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Aras Ayden is the Turkish actor, Ulas is the hero of the series N’olur Ayrilalim, his religion, is he a Muslim or a Christian, his age and date of birth, the beginning of his artistic career, his various artworks from series and films, all the personal information about the Turkish actor Aras Ayden we present to you through this article.

Information about Aras Ayden

Birthdate: July 2, 1989.
Birthplace: Eskişehir, Turkey.
Religion Muslim.
Nationality: Turkish.
Occupation: Actor.
Height: 184 cm.
Weight: 74 kg.
Astrological sign: Cancer.
The beginning of his artistic career: He started in 2010.
Years of activity: since 2010 until now.
Age in 2020: 31 years old.

Aras Ayden’s girlfriend: Deniz Aydın.

Biography of Turkish actor Aras Ayden

Aras Ayden is a young Turkish actor who was born in the city of Eskişehir in Turkey on July 2, 1989. He is a handsome, likable and intelligent actor with a distinctive tone of voice and charisma of his own, which helped him a lot in entering the art world. He is a moody person, continued His education at Istanbul State University in the theater department. He is a funny character. He is considered one of Turkey’s attractive artists. As for his personal life, he is not married.

Aras Aydın when he kid
Aras Aydın when he kid

The beginning of the career with the star Aras Ayden

Aras Ayden began his artistic career when he first appeared on the screens in 2010 in a series entitled “The Teachers”, then his diverse and successful artworks rolled, and the most important thing he presented was the series “Please let us part”, as he presented the starring role in front of a group of great artists and the works continued. Presented by it varied between series and movies.

Who is Aras Ayden?

When Aras Ayden was asked in one of the press interviews about his private life, he stated that he does not like to talk about this matter because he has not found his girlfriend yet, and says that the love relationship is a sublime relationship so it must be chosen carefully.

Facts about Turkish actor Aras Ayden

Arras loves to read novels, stories and literature.
He loves to relax, swim, and help his parents.
Aras hates curious and critical people.
He only likes to talk about his private life with his family and close friends
He has a special tone of voice, eye look and an attractive smile.
He gained rapid fame due to his great talent and strong presence and was able in a short time to build a large fan base, as he got successful major roles.

Aras Aydın
Aras Aydın

Series Aras Ayden

Aras Ayden presented a variety of dramatic artworks, including:

He played the role of the teacher Kamal in his first role in a series called “The Teachers” in 2010.
Participated in a series called “Al Rahma” from 2012 to 2014.
He participated in the famous Turkish series “Kiraz Mevsimi” in 2014 and continued until 2015.
Participated in a series entitled “Be Preserved” in 2014.
He co-starred in a series called “Please We Separate” in 2016.
He participated in the series “I Love All Odds” in 2015 and 2016.
In 2018, he co-starred in a series called “Masum Degiliz” and embodied the role of Amir.

Aras Ayden in N’olur Ayrilalim

It is considered one of the most famous Turkish works of art, which was produced in 2016, and the story of the series revolves around a group of friends and a romantic story that dates back to ten years ago, and the series tells about the relationships they went through and separated and then returned to each other and the emotional relationships that unite them and stories of marriage for the sake of interests And betrayal, and the series deals with stories of love, romance and stories of social relationships that are built on interests and their impact on people.

The events revolve within an interesting romantic and dramatic framework, and the Turkish actor Aras Ayden, who embodied the role of Ulash, the Turkish actress Nilay Duru who embodied the role of Aziza, the Turkish actor Osman Karakoç who embodied the role of Yusuf, the Turkish actress Nilbri Şahin Kaya who embodied the role of Timuz, the actor, participates in the series. Turkish Gürgen Oz, who embodied the role of Torgay, was written by Nehir Erdem, and directed by Yusuf Omer Sinaf.

