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Burak tozjoparan We have collected for you a full report on everything you want to know about the Burak tozjoparan and a lot of information about him, his age, nationality, religion, academic qualifications, secrets about his personal life, is he married or not, and when did his artistic career begin and what are the works of art that He participated in it and presented it and what are the upcoming artworks that he will participate in during the coming period and many details with a group of new pictures of the artist Burak tozjoparan.


Burak tozjoparan his religion his age his nationality and more

Born: November 14, 1992
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 28 years old
Nationality: Turkish
His religion: Muslim
Profession: Turkish actor and singer
Marital status: unmarried
Astrological sign: Scorpio
The beginning of his artistic career: 2014 – until now

Instagram: Burak tozjoparan: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buraktozkoparan

Very popular on social media, he has more than 950,000 followers on Instagram.

My favorite things Burak tozjoparan
Favorite Movies: All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
Favorite Actor: Joe Pesci
Actress: Sissy Spacek
Favorite books: A Doll’s House
Favorite author: James Joyce
colours: Persian blue
Favorite destination: Tayrona National Park (Colombia)
Favorite Food: Soba
Fruit: Custard Apple
Favorite Singers: Luther Vandross
Favorite songs: I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU
sport: Schwingen

Burak tozjoparan biography and much information about him

The Turkish actor Burak tozjoparan is a young man, born in Istanbul and born in 1992. His astrological sign is Scorpio. Burak studied at the Music School, the Red Crescent High School and the Eagles Training School. He joined Okan University in Turkey, Department of Music, and then received a scholarship in cinema and television. He worked in music with many groups in his career, he worked as a drummer in a band with his close friends and being a band called Tuğsuz, until he appeared in his first appearance on television as he had roles in the theater.


Burak tozjoparan his religion

Burak tozjoparan in the field of music

Burak loved music and it was considered his first artwork when he created a musical group with his friends from the secondary education period and participated in many performances and school celebrations in which Burak learned the art of rap and music. That is why the school presented its professional students in a solid match between secondary schools in the art of music and won In it Burak and his friends for the strength of their artistic performance and the intense interaction with them and they got a gift to study music in another country. Despite the achievements that Burak achieved with music, he chose cinema and acting.

Burak chose the profession of art, but music did not change its place in his passion, as he is a lover of that creative art, but what prevents him from completing his path in that field is his desire to act and study, so he did not find enough time for music while watching that playing music on stage has a special pleasure and the ability to perform it To convey the language of music to the hearts of the crowd and listeners.

Burak said about his love for a solid singing group that helped his club learn from their singing, privacy and singing capabilities they enjoy called “Red Hot Chili Peppers” as Burak listened to all their albums were for the song “I Can’t Stop” and they got the biggest ranking in the schools match and the song from the album That’s the band that Burak loves.

His acting career

Burak got the title of the new Muhannad Turkey, and this is for his violent handsomeness, blonde hair, and sexy look that caught all the girls from the first time, in contrast to his excellent talent, strength of performance, and his ability to make spectators follow all his works and interact with her in his first work on television, the charm of girls, and they started asking about his identity. And whoever is this beautiful young man, he is one of the most important rising stars of Turkey, he is creative and professional in art and acting.

Burak appeared at the forefront in many famous commercial advertisements, and then his close friends encouraged him to enter the field of acting because through acting he would gain great popularity and become more and more spacious crowd. So Burak tozjoparan joined many acting workshops to study the art of cinema to develop his experience and talent in acting .

The first television series that contributed to the star Burak tozjoparan in 2014, which is a series of wrecks, which achieved a great victory in Turkey and was one of the highest plays in the percentage of visibility and was dubbed into Arabic as Love and Tears. In the year 2016, Burak tozjoparan appeared in theatrical work Calculation of Love, then He participated in the series “One Heart” which is based on a true novel, as well as a unique appearance in the famous Turkish series “The Sad Flowers” ​​and participated in the series “Contact my business manager” and other dramatic and cinematic artworks.

Films starring Burak tozjoparan

In 2016, our star contributed to the movie Love on Account and played the role of Mart
In 2019, he participated in the movie “Fil Sawtak Ashq” and performed as Rozgar Erturk

Series in which the star Burak tozjoparan participated

In 2014, he participated in a series titled Broken Pieces S1 and starred in the role of Ozan Gunpnar, and the series starring Erkan Petkaya, Nurgul Yesilchay, Barish Valai, Himera and Sevan Kanova.


Participated in the Turkish TV series Wreck / Love and Tears C2 and played the role of Ozan Günpinar, a seventeen-year-old teenager. This series was a great success in the history of Turkish drama, in which our star was revealed to the crowd and attracted the attention of the spectators to this young artist with an excellent, solid and unique performance, despite his That was his first appearance on television.

In 2017, he participated in the series Sad Flowers and played the role of Ali Gokturk, starring Ipek Karabinar, Ozgur Shafik and other stars, written by Gul Abus Semerci and Yilda Eroglu and directed by Serkan Berenci.

year 2019

He participated in the series One Heart, and played the role of Jim Saruhan, starring Tayanesh Ayeddin, Feldan Atasefer, Helmy Jim, Aslam Akar, Anil Tatek, Atakan Yilmaz, Togay Bahsi, Ada Arnat and Kan Altak.

year 2020

He participated in the series “Sorry for my Youth” and played the role of Zola Asmaly, starring the most prominent stars of Turkey, including Elif Dogan, Akin Mart Doymaz and Junay Karasaoglu.

In 2021, the young star Burak tozjoparan will appear in the new Turkish series “The Institute” and will present work in the next few days. It is starring a group of the most prominent stars, including the star Nelsu Pervin Aktas, the star Evkan Kan, Dilara Kaleici, Ilida Kirdi, Ozkan Sagin, Berna Çağlar, Asli Bankoglu and Turgay Baidor and Ozum Shaker and other artists.

 in 2022 join the Turkish series Avcı the hunter.

Films starring Burak tozjoparan