The story of the series Kalp Yarası

The story of the series Kalp Yarası Heart injured



The story of the series Kalp Yarası, The series kalp yarası is one of the Turkish summer series that will be shown soon, and it is starring Gökhan Alkan, Yamur Tanrisevsin and others, and filming will soon start in the city of Antakya.

The series is produced by Süreç Film and will be shown on ATV

What is the story of the series Kalp Yarası? Who are the other actors who joined the series? The Turkish Star TV channel is completing its preparations for presenting its series kalp yarası in the summer season, the series is produced by Süreç Film and written by Sama Errol and Maher Errol and directed by Yildiz Hülya Bilban. Filming of the series began in Hatay and is expected to be shown in June.

The series staff

Merve Çağıran: Nilgun
Zehra Yılmaz: Batoul
İnanç Konukçu: Sinan
Gökhan Alkan: Fred
Yağmur Tanrısevsin: Aisha
Nail Kırmızıgül: charity
Yonca Şahinbaş: Vidya
Rıza Akın: Hussain
Kemal Burak Alper: Taha
Toprak Can Adıgüzel: Omar
Burçin Abdullah

Information about the heroes of the series Kalp Yarası

Yamur Tanrisevsin was born on August 4, 1990, in Mersin She is also a graduate of Marmara University. Height: 1.70 Her sign: Leo

Information about Jokhan Alcan

Cukhan Alkan was born on December 8, 1987, in Istanbul. He studied at Anadolu University and then graduated from Kocaeli University. Its length is 1.88. Sign: Sagittarius.

The story of the series Kalp Yarası

The series revolves around the revenge of two families, Nilgun and Farid are preparing to marry with the support of their families, but everything will change.

A unique horse’s disease will cause him to return early to the farm, and Nilgun will see his fiancée with stable boy Omar in an intimate situation.

This will make him make a presentation to Aisha, which will appear in front of him.

What is the story of the series Kalp Yarası?

The work of the romantic drama revolves around a story of revenge between two families while preparing for a marriage between the two families to end the quarrel, everything will turn upside down after watching (Jokhan Alkan) Farid watch his girlfriend Niljon in an intimate situation with Omar (Jan Toprak) to offer marriage to Aisha (Yamor) Tanri Sevsin)

Who are the heroes of the series Kalp Yarası – Heart injured?

The series includes a large group of Turkish drama stars, such as the actor Gokhan Al-Kalan, who recently finished his role in the series The Forbidden Apples, and is co-starring the young actress Murphy Chagran in addition to many other names:

Zahraa Yilmaz
Burchin Abdullah
Malih Chardak
Inanche Konokchou

The series staff
The series staff

The production company announced the series “kalp yarası- Heart injured”, which is scheduled to start filming soon, and to be shown in September or October on the channel “atv”.

The company changed the name of the series, as it was scheduled to be launched under the name “The Show” or “Tender”, and finally, “kalp yarası” was settled for reasons that are not clear.
The series “Heart injured” starring Murphy Charan, Zahra Yilmaz, written by Sima Errol, Maher Errol and produced by Torres Gereitlioglu.

It is noteworthy that the producer Tomris Kiritlioglu has starred in a number of actors, such as Tuba Buyukston in “The Lost Years” and “Asi”, and Beren Saat in “Remember, My Dear”.