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Cem Belevi Information about him, his age, his story with sexual harassment, his reaction, his artistic beginnings, his talented family, his marriage to Zahra Yilmaz, the story of his famous series, Kacin Kurasi, his religion, his series and his works, a full report on him.

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Biography of the Turkish artist Cem Belevi, photos and information about him
Biography, photos and information about Cem Belevi and his life story
Cem Belevi was sexually harassed and his love affairs
Cem Belevi’s beginnings and his love for music and singing
Actor Cem Belevi’s relationship with Zahra Yilmaz
The story of his famous series Karin Kurasi
The most important works of Turkish actor Cem Belevi artistic and lyrical.

Cem Belevi age

Biography of the Turkish artist Cem Belevi, photos and information about him

Actor Jim Belfi Nationality: Turkish.
Actor Jim Belfi was born on June 4, 1987.
Cem Belevi’s age in 2020 AD: 33 years old.
Jim Belfi was born in Izmir, Turkey.
Cem Belevi Qualification: Graduated from Brunel University in Business Administration.
Cem Belevi’s artistic start: 2013 AD.
astrological sign: Gemini.
Jim Belfi’s career: Artist – Singer – Actor.
Cem Belevi Song Type: Pop Songs.
Cem Belevi Marital Status: Married.
Jim Belfi’s marriage date: 2017.
Jim Belfi’s wife: Zahra Yilmaz.
Cem Belevi’s skin colour: White.
hair color: Black.
Jim Belfi eye color: black.


the Turkish artist Cem Belevi

Biography, photos and information about Cem Belevi and his life story

Turkish and international actor Cem Belevi was born on June 4, 1987, AD. He is a pop singer and succeeded in being a famous and successful actor. Cem was born in Izmir, Turkey, born in the sign of Gemini. He studied business administration at Brunel University. He was born and raised in an artistic family. His father She works in the field of painting. His father is a pianist. Jim loved singing since he was young. He was distinguished by the beauty of his sweet voice, which ears like to hear. From his early childhood, he stood on the stage. He sang as a child in the school theater. He released his first album in 2013 under the title Good Morning My Love, but the song was the most successful Which was very popular without the rest of the album’s songs, is the song with the same title of the album, which is Good Morning My Love, but this success is due to the clip of the song and helped in his fame and success in 2014 during a famous duet with the artist Aisha, which became very popular and was nominated as the best Turkish song. The year as that song was the reason for gaining a large fan base on social networking sites exceeded 550,000 followers on Instagram only, but Cem Belevi was not satisfied with this only, but entered the world of acting in 2015.

Cem Belevi was sexually harassed and his love affairs

So far, the actor and actor Cem Belevi has not entered into any official relationship, but he only entered into one romantic relationship. He also announced that he was sexually harassed by girls and fans for several times, so a number of girls in a row made an offer to him that contradicted morals and contradicted it, but he always rejected it as it was offered Sexual harassment in another form when women send him their nude pictures or pictures during a relationship and indecent pictures, but he deleted them immediately and did not give her any attention as he mentioned a case of harassment that actually happened to him by touching by a girl while photographing with him.


Cem Belevi’s beginnings and his love for music and singing

Of course, the actor Cem Belevi grew up in an artistic family, his father is an artist in the field of painting and his father is a famous pianist. Of course, the son was a lover of art and gifted by nature. Indeed, Jim’s talent appeared at the age of seven, when he learned to play the piano, and after reaching the age of thirteen he succeeded in playing the The guitar was a successful artist when he grew up. After entering school, he started singing. Jim sang his first songs on the school stage. After obtaining a university degree in business administration, he went to training in jazz, singing and voice at the School of Modern and Contemporary Music in London, and then became one of the most famous artists. Turkey and the most successful singers in the whole world. He managed to accumulate a fortune ranging from 1 million to 5 million dollars as a profit on his songs or acting roles. He does not like to disclose information about his personal life.


Cem Belevi's beginnings

Actor Cem Belevi’s relationship with Zahra Yilmaz

The famous actor and singer Cem Belevi went on a trip to Italy with his girlfriend and girlfriend, Zahra Yilmaz, for a walk. Jim has been in love with Zahra for a while, and the two lovers shared a number of photos with her followers on their social media pages. They shared photos together that document their visit to some of Famous tourist places in Rome and a number of historical places and other places from Venice and Florence, and the pictures were in a romantic framework, which impressed her followers and attracted the attention of lovers, and as Zahra Yilmaz stated about her relationship with Cem Belevi during her post carrying a sentence of congratulations on his birthday, praying to God to always be close to her and what The marriage or relationship between them has not yet existed for three years. During these days, they are in the city of Nisantasi. The duo appeared, wearing a mask and gloves, and with all the preventive means for shopping. The duo disclosed their commitment to their home for a very long time and that they closed their house and did not receive anyone in it, and this It’s the first time they go out to buy necessities and they buy what they need and then get into their car back home again.

The story of his famous series Kacin Kurasi

One of the most famous works of actor Cem Belevi is the Kacin Kurasi series, during which he became famous. The events of the series revolve within the framework of the usual romance of Turkish series, in addition to the dramatic aspect. The events begin at the beginning of the love story between a young man and a beautiful girl at their young age, but as usual, it is difficult to finish the beautiful love story Through the unimpeded marriage, they meet during the events a set of obstacles that the two lovers suffer from and many problems. The actor Cem Belevi participates in the series, along with a number of drama stars in Turkey, such as Umit Kantarcilar and Salin Şekerci, in addition to Gan Taşnar in the series, which is considered one of the best and most successful dramas and romances in Turkey. Presented in 2016.

The most important works of Turkish actor Cem Belevi artistic and lyrical

2021 Benden Ne Olur (completed) 2019 Kalk gidelim (TV Series) 2018 Cennet’in Gözyaslari (TV Series) 2016 Kacin Kurasi (TV Series) 2015-2016 Inadina Ask (TV Series) 2014 Ayshe feat. Cem Belevi: Kim Ne Derse Desin (Video short).

Cem Belevi