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The Turkish actor Baki Davrak, his full name, date of birth, nationality, religion, films, series, personal life, artistic life, all this and more in a full report about him. The name of the actor Baki Davrak has been associated with many dramatic and cinematic works due to the roles he presented. so amazing.

Personal Information about Actor Baki Davrak

Birthdate: 1971
Birthplace: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Age: 49 years old
Religion: Unknown Religion
Nationality: A Turkish actor, in addition to having German citizenship
Occupation: TV Actor
Beginning of artistic career: 1999
Years of activity: The years of his activity reach 21 years
Marital status: unknown


Baki Davrak

Personal life of actor Baki Davrak

Actor Baki Davrak was born in 1971 in the city of Baden, Württemberg in Germany. He obtained German citizenship in addition to his original Turkish citizenship. His great love for acting appeared in his prime, and he was training in theaters in Hanover and Berlin, until he participated in many cinematic artworks. Dramatic ones are Turkish, German and Italian, and there is a mixture between them.

The acting life of actor Baki Davrak

The beginning of the artistic career of the actor Baki Davrak on the theaters of Hanover and Berlin, he was rehearsing and then began acting since 1999, and his beginning was in the German movie “Lola and Billy the kid”, which talks about the seventeen-year-old Turkish young man, Murad, who plays the actor.” Baki Davrak”, and how he lived in Berlin, Germany until he discovered his homosexuality, which caused problems between him and his older brother Othman, who has represented the head of the family since his father’s death, and the actor “Hassan Ali Matta” plays his role, which forced Murad to flee to someone There he met Lula, played by the actor “Gandy Mowgli” and Peledekid, played by the actor “Ardal Yildiz”, to discover later that the reality of Lula and Murad and his family is much worse than what they both thought, and this film was produced by “Martin Hajeman”, and it was released In March 1999.


The acting life of actor Baki Davrak

The role of actor Baki Davrak in the movie Diller

Actor Baki Davrak also participated in the German movie “Dealer”, in which Baki Davrak appeared in one of the sub-roles “Zaki”, and this film was about “Kahn” the criminal, played by the actor “Tamer Yaghit”, as he did not find a more suitable profession for him than The criminal profession despite his many attempts to get away from it, but he could not, and because he is a young merchant in addition to working for Hakan, who is played by the actor “Hossie Kutlukan”, it was difficult for him to devote himself to anything other than crime, until he met Gal, who In turn, the young actress “Edel Oner”, who is trying hard with him to keep him away from this path, which affected him and made him see a new beginning for himself and his family, this film was also released in 1999, this film directed by “Thomas Arslan”, and it attracted the attention of many viewers And this was the starting point from which the creativity of the young actor Baki Davrak started, followed by his many roles that he excelled in, and the actor Baki Davrak continued to participate in many different artworks.

Actor Baki Davrak worked with creator Fatih Akin

In 2007, the creative actor Baki Davrak participated in a Turkish, German-Italian drama, the well-known movie “The Edge of Heaven.” This film was created and directed by the author “Fatih Akin.” The film tells about the travel of the Turkish youth, Najat, and plays the role of the actor “Baki Davrak.” In search of Aiten, played by the beautiful actress “Nurgul Yesilgay”, the daughter of his father’s friend Ali, who is played by the actor “Tunsel Cortez” after the death of his father’s friend Yatar and played by the artist “Nursel Kos”. This film won many awards, the most important of which is the award Best Screenplay, which he won at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. This film also entered the classification to win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, but it did not reach the finals.

Although Baki Davrak has done a lot of art, he is still rehearsing in Hanover and Berlin theaters today.


works of actor Baki Davrak

The young actor Baki Davrak participated in a number of artistic works, in various roles, including pivotal roles and sub-roles, where he appeared in some films with an excellent performance, which are represented in:

1- The 1999 movie “Lola and Billy the kid” in the role of “Murad”
2- The 1999 movie “Dealer” as “Zaki”
3- The 1999 movie “Die Braut” as “August Goethe-Elvassen”
4- “Die Braut” 1999 movie as “August Goethe-Elvassen”
5- The 1999 movie “Bevor der Tag anbricht” as the “Young Soldier”
6- “Planet Alex” movie 2001 as “Joe”
7- The movie “12 Past Midnight” 2001 in the role of “polizist 4”
8- The short film “Masken” 2001
9- The short film “Nas” 2001
10- The short film “Past by Night” 2003 in the role of “Mark”
11- 2003 movie “Scardanelli” as “Waiblinger-Jung”
12- The 2006 movie “Kiss me Kismet” as “Morak”
13- Brinkmanns Zorn 2006 as Conrad
14- “The Edge of Heaven” movie in 2007 in the role of “Najat Ali’s son”
15- “Do Not Forget Me Istanbul” 2010
16- The short film “An Autumn Night” 2010
17- The movie “Our Grand Despair” of 2011 in the role of “Fikrt – Nihal’s brother.”
18- The 2011 movie “Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying” as “Orhan”
19- The short film “One Missed Call: Life” 2011 in the role of “May”
20- The 2014 movie “Crimean” in the role of “Power”

works of actor Baki Davrak

This list represents all the cinematic works presented by the actor Baki Davrak. As for the dramas, he participated in a good number of series, which are represented in:

1- “Balko” series of 1999 in the role of “Roman”
2- “Der Puma – Kämpfer mit Herz” series for the year 2000 as “Jens Schlegel”
3- The 2004 series “Wolff’s Turf” as “Klaus Sanger”
4- “Blond: Eva Blond” series of 2004
5- The series “Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei” in 2004 in the role of “Cherg”
6- “Kommissarin Lucas” series in 2006 as “Cengiz Ozgur”
7- “Tatort” series of 2009
8- The series “KDD – Kriminaldauerdienst” for the year 2010
9- “A Case for Two” 2010 series as “Falun Magico”
10- The 2010 series “Homicide Unit Istanbul” in the role of “Erhan Akalin”
11- “Wounded Love” series 2016-2017 as “Vassily”