Acting in the life of Can Nergis

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The Turkish actor Can Nergis,

his full name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, religion, series, personal life, artistic life, lover, all this and more in a full report about him. The mention of the actor’s name Can Nergis has been associated with drama and suspense due to his roles Exquisite elegance and perfection.

Personal Information about Actor Can Nergis

Date of Birth: 5/27/1985
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 35 years
Religion: Unknown Religion
Nationality: Turkish actor
Occupation: TV Actor, Model
The beginning of the artistic career: 2011
Years of activity: The years of his activity reach 6 years so far
The personal life of the artist Can Nergis.

The Turkish actor, Can Nergis, was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1985. He finished his university studies in 2003, then traveled to London and spent a period there with his uncle “Naslihan Al-Qadi” and then traveled to China and Thailand to spend 8 years, and during his stay in Thailand he decided to He opens a restaurant in his name, but he soon returns to his native Turkey in 2011. From here, the artistic journey of the young artist Can Nergis begins. The actor Can Nergis is distinguished by learning a distinguished number of languages, the most important of which are Turkish, Thai, Chinese, English, as well as Russian. As for his social status, it was said He is linked to the beautiful actress “Bossa Farol”, Miss Turkey.

Acting in the life of Can Nergis

The year 2011 is considered the beginning of the artistic career of the artist Can Nergis, where he participated in the series “Herseye Ragmen”, which tells about Muhammad Demir, who is sentenced to exile by Judge Mumtaz Bey, after the unjust execution of his father, and after several years, Muhammad Demir returns to his city and has decided to prove his father’s innocence and execute him Unjustly, and during his journey, he gets to know the beautiful Layla, who later discovers that she is the daughter of Judge Mumtaz Bey, and the series continues in this context, Anne, and Lachin Ceylan, Sezgin Erturk, Tuçca Kumral, and the series also participated in this series. Written by “Visa Dogru” and directed by “Kevdet Merkan”.

In 2012, the actor Can Nergis participated in the series “Dila Hanim”, which tells about the beautiful young woman, Della Hanem, who killed her husband just before their wedding, to turn from a gentle and educated person to a widow seeking revenge for her husband’s murder, until she falls in love with her husband’s killer and becomes confused and scattered between Her love for him and her desire to take revenge on him, and the artist “Khadija Chandel” as Della Hanim, and the actor “Arkan Petkaya” as Reza Beck, and the series written by “Hareer or Bigelow” and directed by “Oner Tan” also participated in this work.

Can Nergis series

The 2015 series Maral: En güzel Hikayem, in which he participated in one of the sub-roles, and the series tells about the young woman “Maral: En güzel Hikayem”, an ambitious young woman who grew up in a middle family working in a store in Istanbul called Luna Store, and her greatest dreams were to work as a manager for this store, During her work in the store, she meets a young man named Sarb and falls in love with him, while Sarb tries not to show his feelings for her to achieve his main purpose of being in the store, which is revenge against the store owner, “Hals Feiman”, who is at the same time his father who left his mother while she was pregnant in him, refusing to acknowledge him. The actor “Aras Bulut Enimli” participated in this work as a Serb, and the star “Hazel Kaya” as Maral: En güzel Hikayem, and the work is directed by “Daines Kolos”.

After that, he presented many works of art, the most important of which is the series Sweet Revenge, which was released in 2016, starring the actor “Furkan Andash” in the role of “Tankut Sinan”, and the artist “Leila Lydia Togotlu” in the role of “Belin”, which tells about the beautiful young woman “Belin”, who She falls in love with her colleague at the university, who is called “Tankut Sinan”, but she constantly refuses his love so that both of them graduate from the university and the date of Beilin’s wedding comes, so her husband leaves her on their wedding day to destroy her psyche, and one day she meets an old woman and tells her that what happened to her in her wedding because she hurt others and hurt the feelings of others And that in order to get rid of this curse, she has to search for everyone she has hurt, so Beilin begins searching for everyone she has hurt in her life until she reaches Tankut Sinan to take revenge on her sweet revenge and Beilin falls in love with him.

More works

Actor Can Nergis’ work continued until 2017, when he filmed his latest work, which is the series “Anne”, which tells about the issue of violence against children, and his story revolves around the child “Malek” who is psychologically and physically tortured by her stepfather, “Genghis”, while her mother stands.” Shula, with her hands tied, and therefore the child Malak went out every day after the evening prayer to sit at the mosque for a long time. I learned from some people that there is a family who found a small child in front of this mosque and they adopted him, so she hoped that someone would find her and adopt her like this infant to get rid of The brutality of her stepfather, until her teacher “Zainab”, who does not have children, takes pity on her and decides to take her and run away with her, but Malak’s family pursues her, accompanied by the police, and Anne’s events continue.

Artworks by Can Nergis

Despite his few years of activity, it is full of wonderful works of art. The actor Can Nergis has participated in many artistic works of Anne, which are:
1- Herseye Ragmen 2011 series as “Mohamed Demir”
2- The 2012 series, Dila Hanim, in the role of “Ehsan”
3- The 2015 series Maral: En güzel Hikayem in one of the sub-roles
4- Qalbi Pasha series 2014-2015
5- Backstreets series 2014-2015 in an honorable role
6- Sweet Revenge 2016 in the lead role “Tolga”
7- Anne 2017 series as Ali

Can Nargis
Can Nargis
Can Nergis series
Can Nergis series
Acting in the life of Can Nergis
Acting in the life of Can Nergis