her in this wonderful work, and it became a famous TV show that is shown on Turkish channels, and this series became very famous because of its wonderful story.

Acting in the life of Ceyda Düvenci

Actress Ceyda Düvenci is one of the wonderful actresses. She has always sought to develop in her performance and character. She has presented a number of TV series more than wonderfully, and she differed in roles between difficult and medium, which shows her acting prowess.

In addition to her great success in presenting plays, she has performed some comedic roles in the theater, such as the play (Close Relationships of Three People) and the play (Sur Manchit), which she presented in 2008 and written by the creative Sinan Tuzgo, and because of these theatrical works, actress Ceyda Düvenci was nominated for a prize. Awarded for Best Actress in a Comedy Role at this time.

TV Actress Ceyda Düvenci

Actress Ceyda Düvenci presented many famous Turkish series that became famous on various channels, and in the Arab world, these series are:
2015 TV series Confused Women.
Shan Yufa series 2010.
Longing series 2006.
Maki series 2005.
People’s Hogan series in 2004.
The TV series pardoned her again in 2004.
The series despot in 2003.
And the series So Love in 2002.
Series Beware of the Child in 2000.
The father series 1998.

And other TV works for which actress Ceyda Düvenci is famous

Theatrical work of actress Ceyda Düvenci
The play Sur Manchette in 2008.
And the play Aisha operetta in 2006.
A play Close To Three People in 2001 and continued until 2003.

Ceyda Düvenci TV shows

Actress Ceyda Düvenci presented a number of famous TV shows that were presented on Turkish TV, these programs are:
Beautiful Girls Program 1996.
The Good Morning Program in 1997.
An hour’s enjoyment program in the year 2000.
Another night, 2001.
Physician Program 2013.

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