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Name in Turkish: Berkay Ates
Date of birth:
February 17. 1987
Residence: Istanbul-Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Age: 32 years old
Weight: 76 kg
Height: 180 cm
color: Hazel
Hair color: Black
Academic qualification: Berkay Ates
graduated from Mimar Sinan University. Theatrical Institute
Marital Status:
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Profession: theater. film and
television actor
His artistic career began: 2013.


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Information about Turkish
actor Berkay Ates

The artist Berkay Ates is a young Turkish actor.
born in Istanbul in 1987. his astrological sign is Aquarius. he received his
theatrical education at the Simfer Compania Center. he studied at Mimar Sinan
University of Fine Arts. Graduate Studies Institute of Theater. his most
important roles in the series (Streets of Istanbul) in the role of Ahmed. Now
with his participation in the series My Mother in the role of a mentally
disturbed man (Genghis). he also co-starred in Gansu Derry. Waheeda Birchen and
Beren Jock Diz. a difficult but new and distinct role.


Information about Turkish actor Berkay Ates

participated in a large number of plays. the most important of which was his
participation in the play Miracle unfinished in 2013. one of his first roles as
the police in the unseen TV series 2010. In the blockbuster movie. Ahmed won the
Best Young Promising Actor award at the 22nd Golden Film Festival. He directed
the film after appearing in many plays. The actor. Berkay Ates. is expected to
participate in the second season of the series The Pit. which will be shown on
the Turkish Show Channel starting in September. and will embody the character of
Mahsun. one of the leaders of the Cracoslar gang. where his first appearance in
the series The Pit will start from the episode 34 Season Two has amassed more
than 160.000 followers on Instagram. As for his personal life. he is not
connected emotionally and does not like to talk about his private life.

ates in the series Streets of Istanbul

The beautiful Nazli. who is 24
years old. suffers from heart disease since birth. The patient is the only
solution for a heart transplant. But this fact is only known to her by her
father. He could not tell her that he had not found a heart to pass it on to
her. At the same time. Nazli met Furat. the owner of the construction company.
and they loved each other. but their love was the most painful. She was forced
to leave after the end of a night of love because she did not want Furat to know
that she would die if she did not undergo the heart transplant.

idea crosses the mind of Rifki Nazli’s father. in order for his daughter to
survive he will become a murderer. He will have to kill his boss Mrs. Shukria
and he will make him show this as an accident by playing with the car’s brakes.
Nazli. who took a second chance very excited. immediately runs to the man I fell
in love with. I mean Furat. However. love has become the impossible. In the end.
there is no winner. the life of the heroes has become a painful struggle. The
only thing left is the eternal love of Nzla and Furat.

Genghis in the
mother series

The story tells about a woman named Zainab who marries
a colleague from her university named Musa and they live a happy life. then
Moses betrays her with another woman and his scandal appears in the newspapers
and with him his brother Ibrahim. then Zeinab leaves her home and goes and
separates and discovers her pregnancy on the same day she betrayed her husband.
and after 16 years the daughter of Moses grows up Zainab. who is called Najwa.
and her mother live in a house next to a popular market. and Zainab works by
selling kofta and finds another job in a famous construction company. and Musa
becomes Minister of Housing and loves one of the famous announcers called

Then Najwa goes to the house of her uncle Muhammad. who loves
one of the sellers of the popular market that he will marry later. and Najwa
goes to him to complain that her mother wants to sell her house. and at the same
time Zainab is in the police station accompanied by her neighbor Ali who works
as a policeman because she thought Najwa was kidnapped. Journalists who work for
Aisha TV record an episode about the actions of the policemen. so he knows about
Najwa and her mother. The story begins while they are looking at the sea. where
Shula. the mother of the little girl (played by Gonga Fuseltari). has a
desperate face. Flashback scenes begin. The girl’s angel. who is believed to
have fallen into the sea. lived with her mother. who worked in a nightclub and
then the action unfolded.

berkay ates in the series The Pit Season

A new gang has entered the Kuchovali family fighting. which is (the
Karakoslar gang. you will see new and exciting conflicts. facts will emerge.
survival of the strongest. retrieval of the pit again. the name of the Kosovali
family is written on a pit again. but with hostilities and conflict between them
and the Krakoslar gang that caused the The last bloody episode. The end of this
season was unfortunate. destroying viewers from the abundance of blood in this
episode. the comments were shocking and sarcastic. because of the large number
of deaths in it. one of them commented sarcastically saying (This is not the end
of the series De End of the World). and another said that the reason for this
has changed The actors in the second season. but in a very difficult way. this
is not a pit. this is a mass grave. and fans of the series confirmed that it was
a farce. and it was supposed to give a much better ending than this ending and
that the writer was a lot bloody.

The work revolved around the pit
headed by the Cushovali family. which is a rich family with many businesses and
interests. and despite those actions. it prevented trade with everything bad
such as drugs and weapons. but not many were satisfied with this situation. as
they were subjected to a lot of harassment and assassinations in order to be
able to control The pit. after the death of the eldest son of the family and the
collapse of the father. Yamash returns to the pit again to take charge of
protecting his region of his birth and his family. The role of Yamash is the
well-known young Turkish artist Aras Bulut. who left his neighborhood and his
family to walk away from them. for refusing to kill anyone even if he was
guilty. He got acquainted with a girl in funny circumstances and loved her and
married her. but he was forced to leave her because of his mother who told him
that his brother was killed and his father was sick. and that they are in need.
Big for him now. to leave his wife alone and she does not know anything about
him. and enter the cycle of war between him and his father’s enemies. which does 

not end only with murder

The most important works presented by Berkay H
from television series and movies


Mother 2016
streets of Istanbul in 2016
Gülizar 2018
The pit year 2019-2018


A miracle did not end in 2013
The siege in 2015
saw 2019
Awards received by actor Berkay H.
Goldpool Film Festival –
Actor for Promising Young People. 2005
Cevdet Kudret Literary Prize 2017