Turkish actor Aras Ayden in the series Masum Degiliz

Masum Degiliz is a Turkish romantic police drama series, the series talks about a group of friends who have had a relationship since high school, they are Amir, Volkan, Mert, Umut, Amir, whose role is presented by the artist Aras Ayden and works in the field of law, while his friend Umut is a businessman, and their other friend is a doctor , God wills to gather them on the occasion of someone’s engagement while they celebrate the workshop of their friend’s death, they got in their car to return to the engagement party and while they were driving a big truck driver was in front of them and bothered them a lot, so the car stopped and they quarreled with him without knowing that this driver who killed him and this quarrel will change their lives and make them Murderers and criminals.

Aras Aydın girlfriend
Aras Aydın girlfriend

The series is fast and exciting, and the series began in 2018, and it achieved great success and drew the attention of many to it. The series was written by Bekir Baran Setiki, Pelin Karamemetoglu and Alek Bashili, and directed by Serkan Ebekorn, Ora Kalijaroglu and Damla Sonomoz, and its most important hero is the Turkish actor Aras Ayden Who embodied the role of Amir, Turkish actor Oshan Tekir, Turkish actor Serkan Badur, Turkish actress Oya Onutasi and one of the most important series of 2018 reached more than one million and forty-three thousand viewers, the series was shown on ATV and drew the attention of critics. Dubbing it into the Syrian dialect.

Aras Ayden in Kiraz Mevsimi

Turkish actor Aras Ayden participated in a series entitled “Kiraz Mevsimi”, which revolves around Oyko or Fitun, a girl who lives with her mother and brother in a modest popular neighborhood and admires her friend, Majd, who does not care about her or her feelings, and one day she stopped the taxi and met Iyad The handsome young man, the son of Mrs. Raneem, the owner of the fashion house, whom Fatoun wished to work with as a fashion designer, and fates wanted Iyad to fall in love with Fatoun and live in funny and imaginative situations with a group of their friends, like Majd who loves Shaima, and then she becomes pregnant and miscarries her fetus and accuses Majd of being He pushes her down the stairs, so he hates her and begins to love Fatun and quarrels with his friend and partner Iyad. On the other hand, we find a cheerful couple, Batoul and her lover Amir, who comes from the simple class and lives with his grandmother, and Celine and her husband Marwan, who always pursues women, and the second part ends with the marriage of Fatoun and Iyad.

The series stars Turkish actress Ozge Gurel as Futun, Turkish actor Serkan Cyugo, who plays the role of Iyad, Turkish actress Nilbri Şahin Kaya, who plays the role of Rima, Turkish actor Dagan Kolacac who embodies the role of Majd, Turkish actress Neslihan Yaldan, who plays the role of Raneem, the actress Turkish actor Gali Arikan, Turkish actor Şihat Tamer, Turkish actor Kapilay Bayan Beyoglu, Turkish actor Ozgur Cevik and others. It is directed by director Nevin Ayaz. The series was shown in 2014 and continued until 2015.

Aras Aydin and Leyla Viray in Evlilik Sözlesmesi

The organizers of the series “The Marriage Contract” chose Aras Aydin and Leila Firay to star in this work. Evlilik Sözlesmesi Series Information: Produced by Üs Yapım, who has produced series such as ‘Don’t Let My Hand’ and ‘My Name is Melek’. Which will be published digitally soon. She is preparing for the series ‘Adım Ba;ı Kafe’, and is preparing for the series Evlilik Sözlesmesi written by Ozen Yola. Evlilik Sözlesmesi will probably air on Wednesdays instead of “My Name is King”. Preparations and tests for representatives of the series of marriage contracts continue.

List of works by Aras Ayden

Evlilik Sözlesmesi (TV Series) (completed) (2021)
2020 Seref Sözü (TV Series) 2020 Insanlar Ikiye Ayrilir 2020 Sefirin Kizi (TV Series) 2019 Canevim (TV Series) .

2018 Masum Degiliz (TV Mini-Series) 2016 Altinsoylar (TV Series) 2016/I Oglan Bizim Kiz Bizim 2016 N’olur Ayrilalim (TV Series) 2015-2016 Inadina Ask (TV Series) 2014-2015 Kiraz Mevsimi (TV Series) 2010 Ogretmen Kemal (TV Series).