Yilmaz Kunt Religion, Age, Girlfriend, TV Series and Biography


Yilmaz Kunt, his religion, his nationality, his age, his date of birth, his life story, his artistic career, his most important works, series, films, he is one of the most handsome faces in Turkish drama, which was known recently through his role in the well-known series “Gülümse Yeter”, will We present to you a full report on Yilmaz Kunt, All the information about his personal life and many secrets about him.

Information on Yilmaz Kunt

Date of birth: 19 – 11 – 1994
Age 2020: 26 years old
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Place of birth: Ankara – Turkey
Residence: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion of Islam
Weight: 80kg
Height: 187 cm
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Educational qualification: University of Inter Relations Department
Yilmaz Kunt and his wife: Single
Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/yilmazkunt/?hl=en

Yilmaz Kunt’s Childhood & Life Story

Yilmaz Kunt. a handsome young man with beautiful brown eyes. is one of the handsome young Turkish faces that have appeared recently through the series. Yilmaz Kunt. who is only 26 years old. was born in Ankara. the Turkish capital. on the nineteenth day of November. and he was born in the Scorpio tower known for them. the charisma and overwhelming presence. this is really what Yilmaz Kunt owns and what made him in a very short time one of the most famous young actors in Turkey.

Yilmaz Kunt was born in Ankara to a father and mother working in the pharmaceutical industry. but Yilmaz Kunt did not want his parents to participate in their work. but rather decided to choose another path to go. and at first he decided to study at the University of Inter Relations Department and graduated from it. then he started Yilmaz Kunt pays attention to his handsome and love for art. which made him start his career but not through acting.
Yilmaz Kunt started his career as a model. he has a perfect proportional body. 187 cm in length and 80 kg in weight. which made him do not need any effort to be a professional model. and indeed he entered this field and won the admiration of many followers. until Yilmaz Kunt was able to skip The number of 50,000 followers through his photos with different looks during fashion shows. Yilmaz Kunt also managed to draw attention with his tyrannical handsome. which drew the attention of many directors to make this young actor known.
While working as a model. and due to his talent that made many of the public pay attention to fashion shows. Yilmaz Kunt was able to obtain many awards as the best model in Turkey. and after that he was able to start his artistic career in Turkish drama in his first drama.

Yilmaz Kunt’s first drama 


After Yilmaz Kunt obtained many licenses for fashion shows. and also received the Miss Turkey Award. Yilmaz Kunt’s dream did not end here. but he was still dreaming of that opportunity that would take him to the world of art and acting. and indeed a year after receiving the award. he was able Yilmaz Kunt from getting his first role in Turkish drama. through his participation in the social comedy series “It is enough to smile” in 2016-2017.

Gülümse Yeter series. one of the most beautiful Turkish dramas that was shown on Turkish television. the series deals with a social issue mixed with a little comedy with drama. the series talks about the girl “Yasmine” who has everything from beauty and money. her father owns a large company and has a lot From money. then events turn upside down. when Jasmine’s father begins to lose a lot of his money in one deal after another.
until God wills that Jasmine’s father declares his bankruptcy on the same day of Jasmine’s wedding. and when the young man who was going to marry her learns of her father’s bankruptcy story. he leaves The joy goes and refuses to help them. Jasmine is very sad because of what happened to her and her father. and she goes to her father’s driver.
that old man who has always worked for her father since she was young. but she meets his grandson. who always has a lot of problems between her and him because of the social difference between them. Yasmine moves to live in a different social milieu than the one she used to live in. and many comedic paradoxes occur due to the social disparity that exists between her and her new family.
The series “Gülümse Yeter” is based on the Korean series “Smile You”. which tells about the same story. but the Turkish comic character made the Turkish version more liked. especially among Arab viewers. “Yilmaz” played the character of Sarp Shivan. who is one of the members of the poor family that Yasmine will move in with her.

Yilmaz Kunt Religion

Yilmaz Kunt and Girlfriend

Since his first appearance on the Turkish screens. Yilmaz Kunt has attracted many attention and has become the owner of many fans who follow his daily news and pictures. which he publishes on his personal Instagram account. and many questions about Yilmaz Kunt’s emotional life and whether he is in love or not. 

and so far not Yilmaz Kunt announces anything related to his relationship or falling in love at all. and Yilmaz Kunt is currently focusing on his artistic career. which is still in its infancy. so far he has only done two series. and Yilmaz Kunt is trying to agree on more than the work of the next period until it is proven He enjoys his acting talent.

Yilmaz Kunt and the awards for which it received

Being that handsome boy who falls in love with all girls. it was not surprising that he got an award for this beauty. While working as a model. Yilmaz Kunt won a lot of awards. and in 2015 Yilmaz Kunt managed to get the award for the best model in Turkey. 

In the same year. he participated in a fashion show in the European Union. and managed to obtain the award for the best model in the European Union as well. then Yilmaz Kunt managed to obtain the award for the best face. and we hope that he will receive the award for best actor soon.

Yilmaz Kunt In Gülümse Yeter

After his strong participation in the series “Gülümse Yeter” Yilmaz Kunt managed
From obtaining another role with a larger space in the Turkish series “Bakhtar Never Die”. which is a new series of its kind on Turkish drama. as it contains a story. part of which depends on truth and the other part on imagination. the series deals with a funny issue that everyone in this Life has a resemblance to him in form. but with different social conditions. and the series begins with the hero “choosing” that strong person with influence and money.

a tough-hearted person who causes problems with all the people he deals with. quite the opposite of his likeness who is characterized by kindness among his friends. and he wants May Allah’s health to deteriorate for Bakhtar. who dies. so his relatives are forced to bring a duplicate to complete his work. as if Bakhtar is still alive. so how will the new Bakhtar deal with this major transformation in his personality and life ?. the series produced in 2017
Yilmaz Kunt In Gülümse Yeter